Talking About Your Family in English – Spoken English Lesson

Hi, I’m Oli. Welcome to Oxford Online English! In this lesson, you can learn how to talk
about your family in English. Do you have a big family? What do you like doing when you spend time
with your family? Talking about family can be a good way to
start a conversation in English, so it’s useful if you know what to say and if you
have some questions to ask. Let’s start with something simple. Part one: introducing your family. Let’s start with a simple sentence: “There are ________ people in my family.” So you can say: “There are five… There are ten… There are thirty people in my family.” That’s not too hard, but it’s not so interesting,
either! You should say who these people are. “There are ten people in my family: I have
two sisters, one brother, my uncle and aunt, two grandparents and my parents of course.” “There are four people in my family: my wife,
my two sons and myself.” Part two: Talking about your brothers and
sisters. How many brothers and sisters do you have? You could say: “I have two brothers and one sister.” “I just have one sister.” “I’m an only child.” Let’s make it more interesting by adding
more information. Are your brothers and sisters older or younger? Where are you in the family? “I have two older brothers and one older sister. I’m the youngest in the family.” “I just have one sister, who’s five years
older than me.” “I’m the middle child: my brother is two
years older, and I have a younger sister who’s finishing university this year.” Part three: talking about your immediate and
your extended family. In English, we sometimes draw a line between
your immediate family. That means: you, your husband/wife, your children,
parents, and brothers and sisters. Then, you have your extended family. That means: aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews,
nieces, grandparents, grandchildren, and so on. Now, you can give more details about the people
in your family, like this: “My immediate family is quite small, because
I’m an only child. My mum is one of five children, so I have
a lot of cousins, who are kind of like my brothers and sisters. There are six people in my immediate family:
my parents, my brother and his wife, my sister and me. I have a lot of other relatives, but they
live in Canada so we don’t see them often.” Part four: talking about your children. Do you have children? Let’s see what you can say: “I have three kids: two girls and a boy.” “We have a newborn son.” “We have one daughter, and my wife’s expecting
our second child.” As always, you should add details to make
your answers longer and more interesting: “I have three kids: two girls and a boy. Our eldest daughter has just started secondary
school, and the two younger ones are still in primary school.” “We have a newborn son. He’s just three weeks old now, so we’re
still getting used to things!” “We have one daughter, and my wife’s expecting
our second child. We don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl,
but we’ll find out in three months.” Part five: talking about your relationship
with your family. Finally, let’s add some information about
how often you see your family, and what you like to do together. For example: “I’m very close to my family. We have lunch together every weekend.” “I see my older brother once a week; we play
tennis or basketball together.” “I try to spend as much time as possible with
my kids.” What now? You should know the answer: add more details! Let’s look:
“I’m very close to my family. We have lunch together every weekend at my
grandmother’s house. She always cooks something delicious!” “I see my older brother once a week; we play
tennis or basketball together. I don’t see my other brother so often, because
he lives overseas, although we talk on Skype every so often.” “I try to spend as much time as possible with
my kids. We play cards, watch films, or go to the park
if the weather’s nice.” Part six: making a longer answer. Now you should be able to make a longer answer
talking about your family. You should be able to talk about your relatives,
your brothers and sisters, your children if you have any, and your relationship with your
family. Let’s look at a sample answer: “There are five people in my immediate family,
although my extended family is quite large. I have two sisters, both younger, so I’m
the oldest child. I don’t have kids yet but I’d like to
have a big family one day. I see my parents and my sisters quite often,
because we all live near each other, although I don’t see my other relatives that much.” OK? Could you make an answer like this? Let’s look at one more sample answer first: “I come from a big family: I’m the fifth
child, and I have three brothers and one sister. They’re all close to each other in age,
but there’s a big gap between them and me. I don’t have children, but I have lots of
nieces and nephews! I don’t see my family often because I live
in a different country, but I speak to them regularly and we all get together once or
twice a year, which is always very noisy but lots of fun.” What about you? Try to make a longer answer talking about
your family. Use the vocabulary and ideas from the lesson
to help you. Next time you talk about your family in English,
hopefully you’ll have lots to talk about! That’s the end of the lesson. I hope it was useful. You can see more of our free English lessons
on our website: oxford online English dot com. Thanks very much for watching! See you next time.

