The Manchester Bombing. What Now? Let’s talk about Terror And The Response To It…

‘Sup, you beautiful bastards. Hope you having a fantastic Tuesday. Welcome back to the Philip DeFranco show, and let’s just jump into it. The first thing I want to talk about today is actually part of our new fan favorite segment, “Hey! That’s Not Cool.” The story we’re talking about is a back and forth between two people on a public bus which means you know there’s 50% chance of Worldstarhiphop. There’s video of the whole thing and you know what, let’s just– let’s just watch it. – Not allowed to touch no one
– I don’t give a fuck. All that other shit you was talking on that bus.
– I don’t care nigger! – You see right… – We all call each other that. Do not put your hands in my face. You already called me your nigger. You’re missing your stop nigger! – Bro open the door.
– Goodbye nigger. – Say it one more time. I dare you. Keep saying that shit, you fucking bitch. – Call the police. He smacked a tooth out of my head. He hit a tooth out of my head. He smacked me so hard. – You shouldn’t had called him a nigger, yo. What’s up with you? – You gotta call the police now. So hitting people, violence, is never an appropriate response to words, but I don’t feel bad that it happened. Hitting that woman was wrong. It was illegal. It was technically assault But if I was that bus driver, and that lady was like, “Call 9-1-1. Call the police.” I’d be, like, okay Oh, no, I forgot how phones work. Oh, no! I just opened up Clash Royale. I’ll get to it, right after, one second… it’s just really hard for me to feel bad about a racist, let alone someone that level of racist. Now, from this, of course, there’s been a debate about freedom of speech. The first amendment! Many arguing that this woman, while despicable, had the right to say these things. The first amendment doesn’t just protect things that you like, but also hate speech. And that’s something important for people, including HuffPost editors, who have to include notes like, Because it does, but not always. if the words are considered a true threat or fighting words And it’s a very specific narrow definition. Abusive language – I don’t care, nigger! exchanged face-to-face, which would likely provoke a violent reaction. So potentially, the woman in this video is not protected by the first amendment, but that also doesn’t excuse the attack on her, at least in the eyes of the law. So she can potentially be guilty of disturbing the peace, but it also might be hard to argue because in the video she seems to be saying we all call ourselves that. So a question I want to pass off to you is: What’s your takeaway from this story? Were they both in the wrong? Just him? Also, Let’s say you’re the judge and jury here. What do you do? From there, I want to share some stuff I love today, and Today in Awesome, brought to you by the DeFranco 2024 shirt A shirt that says “If the United States is still a thing in seven years and the vampire-robot-Nazis who are also zombies have not taken over, Philip Defranco has my vote. It’s what Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would have wanted. God rest his soul. If only he hadn’t mysteriously died at my house after he’d secured the nomination. We’ll never know what happened. We should probably let it go and just vote DeFranco. That took a dark turn so fast. We’re doing another run of that shirt this week for a few days, so if you want to grab that while you can, link to that down below. And the first bit of awesome, and this will only be awesome to a select group of people, But if you’ve ever wanted to work on the Philip Defranco show for the company that we are creating, we have now opened up applications Now keep in mind, this is just the beginning. It’s local positions. So we have fulfillment coordinator, p.a.s, researchers. You want to apply, link to that down below. Also a little while after this, I want to open up remote researcher positions, and then soon after we’ll be looking for more producer, editors and shooters. But for the first step, it’s just those three positions. So there’s that. Good luck to those of you that apply. I am excited for our family to grow. Then in other awesome I did a video with my buddies over roosterteeth played a little game a million dollars But you’ll either love the video or at least you’ll be able to walk away from the video with new Information [that] I also learned on the set and that is my old Piercings from when I was 20 still work including that before you make decisions kids then if you’re in the mood for something that’s heartwarming and hilarious have to share this video of comedian Russell howard talking about a 14 year old cancer patient that I Don’t want to ruin it. Just just trust me It’s fantastic, [and] if you want to see the full versions everything I just share the secret link of the day anything at all Links is always are in the description down below then let’s talk about that situation in California Around Nolan [Brood] Nolan is a 20 year old man who Pled guilty to? Drugging and raping his 16 year old sister of at [Misgav]. Oh, just wait the judge in the case William H Follette gave Brewer three years just three years and then he suspended all the 240 days of that sentence and then he gave [brooder] Probation a slap on the wrist sentence went against what the probation department and the district attorney recommended And [appears] part of the reason the judge gave this slap on the wrist is [that] the victim which by the way? I’ll just remind you is an [underaged] Sister’s Underage Victim she took her own clothes off and she wasn’t unconscious and the judge believed the stigma of the rape conviction Along with being listed on the sex offenders register was enough of a deterrent to deter the man and others in the community personally I’m disgusted by [this] decision and also the reason first of I don’t know of [240] days in Prison is enough time to teach someone don’t rape your sister and or preferably Anyone and to to the judges know that the girl took off her own clothes and she wasn’t unconscious if a videotaped [confession] he is pled guilty The whole story is that he kept giving his sister deb those that don’t know dabs are concentrated doses of Cannabis It’s incredibly powerful when you compare it to regular [old] weed chart at one time found out It was quickly not for me go back to the store well [bruiser] said that his sister had repeatedly Resisted his sexual advances then he kept giving her Dabs