20 thoughts on “The New Satirists Panel, Festival of Dangerous Ideas 2015

  1. Well done all involved – thank you for all your hard work to spread the word outside mainstream media. Great to see the strong tradition of Australian satire is thriving – and reaching bigger audiences than TV in the past.

  2. I see that Australian "satirists" are entirely composed of lefties… It seems the most dangerous idea would be to hear from a conservative at this event.

  3. I'm surprised Rebecca Shaw doesn't choke whenever she leans forward. Her lungs and organs are getting tortured with all that fat.

  4. there was a show that was as cheesy as the metal musoic backed clips about 10 years ago.. I am a bit old and forgot the name… Please G+ me if you can remember.. it was tops.

  5. Wow, australians mocking patriots while siding with terrorists…SHAMEFUL. Where is your pride??? Protect your own.

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