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  1. Hello! Thank you very much for your lesson. This is my practice: There are 5 people in my family: my grandmother, my parents, my brother, which is two years older than me and myself. I'm very close to my family. Although I and my brother have to go to school in another city, not in my hometown, but we try to spend as much time as possible with the family. We have lunch together every weekend. At that lunch, I usually help my mother to cook some Vietnamese traditional foods. By the way, I play badminton with my brother twice a week, he's funny and joke me at all time. I love my family very much.

  2. Hi Oli, Thank you very much for your video and this is my practice.
    There are five people in my intermediate family: I have one sister, one brother and my parents of course. I'm a middle child, my brother is three years younger, my older sister who is three years old than me. We are very close-knit.

    I don't see my parents so often because I'm living in another city. I always contact my parents by phone three a week and come back to my hometown on the holiday.

    My parents are a farmer, they really like and passionate this jobs.

    My father is 52 years old. He is very skillful, Household items are mostly made by him. He is the breadwinner but he is not patriarchal, he always listening and understanding to long happiness.

    My mother is two years younger than my father. She is the chef No.1 of my family, she always makes tasty and nutritious food. In her free time, she often makes clothes – sewing is her hobby.

    My parents are our example of behavior, affection and also attitude with life and people. Our three sisters were born quite near to each other, each other separated by 3 years, so we are not just sibling, but we also play close together.

    My sister was married and has two children, now she is a housewife. She and I have a common hobby that is food. We love cooking, take pictures of food and enjoy specialties in every place we go to.

    My brother is our little brother, even though he is twenty-two years old, I still see him as my baby brother. He has black hair and tall people like our father. He also is funny people and always has many stories that make my family laugh.

    Now, my parents live in the country but I live with my sister in the city for work. Therefore, I don't see my family often and we seldom enjoy the meal together. I just want to have some vacation time to come home. Although we talk on the telephone every day, I miss my parents so much. I wish I could spend much time taking care of my parents and we could have a lot of trips together in the future. Overall, I'm always proud of my wonderful family.

  3. Can u plz tell me how would i describe my sibling like i have got two brothers,nd someone ask me what your brother do so can i say my one brother do job,nd the second is a doctor is it natural?

  4. I was brought up in a nuclear family with my elder brother,my mom,dad and me. I often wondered how it likes to be living in joint family after I became familiar with this word. But thanks to my husband who is rearing me in a joint family. Since my son is doing his masters, I rarely talk to him cuz he doing vigorous work. My husband works aboard and we talk by fits and starts. I live with my in-laws. I used to be an English teacher but I am not now. I have a big family from my husband's side. I have an elder brother as my siblings. My big brother's family lives aboard.

  5. Hello. I have quite small immediate family – just six relations. It is my husband, two sons, father, my older sister and myself. We are pretty close to each other and get together every weekend at my father's flat. He always knows so many funny and interesting stories. I enjoy time that I spend with my noisy and loud family.

  6. Hello thanku so much for family related lesson . This is a wonderful practise . There are 6 member in my family. My parents, my younger 3 brothers which is 2:3years than me and myself. I am very close to my family . We have each lunch together on weekend . I lots of love my family.

  7. I come from a small
    family: I just have one sister, who’s ten
    years younger than me. I’m the oldest
    in the family. My sister
    has three
    children, so I have two nephews
    and the
    niece. They live
    in Russia so I
    don’t see them often, although we
    talk on Skype every so often.

  8. Thank you "Oxford online English" I am very happy with this program.
    It's alot batter than my collage.
    I very appreciate.🙏

  9. My family consists of father , mother , two brother's , and four sister's also one grandfather three aunts and one uncle
    We are a big families , but we are happy family .
    My father he is seventy years old , and my mother she is sixty four years old and housewife.
    My oldest brother is 39 years old, he is married and has three kids
    My younger brother is in college he studied computer programming .
    I have them two sister's married, and we also has beautiful kids.
    My middle sister is my best friend , we spend most of the time together , when we have free time we like to go shopping.
    I am happy with my family all the time

  10. Thanks for your friendly presentation. It helps me prepare the longer speech for my family especially expand family. Besides, the pet is important my life <3.