until she no [longer] recognized him as her brother He drugged and raped a minor who is his sister, and you’re giving him 240 days. [I] just don’t get it How do you expect people to be safe when even after they commit a crime they plead guilty to it? You don’t really hold them responsible for it, and I hope this judge realizes that if and when [brewer] does something horrible again This is on him to also be at fault therefore this bullshit slap on the wrist And then finally I want to talk about the horrific Bombing in Manchester last night if you have not heard around 10:30 late last night and Britain outside of an Ariana grande concert there was a suicide bomb as of recording this video 22 people including children have died 59 were injured. Police say they believe the attacker was carrying an improvised explosive Police have identified the suspected bomber of Islamic State aka Goat fuckers International has claimed responsibility for the attack, but also police don’t know if that’s true If there may be taking credit for something they were not Responsible for it is because the statement appeared to get some of the facts of the situation Wrong they claims that a soldier managed to place a number of devices among a gathering of crusaders and Manchester and detonated but officials are Saying there’s only one Explosion and no other devices have been found near the arena and my heartbreaks seeing this story seeing the footage of the chaos and the fear, this- this barbaric attack not just on innocent people But on children the names and [information] of those killed is starting to come out one of them was an 8 year old girl And then when I hear that, it’s [just] hard for me to feel anything But rage and before I get to the point that I really want to hit home on in this story I need to talk about a guy by the name of David [lief] David’s name was all over [the] place yesterday because in the moments after the attack he tweeted multiple confirmed Fatalities at Manchester Arena last time I listened to [Ariana] [Grande] I almost died to following it up with honestly for over a year I thought ariana grande with something ordered at Starbucks and sharing check my phone and got this message from Twitter [I] swearing at me now, [not] about an hour and a half after his tweet [hero] Too soon and as expected the hate of the [internet] was directed towards David I noticed even people that liked Dark humor going like this is this is disgusting not a day after it’s not a week after you’re literally putting this out there in the world looking about a situation where There were people that were still Injured still being taken care of some people that were fighting for their lives and then would later done [any] [seeing] is essentially someone joking about a murder as it was taking [place] save it later tweeters re for Offending didn’t realize the magnitude of the tragedy I always make stupid jokes about whatever stranding condolences to family would you day that it doesn’t make [sense] you said multiple? Fatality is confirmed in your first tweet Is that you’re thinking that if a terrorist attack only kills a few children like it then it’s okay then in nineteen That’s your golden um event believe the offending tweet and tweet it I’ve delete the tweets and so many people ask and then David who did not follow what his last name [was] saying to do just Leave it leave it alone He later tweeted out a bunch of kids including this one where he wrote I made a mistake hashtag And then I started to laugh I can’t figure out if I think he’s more disgusting or stupid personally if I’m offended by anything It’s the the sad pathetic attempt at an [apology] that’s not an apology [didn’t] realize the magnitude of the tragedy I always make stupid jokes just own your shitty joke and don’t lie unless once again You are more stupid than you are disgusting in which case Maybe don’t know anybody whatever everyone’s going to forget about David in a few days, and I say people I want to remember in this story are the Victims and those who helped because there were so many we had women like Paula robbins She was reportedly at Victoria Station when the attack took place She led teenagers to a nearby hotel And shared her mobile number on Facebook so that worried parents could contact her and be reunited with their children all the people in Manchester who opened up their doors with hashtag room for Manchester thing if you were stranded in this explosion if you need a bed a cup of tea a charge phone whatever I’m here You can be safe here in this chaos the taxi drivers who turned off their meters put up free taxi and got people the hell Out of that of course all the brave men and women who rushed into the scene to hell and not just those who are on Duty it was their time to do their job tons of people that were off duty coming in to health stories of homeless people that Just happen to be around in that situation working with emergency services people to help people and something like this happens You don’t know if [there] only to be more bombs there’s going to be shooting You don’t know those daily heroes that put themselves at risk for others That’s who [and] what I want to remember in this because every time one of these senseless acts of violence happens We have to grasp on to any sense of hope and the only bits of [hope] I can really grab onto Are those who do these amazing? selfless acts in the face of or in the face of terrorism people trying to spread fear and violence They stand up and do good but most importantly they stand up when I see pictures from the Manchester [vege] seeing so many people coming out less than 24 [hours] after a terrorist attack coming out all together showing solidarity saying fuck terrorism and also I’m not scared, and you know what even [if] I feel a little bit scared. It won’t stop us It won’t break us, and that’s what gives me Hope think that note is where I want to end that story in today’s show remember if you like this video You like what? I’m trying to do with these daily videos hit that like but if you’re new you’re hit that subscribe button join the nation of beautiful bastards who will love your face also if you missed and want to catch up on yesterday’s Philip Defranco shooting click or tap right there to watch that if you want to see yesterday’s brand new Vlog click or tap right there [lots] of that said of course as always my name is Philip Defranco You’ve just been phill’d in. [I] love yo faces, and I’ll see you [tomorrow]

