The Best Writers of All Time Competition — ProWritingAid Free Document Summary

Prowriting aid is a spelling grammar
checker and a style editor and one of my favorite features is the document
summary which gives me an overview of my spelling my grammar my style and gives
it a score out of 100 to see where I could possibly improve it’s a great
overview of my writing I was playing around with it the other day and I
thought hmmm I wonder how my writing compares to you know the great English
writers of the world the Hemingway’s the Salinger’s the Dickens and I thought
wait a second I wonder how their writing compares to each other then I imagine
what it would be like if they were in some sort of playoff bracket and that’s
exactly what we’re doing today we’re paying 16 of English’s greatest writers
and we’re putting them through the pro writing a document summary tool and
seeing who comes out as champion and we’ll be judging them on the opening
paragraphs of their you know masterpiece novel what I assume by Google really
quickly what I assumed to be their masterpiece work how are we defining a
paragraph I’m defining a paragraph as a series of connected sentences with a
central idea or topic therefore if the first paragraph is of
dialogue for example and it’s quite short with maybe like three to five
words I can add on to it until the sequence is complete so a paragraph in
this competition can have more than one paragraph breaks it’s what I’m trying to
say take this first part of great gatsby for example yeah it’s two breaks all
right now you know let’s get the competition started let’s introduce our
competitors first off I consider him to be one of the favorites of this
competition Ernest Hemingway the book representing him will be the Old Man and
the sea he will be up against in the first round JD Salinger and of course
the book representing him will be the Catcher in the Rye then third F scott
Fitzgerald with his classic the gatsby next george orwell he will be
against Fitzgerald with his piece 1984 next off we have the first lady of the
competition Virginia Woolf with mrs. Dalloway and she’ll be against
Jane Austen with Pride and Prejudice moving down this playoff bracket we have
Stephen King with the stand and he’ll be up against Mark Twain with The
Adventures of Tom Sawyer all right on to the other side we have Charles Dickens
with great expectations he’ll be up against John Steinbeck with The Grapes
of Wrath this one I’m very interested in this is too fantasy tightens up against
each other it’s j.r.r tolkien with the lord of the
ring up against george RR martin with Game of Thrones next up we have JK
Rowling with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone up against Agatha
Christie with the Murder on the Orient Express finally the last bracket we have
Kurt Vonnegut with slaughterhouse-five up against Oscar Wilde with a picture of
dorian gray poker Heights this is gonna be intense
who do you think will win this championship who do you think will get
on to be the best one all right let’s get to it first round first round we
have Ernest Hemingway the old man in the sea up against JD Salinger The Catcher
in the Rye let’s do it let’s throw in the first paragraph for the Old Man and
the sea and let’s see what he gets here 78 overall somebody ate out of a hundred
it appears that he has lost some marks for grammar for spelling style Ernest
Hemingway classic usually be pretty perfect um I will just quickly
go down here and see that he had to overused words some of the sentence
length is a little longer than what co-writing aid would recommend for the
sake of time and this competition I won’t go through it I’ll go through it a
little longer in this first one but I might just give you a quick flash of
what’s what the results are Ernest Hemingway 78 let’s look at JD
Salinger let’s see what he’s got for the catcher and Ryan see if he’s able to
beat that 78 point 66 no unfortunately not unfortunately lot where he did get a
hundred percent on spelling sounds or did lose significant mark in grammar and
style Ernest Hemingway just beat JD Salinger and first round and will be
moving on to the second alright next up it is Fitzgerald versus George Orwell
let’s see what happens Pajero goes first The Great Gatsby gets here
hmm that’s gonna sting that’s gonna sting I don’t know if that’s gonna make
it fifty six lost a lot of points and grammar and lost a lot of points in
style twenty-six points a style Wow
it’s the Greek FD really that great I’m not sure let’s see huh
George Orwell did 1984 can he beat the what is this 56 points and move him on
to the second round let’s see here there it is 81 you only lost a bit of point
perfect and grammar perfect and spelling however style there you go
congratulations George Orwell moving on to the second round there all right now
we are down here with Virginia Woolf versus Jane Austen
let’s go with we’re drinking well with mrs. Dalloway those never read mrs.