  11. Thanks you, Can you help me with my speech ?
    it's a small immediate family with only 3 members. I'm an older brother. I have a sister who's 2 years yonger than me and we live with my mother in her house in Viet Nam.My mom was a charman for a company in 22 years before she was retired. My sister and me work in a same company which is close my house. She's a salesman and i'm an engineer. She and me were in our thirties but we still has been married yet. There is no gap between them. Sometimes, we help each other to lie our mom of couse they are white lies. My mother has a older sister anh she has 2 children a boy and a girl. My cosins and me used to be closer when we were young. Now we still keep in tuoch but we don't see together often because they moved to anther city many years ago. I hope i can get married soon and have many kids. I like a family with 3 or 4 children. And of couse we will live with my mother. A nuclear family with 3 or 4 generatios stay at same place is normal in my country. This is a good traditional pratice. I like it

  12. There are 5 people in my immediate family.i have one younger brother who is a bit more intellegent than me,and two sisters who are already married.In addition,my mother is a housewife n my father is doing business in kathmandu for the past 7 years. Despite being quite apart from each other due to our job,we always keep in touch with each other on social media. We meet once in a month and do enjoyable party at home.

  13. It is awesome man you corrected my grammar. Yeah ,I did not pay attention to indefinite article being used with vowel sound. Another way of saying things about past is using used to +base verb. If you hurry,you will be sorry is the saying i taught my students. I was writing a text in a hurry so lots of mistake occur.

  14. Well oli,your pronunciation really attracte me,and you look pretty handsome.Here is my homework:I live in a quite big family,but my immediate family just four which are my parents my little brother and me of course.We live together,so we can see all days before.But now since I have admitted to university,I have to live alone, but I still go home as much as possible.Besides my grandparents live with us together so there are six people in my family.I don't know whether this phenomenon is common or not in UK,but in China this is very familiar.

  15. Thank you, your lesson helps a lot!
    I have eight people in my family, my parents,my younger sister ,her husband and their son, my husband and our newborn daughter.We all get toghter once a month to have lunch or dinner in my parents' house.My mother always cook delicious food for us.Other time we talk on telephone or the Wechat.I almost stay with my daughter all day and night ,since she is a four months old baby.I nurse her,take care of her,and speak to her.I and my husband always take her out to the canal nearby if the weather is good.

  16. There are 4 people in my family. My maternal grandparents, my mom and myself. I'm an only child. My immediate family is pretty small because I'm an only child . Although my extended family is quite large. My mother is one of three children and my grandfather is one of seven children. So I have lots of cousins who are kind of like my brothers and sisters. Most of my relatives live far away so i don't get to meet them often. But I am pretty close to my family because I speak to them daily and meet them at least once a month.

  17. There are five people in my family: me, my two younger
    brothers, and my parent. I’m the oldest in the family. I live with my immediate
    brother. Although he goes to work during the week, we often spend the weekends
    watching football together. I don’t see my other brother so often, because he
    is in school studying architecture, but we chat on WhatsApp every so often.

  18. I come from a big family.. I am the sixth child in my family.. And i have aclose relationship with them.. We often go outside in a dinner or something else.. I dont have any kids, but i have a lot of nephews and niceses.. I see my sisters very often.. I visit them at weekend in their houses and enjoy eating there delecious food.. I try to spend most of my time with my parents.. We play cards.. We see movie.. And go to the park if the weather is nice .. I dont see my other brothers very often because they live overseas.. But i usually talk with them twice a week through social media programs

  19. There are 8 people in my family: my parents, my eldest sister with her husband and her son, two younger sisters and me. Now, I am studying and working in Hanoi city. Other members in my family have lived in a small village, it is in suburb from Hanoi. I am very close to my family although I can't see them so often. In the moment, my parents still feed 2 my younger sister because they're still students. So I hope I would earn lots money to supports them.

