The Best Time to Post on YouTube

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  1. Once again, thanks very much for the vidIQ mention Tim. We also have another tip you can try. In the You-Tube real-time analytics if you sort by geography you can see when the majority of views come from different locations. It almost looks like an inverse sleep cycle graph. As you recommend, droping videos just when that graph starts to rise again can help out (as well as our best time to post tool of course).

    Good luck with your channels everyone and enjoy the rest of your video making day!

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  3. NICE !! Liked 🙂 🙂 & Got ya subbed . Please visit my channel and comment on my latest video I made thank you JT 🙂 🙂

  4. Thank you for the wonderful info. We are actually analyzing the best time for us to post new videos at this moment.

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  6. I usually upload On Friday and Saturday mornings cause I find it the best time to have the perfect lighting and s stuff like that and I really also appreciate how much effort you put into your videos so ya thanks A LOT

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  8. One of my videos has gone missing, no warning from you tube or anything, it's just gone. Why? and can it be restored?

  9. Great video, I would have liked some advice for new YouTubers with a new channel or not many watch hours/subs

  10. Thanks Tim! VidIQ is indeed a really cool tool to use! I just have a free account and it already gives good insights about ranking of my videos and tags my competitors put in.

  11. Thanks Tim, I have started a Channel, and Notice my instagram is doing much better with over 130 videos created in the last 6 months, I will start a schedule for my channel and announce it perhaps this will help with views and subscribers. Much thanks.

  12. Came across your video while I'm figuring out my channel. I've been experimenting for the last few weeks and don't have enough data really, but what data I do have seems to point to the end of the week, Fridays and Saturdays. I have no idea about the times of day, but I'm choosing 12pm for now and we'll see how it goes.

  13. Interesting how the more you get into that stuff the more aspects your find out there are to consider. Youtube always seemed so easy from the eyes of a consumer. Making videos myself I quickly learned to acknowledge the hard work creators put into their videos. Wish you all the best, guys!

  14. Thanks Tim ❤️ You seriously have helped me so much!! I’m almost to 1K subs and I’m so excited to continue spreading my message!

  15. Very helpful thank you! I'm working on being more consistent and plan to post videos every Monday or Tuesday around 2-3pm to start …

  16. @Video Creators Hi Tim, this is Hari here from India. This video helped me alot to know when I should publish my gaming videos. I usually used to post atleast 1 video each day when ever the video was ready with editing. However keeping a strict schedule and a specific time helped to streamline my publishing more effectively. Now I post my videos around 10.30pm -11.30pm Indian Standard Time. And as shown in this video 9pm ist is around 8-9am est giving me more room for my viewers to watch my gaming videos 🙂 Thanks as ton Tim.

  17. I religiously release content at 1000 CST I do see an influx of traffic around 1700-1800 CST thanks for the video have you released an updated version of this ?

  18. Also do you suggest preloading content ? I typically bust out content two weeks in advance and may change content depending upon the feedback from the audience I have 139 subs and drive about 45 to 50 views in the first 12 hours

  19. I just checked out where my views are coming from and only California is highlighted so does that mean the rest of the country isn't getting my videos? If that's the case then why is that happening and is there any way to make my videos available to the rest of the country?

  20. I have an idea for a schedule: How about Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5 pm and Saturdays at 11 am?
    Edit: All times are in Central Time

  21. I just wanna give one minute of wander! a little escape wherever you are, is that good enough Tim? Thank you for such enriching content, you got my sub!

  22. Hi
    My channel is on zero waste lifestyle and it is not very popular in India. Could you make a video on how to attract people to a new category?

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