Dalloway maybe I will we’ll see how it does perfect score
perfect score this really puts Jane Austen in tight spot mrs. Dalloway first
paragraph it’s perfect in pro writing aids opinion all right Jane Austen and
tight spot Virginia Woolf just got a hundred in case it’s necessary they’ll
go into some sort of sudden death around which they’ll keep going until someone
gets a higher score that’s how we’re gonna do it so Jane Austen right now
needs a hundred to stay in the game let’s see if they could do it Pride and
Prejudice come and some pride now that not gonna happen today not gonna happen
today Virginia Woolf will eliminate Jane
Austen from this competition Jane Austen received 77 points out of a hundred
losing a lot of it in the grammar category oh no Jane what happened here
77 points for Jane Austen very respectable very respectable but not
enough to beat Virginia Woolf today so Virginia Woolf will advance and we move
on let’s move on let’s keep movin Stephen King versus Mark Twain it all
right well start with Stephen King he has written a lot of books I picked the
stand let’s see how it does first paragraph first dialogue section is how
it starts and 6160 one out of 100 I don’t know if
that’s gonna do it grammar loss law and grammar significantly and lost a lot in
spelling as what Stephen King was graded on is a sequence of dialogue and
dialogue people often speak with an accurate grammar or like they speak
funny so the spelling is a little different I think that’s what ended up
costing him today that’s too bad it’s too bad
how will mark twain do let’s take a look right now Tom Sawyer Tom Sawyer
fortunately another sequence of dialogue so I
think this will be a very fair comparison between these two passages 69
that’s just enough that’s just enough to be Oh Stephen King old Stevie King I’m
sorry Martin beat you where he did better is in the spelling spelling
really launched him through and the style enough to get him past what one of
the things I like about pro writing aid is this area the sentence length where
shows you how each how long each sentences in a visual format to see the
variations of your sentences there’s all right so congratulations mark moving on
so now we move to the other side to the eastern conference or whatever on this
side we have Charles Dickens versus John Steinbeck let’s get it started here a
round of applause run applause for both these we’ll start with Dickens here with
great expectations 78 78 out of 100 lost most of its point in the spelling
category Dame Charles Dickens 78 points John Steinbeck how are you gonna do
Grapes of Wrath representing him I see it 85 there you go there you go I’m
looking at all these different pictures of authors and I think John Steinbeck
that’s time thank you look the best it’s not that’s not what we’re measuring
these people on but does stand back you in your work the best there you go
John Steinbeck moving on to the next round congratulations alright here we go
keep this train moving oh ho yeah what am I
this one I’ve been looking forward to j.r.r tolkien versus george RR martin
alright let’s check it out token you go first the Lord of the Ring
53 as anticipated I think it really suffered because of the fantasy element
that lives in 1330 on style that’s gotta hurt 53 another interesting
aspect is the flesh reading score this is a score of how easy it is for your
work to be read more than 60 it’s a good range 53 Shirley Shirley george RR
martin can beat that right with Game of Thrones
no no 49 oh wow george RR martin really really choked on this one you could have
he could have taken it like once again it’s spelling that really suffers and
grammar grammar really cost him I think we were anticipating spelling to be an
issue for these two but something happened in the grammar section if you
want to win this Pro writing a championship don’t be a fantasy writer
this is what I’m suggesting anyways Tolkien squeezes out of the victory
moves on to the second round congratulations all right next up JK
Rowling versus I get a Christi JK Rowling go
first with Harry Potter check it out here another perfect score this this is
gonna be hard to beat I don’t know I guess the Christi can do this rallying
with a really good start Kristi follows it up Murder on the
Orient Express see what she does here valiant valiant very good effort 79 79
out of 100 it’s not gonna do today lost a lot in the style area so
congratulations JK Rowling moving on to the next round
finally last one in round one we have kurt vonnegut versus Oscar Wilde it
should be a fun one to sort of comedic writers I would categorize them in a
slaughterhouse-five Kurt Vonnegut goes first and let’s see
how he does 82 that is a really good score as a good
score and want some lost some points for style I’ve got 45 there Kurt Vonnegut