  20. hello sir
    as i am newly married women. if any one ask about my family then how can I explain? please tell me

  21. hi guys, My name's Thach, i'm from Viet Nam and i'm 22 years old. My family has 4 peolple: My mother, my father, my younger sister and me. My younger sister is 10 years younger than me . i miss my family because i studying away from home but i still come back home every twice a year. My mom so happy when i come back home, i usually took my sister go to school every afternoon. My farther is hard work and he is very supper man. i love my family so much

  22. Thank you for the lesson. Here are my practice.
    I have big family. There are 8 people in my family. I am the middle child as I have 2 elder sister and 2 younger brothers. My Grandma and my parents ofcouse. I am very close to my family although we live in different city. I go back to my hometown once or twice a year but I talk to them on skype every so often. I cook traditional cuisine for my them whenever I am back to my hometown. My family said they love my cooking except my younger brother he always tease me and said "please don't open a restaurent". We share our experience and opinions within family and keep look out for one another. I am so glad to have this family.

  23. Hi Oli. I love your lessons and I love you too. Hi. Your lessons are very clearly and easy to follow. I can pratice a lot of by myself after watched your lessons. Thank you so much!

  24. There are a five people in immediate family, although my extended family is quite large. I have two siblings, my sister and my brother. They are both younger, so I'm the oldest child. I don't have my own family yet but I like to have one. I still live with them so I can say that we are a very close family. And we also see other relatives very often because my mom's siblings live near us.

  25. Teacher Oli, thanks for your useful English videos. You're always great! I have a question: Once I heard from an English teacher that we should use "elder and eldest" when talking about immediate family. You haven't mentioned this use in this video. Waiting for your appreciated advice.

  26. Please check my below paragraph. Thanks a lot for your help
    There are three people in my intermediate family: I’m the youngest in the family. I don’t see my family often because I’ve living in Japan for 9 years, though I am trying to keep a contact with them regularly. There is large change in my extended family both my mother’s side and my father’s side.We all get together once a year in the Lunar New year, which all of us give lots of best wishes each other for all the magic of the new year

  27. In this lesson, in 0:51, i hear "that not very hard, but it's not very interesting, either", but on English sub, i see, "that not too hard, but it's not so interesting, either". it's the same? Explain to me, please! thank you so much!

  28. There are 11 in my immediate family. My parents,my brother and sister and I . I have 6brothers and 3sisters . I am the seventh person in my family.I am very close to my family. We spend most of our times with each other because we live in the same town . We have eat together and visit our relatives so often . And I have a large extended family, my 3aunts and 8 uncles and grandparents . We always try to be in touch so often . I am close to my younger uncle ,he always takes me out for shopping and hanging out.

  29. I come from a very small family. There are me and my mom only. My parents divorced over one or two years after their wedding. My relationship with my dad is improving with years. My relationship with my mom is a little bit complicated, we are not living together, but meeting a lot of time and talking on the phone or wat'sup. I haven't got a brother or a sister, I'm an only child. My extended family lives in Russia, I don't see them so often and this is very sad. My grandpa died a week ago and I missed him. I haven't got children yet, but I wish will be closer to them.

  30. Hi. thank you for this helpful lesson. Could you comment on my practice. I come from a big family. I am the third child among six siblings. I have one older sister, an older brother, two younger sisters and a younger brother. All of us are married except for our younger brother. I have three nieces and one nephew. For now, I have one child, a boy, but my husband and I would like to have one more. I live in the capital town of our province which is near my parent's house so I often visit my mother anytime of the year. My youngest sister lives with her now because my father passed away four years ago. Whenever we feel like seeing each other, I and my siblings together with our families would plan for a home visit, bring home some food and enjoy.

  31. Hello everyone
    I have seven people in my family,my grandfather, my grandmother, my father, and my Mother ,my aunt and my sister . I'm the oldest girl in our family.

  32. I'm really close with my family. We have lunch and dinner together everyday . Moreover, I often spend my holiday staying with my family all day instead of having time with my friends. My family is an intended family including my older sister, my brother -in-law, two nieces , my husband, me and my parents of course. My family is the best thing in my life.

