The Avengers: Endgame Post-Credits Extras Revealed! Are They Worth It? (Nerdist News)

– The “Avengers: Endgame”
post-credit extras revealed! Are they worth it? When it was announced last
month that “Avengers: Endgame” would be coming back to
theaters with new footage, fans were losing it over the announcement. Would they be getting a new extended cut? What kind of scenes would be added in? Would they finally get to find
out if Steve Rogers created a new timeline to live
out his life with Peggy for the directors, or if he was always in the prime-time line for the writers. Sadly, it turned out none
of this would be the case. It was soon revealed that
all of the new footage would be tributes,
deleted scenes, or teases tacked on to the ending of the film. And despite how it was framed as a way to get fans hyped for
“Spider-Man: Far From Home,” it was pretty clear that
this was Marvel Studios’ last chance to take down
“Avatar” as the biggest movie in the world. Unfortunately for Marvel,
the blue aliens of Pandora still hold that achievement. (laughs) In fact, you might say
the box office record was the unobtainium of the
Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hoo-hoo. But in all seriousness,
despite their motive, it was still extra footage
we’ve never seen before, so was it worth it? Was all of the post-credits
footage from “Avengers: Endgame” worth seeing it again for the 37th time? Let’s break it all down, also spoilers for “Avengers:
Endgame” obviously. Although if you haven’t seen it by now. – [All] Hulk out. – First up, the tribute to Stan Lee. Now while this was hinted at and rumored to be attached
to the re-release, it was never officially announced, so it was nice to see Stan
Lee’s smiling face again. In the new footage, we get
a behind the scenes look of all the times Stan Lee
made a cameo in a Marvel film, going all the way back to the
original “Iron Man” movie. As we cut through the footage, Stan Lee narrates how he
remembers all of his cameos and how he never dreamed
how big all this would get. He was just trying to pay
the rent by writing comics. With the clip ending on a
“Stan, we love you 3000.” Now all in all, it’s a nice tribute to the man who helped create some of the biggest
superheros of all time. And speaking of superheroes, what about that deleted scene? Well, if you have strong
thoughts about dabbing as a way to intro a character, you might be in luck. Instead of the iconic scene where we meet Professor Hulk in a diner, we get to see The Hulk
doing hero-ey stuff by, you know, actually saving people. – [All] Hulk out. – In the footage, a fire
has broken out in a building and The Hulk uses a large satellite dish to bring the survivors down to the police and while the clip is unfinished, with the special effects out of sync and mostly just basic computer models, it’s nice to see The Hulk as a hero instead of a frightening monster. Also worth noting is that Banner
is rocking the purple suit we’ve seen in promo art
and on action figures. However, the most interesting side note is that the officer in charge in the clip is played by non other
than Reginald VelJohnson, famous for his roles in “Die
Hard” as Sergeant Al Powell and Carl Winslow in the
sitcom “Family Matters.” So does this mean that the
Marvel cinematic universe shares a world with
John McClane and Urkel? Considering the “Die Hard”
series has pretty much turned into a superhero franchise anyway, we’re 100% on board for this idea. And finally, there’s a sneak peak of “Spiderman: Far From Home.” Now we’ve seen some clips of the sequence and the trailers for the film, but basically this scene
involves Nick Fury and Maria Hill arriving in Mexico and then getting their first glimpse at Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio as one of the Elementals attacks them. It’s literally footage that
we have seen in the trailers, so nothing too spoilery, just a brief taste of
what’s to come from Marvel immediately because
“Spiderman: Far From Home” swings into theaters on Tuesday, so fans wont’ have to wait very long to see exactly where that
clip lands in the film. After all of this, the footage ends with a “From all of us at Marvel
Studios, thank you.” So all told, you get about
six minutes of new footage as well as a new poster. Was it worth it? Honestly, we love our Marvel around here, but, no, not really. It appears most of these
features will be found in the bonuses of the
digital and blu-ray release coming in the next few weeks. We hate to say this, but if you’re watching the re-release just for the new footage, it’s probably better to save your money and just buy a copy of the movie when it comes out on home release. But what do you folks think, was the new footage worth
watching it again in theaters? Were you touched by the Stan Lee tribute and were you just hoping
it would do well enough to beat Avatars box office
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  1. I was glad to say good bye to the group that started the whole franchise, that is the only reason I sat through more Marvel PC culture shoved down your throat. It shows how messed up the country has become in 10 years.

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