The Greatest Writer | Season 5 Ep. 21 | NEW GIRL

I don’t mean this
anti-Jewish at all, but that insane Jew dance
has ruined our lives. I’m freaking out. It took me nine months
to write those vows. What do you remember? Cece, I can’t believe
this day is finally here. Rick Santorum said it
best when– [sighs] I don’t know– that’s all I got. That’s all I remember. That’s all you remember? My vows were like a novel. How much of your zombie
novel do you remember? [snaps fingers]
-Chapter one. [sighs] On Jack Grinder’s
41st birthday, he was shot in the
face by his dog, Ed. Understand the
situation that I’m in. You are so lucky. How– how am I lucky, Nick? Because one of the
greatest writers of our time is about to enter this room. Would you like to meet him? All right. I’ll go get him. There’s no way
it’s not him, right? You think it’s him? It’s me.

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