Tanki Online V-LOG: Episode 232

In today’s episode, we’ll be telling you more about
the upcoming Christmas War. We’ll also be revealing a new game mode,
and talking about the recent changes to Thunder. Hello tankers. As we told you some time ago, we’ve been
thinking about making a special paint for those who managed to get one hundred
thousand tankoins to drop from a coinbox. Great news. We’ve made the paint,
and we’ll be giving it out soon. But, it will only be
available for a limited time. So keep an eye out
for those coinboxes if you wanna have a shot at
getting this unique paint. There are claims that playing video
games improves vision and tracking ability. And our experiment seems to confirm this theory. In the last V-LOG,
we hid a small Easter egg, and many of you spotted it. Yes, we were really hinting about
a new war… I mean a proper one. To participate, you just need
to buy the distributor paint, which will randomly assign you to
one of the three factions in the war. This time, the theme is… “Stolen Christmas”, and you’ll be joining, Santa,
the Elves, or the Evil Snowman, to determine the fate of this festive season. The Snowman is obsessed with
ruining Christmas for all tankers. On the other hand, Santa wants
to stop the Snowman’s evil plans, BUT… the Elves think Santa is too old
to be the defender of the festive season, so they’ve decided it’s
time for them to take over. The action will take place
not only in tank battles, but also on a special map where you
will need to make tactical decisions. For every matchmaking battle
you finish, you will earn Stars, which will help your faction to defend
their territories and capture new ones. At the beginning of each turn, you’ll need to decide where
to attack and where to defend. Factions must capture and hold
as many regions as possible, which in turn will grant them points. The one with the most points
at the end of the war, wins. For the members of the winning faction, there will be a prize giveaway
with a Nokia smartphone, 5 XT containers,
five Rail Prime skins, and tankoins up for grabs. Players from the losing factions will also get a shot at winning
one of two Nokia smartphones, drawn especially for them. Additionally, during the war, all
participants will receive containers. And if you have both Premium
and a Battle Pass, you will get three times as many containers! We’ve been talking about
a new mode for a while now. And many of you are asking: Where is this new mode? You promised! When will it be released? Ok, ok, I come bearing news. The mode is actually still in development, but we’ve managed to get the
green light to share some details. It will be called… Siege. Its mechanics will be
similar to Control Point mode, but with one important difference. In Control Point mode, your score increases when you have
more captured points than your opponent. So any one will do. In siege mode, you have
to fight for ONE specific point. Once the game starts,
a random control point is activated. From then on, it’s a mosh pit. Once the point has been successfully
captured by one of the teams, it is deactivated, and a few seconds later,
another random point is activated. This mode involves more team
collaboration and much larger skirmishes. No more sitting in the corner looking pretty. You gotta shed some skin, sweetcakes. The team with the most points
at the end of the battle, wins. We’re expecting this new mode to
hit the game before the end of this year. But you know… Murphy… the law… Murphy’s Law… you do know about it, don’t you? Do you ever feel… watched? As if… the bushes had eyes? Well yeah, you’ve probably noticed by now
that the bushes in Tanki are flat, which makes it look as if they’re
always rotating to face you. Pretty creepy. So you’re probably wondering, is it really so difficult to make
3D bushes or grass in the game? Difficult? Not really. But it’s a headache, because vegetation
tends to be a very resource-heavy asset in games. A 3D bush in Tanki can easily consume more resources on your
PC than all the other objects on the map. However, we’ve been working
a lot on optimization recently, and the issue is practically eliminated. So we’ve started working on
updating the vegetation in the game. These are the first few samples, but they’re a work in progress,
and they will probably change. But we wanted to show them to you anyway, so that eventually you can see the difference
between the prototypes and the final version. The cries have echoed far
and wide over the past week. “Bring back the old Thunder,” they said. In case you missed the news, we’re talking about the change
in Thunder’s firing mechanics. Thunder’s shots are no longer an instant
hit. Instead, the projectile will
travel at a finite speed, and will take time to hit the target. This raised an objection. “Why do we need Thunder now
if there is Gauss?” you asked. But on the flipside, why do we need Thunder if
we have Smoky? Think about it. The truth is that the situation
isn’t quite as simple as that. The mechanics of Gauss
and Thunder are different. First of all, they have
different effective ranges. Gauss is designed for long range firing,
while Thunder is better suited at medium range. True, Thunder’s shell travels a long way, but unlike Gauss, it loses
impact force over distance. Then again, Thunder’s
projectile flies much faster. Second, Gauss has an aiming mode. It’s harder to use, but the damage
multiplier makes it worth the effort. Additionally, the projectile connects
with the target instantly, which makes gauss a two-in-one turret. Third, Thunder’s insta-hit mechanics,
made it a very simple gun. We’ve been aware of this
for quite a while now. In fact, we’ve been planning this change
since before we conceived Gauss. Such excessive simplicity negates the
presence of other turrets in the game. And we are for balance,
tactics and diversity. And that’s why Thunder
received this change. Of course, we will be monitoring
its usage and, possibly, making changes to its parameters in order
to balance out the increased difficulty. By the way, Smoky,
which also has insta-hit mechanics, will also be undergoing some changes. But more about that in a future episode. Youtuber Digest. What’s been cooking this week
in the world of Tanki YouTube? Have a look. First, Mak tests our sense of observation
with a little game of “spot the difference”, with a Tanki theme. Next, watch iMoneyMaker as he takes his
M4 Gauss for a spin in matchmaking battles! eSports news. Clan Championship. Eight clans have qualified for
the second group stage. They are: Can’t Stop, CoolDown,
Eternity, Go Pro, Just Passing, Knights,
Penguins, and Terror Family. Only four of them will make it
to the playoffs, more and the competition is about
to get much heated. Who do you think these four clans will be? Write your guess in the comments
under the V-LOG here on YouTube, and follow the livestreams of the Clan Championship
battles to see whether you guessed correctly! The first one to correctly
guess the four finalists, will receive a cool prize
at the end of the stage. And that’s it for today. You know what you need to do to make
sure you don’t miss the next issue: Like, subscribe, and ding that bell. See ya! In the last episode,
you had to guess the drone. The correct answer is… the Booster Drone Here are our winners. And here’s the new question. Which mark will Magnum reach?

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