  33. Hello, your lesson is very useful. This is my work
    I come from a small family with four members. There are my parents, my brother who is one year younger than me and myself. Both us are the student in secondary school. I'm in seventh grade and he's in sixth grade. My mother is a businesswoman. She is very good at languages. Although she is busy, she always has time to do housework and help us with our schoolwork. My dad is an engineer. He travels pretty often with his job in abroad. When he returns from work, he tries to as much time as possible with us. Sometimes we watch films or have a picnic in the countryside. All of them are a memorable experience. We are concord with each other. I love my family so much.

  34. There are 6 people in my immediate family although my extended family is quite large. I have two sisters and one brother. My sisters are married. My youngest sister has free daughter and smell sister 2 children. My brother is collage student. At last say my family is happy family.

  35. is it late to type my answer in 2019^^: there are 4 people in my family: i have a brother, who 5 years older than me, and my parents of course. my immediate family is a little small because i just have an older brother but my mom is one of seven children so i have a lot of cousins , who are kind of like my brothers and sisters. i'm very closed to my family though i'm a student at university now, we have dinner together everyday at home, at times, we can go out for dinner in a restaurant. i don't see my brother so often 'cause he's studying in Ho Chi Minh City now, though we can keep in touch by using facebook everyday

  36. Hello, thanks for correcting.Really Oxford online English help me for emproving .There are 4 people in my family,I ,my husband, daughter,and boy.My daughter is married ,she has 2 sweet kids.My boy is single.He is computer engineer.He working a big company SOCAR.

  37. Today we learn about topic: family. Let me talk about my family first. My family has 6 people, two my grandparents, my parents, brother and me. Two my grandparents are retired a few years, they have a small shop at my house. In spite of getting a little bit hard, but they are really happy because of being able to make income themselve. My dad’s a manager of a joint stock company. His job’s very busy. My mom’s a teacher at an elementary school. She teaches biology. She is not only a good teacher but also a wonderful housewife. She often cleans up the house and makes meal delicious. Housework makes her more busier. I just have a brother who’s only one year older than me. My brother and I go to the same school. I also have 3 cousins in age who go to the same school with me. They are living near my house. We’re all close to each other. We play together at school as well as my house or my cousins’ house. Although my parents are very busy with their jobs, but they always have dinner with members in my family. My dad often says that “Family is really very important, everyone over the world can give up you, but your family always welcome to you, so we try to create harmonious relationship among family members, mutual help and respect to make our family more and more happier”. When we have dinner together, we can share, exchange, learn and help mutually about everything in our life. It’s a way for family members to understand more mutual.

  38. I like video so much, I wanna improve your speaking skill, I look for friends to pratice english. Thanks this video.

  39. I come from a small family. I just have one older sister and my parents of course. I live with my parents and we have dinner almost everyday. My mother has a big family. She has two sisters and two brothers so I have a big extended family. They don’t see each other often because we are not living in the same country but we chat on whatsapp regularly. We know each other very well.

  40. There are five people in my immediate family, although my extended family is quite large. I have one sister and one brother, both younger, so I’m the oldest child. I don’t have kids yet but I’d like to have a big family one day. Although my immediate family is quite small, but my extended family is quite large because my mum is one of ten children, so I have a lot of cousins, who are kind of like my brothers and sisters, therefore I have lots of nieces and nephews! I see my parents and my sister quite often, because we all live near each other, although I don’t see my other relatives that much.

    I’m very close to my family. We have dinner together everyday. My mum always cook delicious. I see my younger brother’s family once a week. We play board games together.

  41. Thank you teacher for every thing but i want say some thing ..could you speak step by step please ? becouse im new student ..I want speak and learn English becouse i like it too much ..sory im bad in English .

  42. You are an excellent teacher. One question that comes into my mind is ''when you are married which family should you talk about when asked?' I mean about your husband and children (if you have any) or about your parents and siblings. Or both together? For example, there are 6 people in my family; one younger sister, my maternal grandmother, my parents, me and my husband. Though me and my husband live in another town for working purpose, but we get together once or twice in a year. My concern is what about his family then? I hope you got my point. Thanks 🙂

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