very unique style if you haven’t read his book yet I really recommend it it’s
very different from literally every other author is does he’s one of a kind
not really too much a good score Oscar Wilde let’s see how you do can ask her
wild move on to the second round of this pro writing aid tournament with the
picture from doing great first paragraph and he does he’s got another another
perfect score another perfect score in the tournament what can you say
incredible I was really cheering for Kurt Vonnegut – I love Kurt Vonnegut and this is huge I think I would call this a
huge upset just in my books huge upset Picture of Dorian Gray Oscar Wilde
moving on to the second round congratulations everybody
first round well done well done Cheers alright let’s do it let’s start
second round second round oK we’ve moved back to the top now we have Ernest
Hemingway against George Orwell this is this is a huge heavyweight battle old
man and the sea Ernest Hemingway see what he gets here a
second paragraph lays it out right away second round Ernest Hemingway really
throws a big punch perfect score perfect score so there you go that’s a really
good score for Ernest Hemingway George Orwell will need to really pull
something he needs a hundred to throw this into sudden death let’s see what he
does here 1984 second paragraph it’s a long one 82
just can do it just couldn’t do it 82 lost a lot of points in style that’s
it there you go 1984 couldn’t couldn’t come up with the
the intensity and needed to go up against Ernest Hemingway crushing defeat
rushing crushing defeat right there all right so Ernest Hemingway will move on
to the semi-finals how exciting exciting for Ernest
Hemingway probably the most exciting thing here they’ve done all right
Virginia Woolf versus Mark Twain this really unique battle I think these are
kind of dark horses in this tournament right now kind of a little bit forgotten
about a style way also a long paragraph this might be costly longer I assume
tends to find more errors 7171 I mean just the way this competition is it
really does leave room for more things for it to check on so a longer paragraph
is a handicap yeah let’s do we’re still flushing out these rules to make it more
fair but you can’t really do anything about that 71 I’m not sure if that’s
enough to beat Mark Twain I’m not sure if that’s enough let’s just keep moving
then all right Mark Twain Tom Sawyer I was thinking of
picking Huckleberry Finn but I figured Tom swear why not what’s the difference that’s huge
perfect score another perfect score that that is a way to win it
Mark Twain really throws throws an uppercut
knocks help virginia woolf in the second round that’s how you do it Tom Sawyer
maybe Huckleberry Finn would be able to do this but then here this will advance
Mark Twain to the semi-final you will face Ernest Hemingway there all right
all right next up we have John Steinbeck against Jay R
our token john steinbeck the best-looking one in this group grace of
wrath let’s see how it does summary second paragraph second
paragraph they’re getting some good grades here right is this actually
pretty amazing I mean we all know that these are some of the best writers that
ever existed best English writers in the world so it’s not much of a surprise to
see them getting perfect scores but at a competition like this if you get kind of
heated I don’t know a token token just squeezed in the second round I don’t
know if he could do this but let’s check it let’s see second paragraph and the
Lord of the Rings can force this into sin death overtime 73 unfortunately a
lot a great improvement from this first round
however it would not be enough to beat the perfect score that John Steinbeck
just presented to us that was incredible I’m just gonna keep going this videos
getting along tournaments getting old who knew I was thinking of breaking it
up but then I was like just just finish up my Spanish laughing alright so John
Steinbeck congratulations moving on to the third round who will he
face there will it be JK Rowling or will it be Oscar Wilde
check it out here take your Rowan goes first Harry Potter second paragraph the
philosopher’s stones boy who lives oh ouch having gotten the perfect score in
the first round and then getting 48 in the second round bad is gonna be costly
that is gonna be a big blow I don’t know if she’s gonna be able to recover from
this it’s gonna take a real meltdown oh the Picture of Dorian Gray for her to
get past a lot of a lot of words in the second paragraph of Harry Potter and the
Philosopher’s Stone that pearl writing aid doesn’t recognize and that it’s
costly among other things and like it’s gonna be tough Oscar Wilde has it
in the bag I think how is he gonna do it insult to injury right there perfect