16 thoughts on “The Manchester Bombing. What Now? Let’s talk about Terror And The Response To It…

  1. Today is not the show you want to watch if you don't want to get angry…Thank you to the good people out there.

  2. I like to think of myself as a strong man and some of things you said nearly brought me tears. The solidarity and compassion that you shared about the Manchester bombing was amazing. We can only beat these individuals if we stand together it doesn't matter where we originate from. We British are a strong compassionate people and will always stand in the face of adversity.

  3. Please tell us why Manchester Conference Centre is featured as having been blown up in media footage, the one where the car is in the car park and opposite is Manchester Conference Centre that has a flash and a bang attending to it, and then the media wrongly says this is the arena, when, again, it is the Conference Centre. So the Conference Centre was blown up, and witnesses in the arena saw a man blow himself up five times.

  4. Every time there's a video of Americans arguing on public transport, I can guarantee there's racism involved.

  5. Now it's time for the Somali people more then 300 peole are injured and over 300 is dead after truck bomb het the busiest street in the capital City moqadishu
    Pray for the Somali people guys
    Less show our solidarity and strength to the family victims of those who's dead


  7. u gotta be joking the uk gov is more complicit than defiant teresa may says muslims are law abiding -in england like 4-5 times muslims have been arrested only to be liberated by hundreds of muslims frm police stations custody while under charge-they call this law abiding,our hows about all the sex gangs abusing the youth-young girls surely that would spur action=no,salman abedi was known to mi5 allowed to swan in and out of uk no problem,uk pays billions following thousands of such scumbags around the uk-any one of which could be the next bomber,this guy abedi most prob didnt make the bomb-which means prob a bomber loose in uk,uk gov cower to muslims despite the so called defiance,its laughable it really ius,we need this teresa may out now-not even democraticly voted in,YOU PPL TALKING LIKE this is over it aint,this is only the beginning ,ders thousands of abedis out der!!

  8. Come on. That racist ideot was warned so many times. She totally provoct that man in to hitting her. Knowing right well what was coming. Then wamts to play the victim. I think it should be looked at like someone who ties meat around there neck and runs naked through a lion enclosure. They got what they asked for and deserve no pity from me

  9. I know this was 11 months ago, but that David Leavitt is an asshole. The reason that even those of us who love dark humor are uncomfortable when people make jokes about tragedies–especially the DAY IT HAPPENED–is that there is a difference between dark humor and for lack of a better word 'shitposting'. There is a difference between dark humor and just being an asshole. I've known people who make Leavitt look like an okay person and that alone is proof that a lot of people are shit. Carry on.

  10. been a year now and we still growing strong , thought go out to the victims, and fuck the people that hate love for ever !

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