TeamViewer 14 – One-Click Remote Script Execution

With the One-click Remote Script Execution,
you can execute multiple tasks with just one click, standardize your maintenance and support
processes and automate repetitive tasks during a TeamViewer session. In the Management Console, you can access
and manage your scripts from anywhere at any time. Save time and speed up your work, with TeamViewer

8 thoughts on “TeamViewer 14 – One-Click Remote Script Execution

  1. But it will still be repetitive to login into +100 PC to run the script over and over. You should have a massive/Bulk option to do this remotely.

  2. Teamviewer is a scam company. They first offer free service then they will stop you from using it when you use it a longer time. The paid service is horrible. They force to a year plan with auto renewal. They have a hidden term saying that you can only cancel the service 28 days before the renewal time. They didn't inform about the renewal until the renewal date and left you no time to cancel the service. Beware and avoid of Teamviewer unless you want a big financial loss. If you want more info or evidence. You can ask me here or Google "Teamviewer auto renewal". There are plenty of complaints in their official news group. Plus we have only use their paid service only once. They offer not refund for unwanted services.

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