score shows how it done everybody who gets through second round got a perfect
score and I think that that’s where you that’s the way to do it that’s the
killer instinct right Oscar Wilde will move on to the third round where
your face John Steinbeck and the semi-finals
all right third round this is huge this is semi finals now it’s a shame to get
this far and then get eliminated I must say that
and here’s Ernest Hemingway Mark Twain these are two you know legends here
fighting it off all right Hemingway old man see this part is a long passage a
lot to analyze here and is gonna be 76 not as good as the perfect score he got
in the second round but I think I think it’s a really respectable one Tom Sawyer
I think it’s very likely he could get a really high score here as well so let’s
check it out Mark Twain Tom Sawyer this one to take him to the finals what is it
No Oh 45 that is a huge disappointment I would say that’s a joke Mark Twain Tom
Sawyer simply he’s not gonna do it simply cannot beat Ernest Hemingway and
Ernest Hemingway will move on to the finals who was he gonna face John
Steinbeck or Oscar Wilde it’s gonna be throwing Steinbeck a lot of praise for
him and as his rugged rugged good looks enough weird boy crushing on John
Steinbeck let’s see how he does Grapes of Wrath third round 84 that is a good
score that is a good score I’m not confident though not confident in
Steinbeck taking this one away lost some points in grammar
I think Oscar Wilde has a really good chance it would
huge upset whoo-hoo even thought of Oscar Wilde this whole competition right
you kind of just snuck in there but he could do this you could steal this one
but picture of dorian gray a classic how does it do and I do it can it beat the
84 that John Steinbeck just got 82 that is the closest that’s a closest margin
yet holy that’s a tough one tough one to lose oh my it’s truly an inspiration but
we have our final we do we have Ernest Hemingway up against John Steinbeck this
is huge this is honestly this is what I anticipated this is what I hope for I
think these are two very very respectable writers and I think they’re
very deserving to be in the finals but it’s cut it’s comes out of this enough
praise for both these guys very very good getting to the final let’s see what
they could do now that they are here first off Ernest Hemingway who has gone
first this whole competition will go first one more time that is a perfect
score that is huge way to throw out the big punch when it matters the most
all that and the see 100 points in the finals just might go into sudden death
Oh John Steinbeck fans I feel for you right now I’m feeling for you this is
something something to be concerned about this is really really really
strong attempt to take home the championship right away just make it
make it that might not even be a point John Steinbeck might just forfeit right
now he’s not he’s not he’s gonna he’s gonna give his best shot Grapes of Wrath
to tie it all ah that’s a shame
that’s why I said 66 66 out of 100 gone all the way here couldn’t finish it up
loss lost significantly in the spelling category and grammar didn’t help him out
too much as well you needed a hundred points to throw it
into a sudden-death playoff cannot do that Ernest Hemingway congratulation
take them the championship confetti confetti this is a fireworks make it
happen hey there you go Ernest Hemingway celebrate celebrate you
just won the first pro writing aid I don’t even know what to call this
writing legend championship the first one I like to do more of these these are
kind of fun here he is with his trophy so happy I think it’s nice to see Ernest
Hemingway so happy after all he’s been through
old man see congratulations Ernest Hemingway congratulations to all
the competitors doing really really stellar work and pro writing aid proves
it today that there there still could still make it even better right it’s
never perfect it’s never perfect even when you’ve
written your masterpiece like I mentioned this is not a sponsored post
for providing aid I do like the product it does help me out a lot and if you do
want to give it a try check out the affiliate link at the
bottom if you enjoyed watching this please let me know I enjoyed making it
it was a lot of fun it brings out the competitive spirit in me and being a
writer you don’t often get to be competitive and I think this is a fun
way to sort of express that I had a good time I hope you did too
if you want more writing tips tricks and spur
raishin ideas feel free to follow my channel subscribe if you like this video
like it if you want to see another famous writer being put through this
whole complicated process let me know in the comments as well I love to hear from
you alright have a good one see you guys soon

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