Survive Christmas and be the perfect host!

Hi welcome back to Kinetik Mums with me
Sian and today is Christmas Eve, Eve so it’s two days until the big day and
Christmas preparations have really ramped up in our house I don’t know
about you I’ve been feeling really stressed out today I’ve got the kids off
school which is lovely so those six and before if you haven’t met them already –
Amber and Sam – they are absolutely out of their minds excited about Christmas so
we’re trying to get a few last-minute jobs done trying to keep them happy my
husband’s been ringing me I’ve been ringing him saying don’t forget to do
this and we’ve got to do that have you got that this and that my mum’s been
texting me because she’s stressing about what she’s doing so anyone’s getting
stressed I’m like why do we get so stressed out it’s just Christmas and
then I just think you know there’s nothing worse for our health and stress
it’s not good for your mental health and well-being it can affect you physically
it can you know who cause your blood pressure to rise it’s really not good so
we need to think about how we can make Christmas less stressful and especially
if you’re around family and you’re hosting them so my video today is about
how to survive Christmas and avoid the stress so I’ve got just a few little
tips and tricks that you can implement and to try and make it all a little bit
easier so my first word of advice is to plan
ahead so whether you’re feeding two people or you’re feeling twenty people
make sure you’ve got everything planned out in advance so you know exactly what
your cookie and a good one is if you’ve got a lot of people around for Christmas
dinner and then make sure you’ve got enough plates and enough serving dishes
how are you gonna serve the veg have it all planned out in advance because
there’s nothing worse than getting there on the day and realizing that you’ve got
a few plates short we haven’t got enough chairs or whatever so on Christmas Day
and our house we always have our family round so for me Christmas is all about
family it always has been so I come from a big family so we have both of our mums
come round they live quite close by with their
other halves easily my brother comes he’s away this year so I like to have
lots of people around and really enjoy it and it’s really good fun you know the
downside to that is having a lot of people around can make you feel under
stress so I’m under pressure so just try and remember that they’re all here
because they love you and just have fun together because that’s what it’s all
about so plan in advance get everything planned out ahead and then make this and
it’s really you know important to have it all written down so my husband and I
have been writing our grocery shopping list for about a week now he’s going up
to the big shop in a minute to do all of their shopping so I’m making the list
and we’ve kept adding to it don’t you want to know how long it is but you know
that’s that’s one of those things if someone offers to contribute something
why not let them you know if they want to help then let them don’t feel like
you have to do everything yourself something that we did a week ago as well
to avoid any stress now is to clear out all of our cupboards clear out the
fridge clear out the cupboards have everything nice and clean get rid of all
the stuff that’s out of date that you accumulate through the year I can’t
believe how much stuff I’ve got at the back of my cupboard I’d forgotten about
and so that’s all gone now we’ve got the face to put all the other stuff in
because I don’t know about you but I bet your house those boo boo cluttered at
the moment our house it feels like there’s stuff everywhere I don’t haven’t
gonna fit anything else in to be quite honest but we will because you always do
and it’ll be fine so yeah get everything cleared and I’ve been running around
cleaning tonight I just want the house to be nice and clean so it’s all you
know a good excuse for a good spring play a bit of vigorous exercises really
good workout so I’ve been vacuuming and mopping I feel you know like I’ve done a
lot of steps today so that’s a plus another thing to think about is I know
that a lot of people can find that when their family are around it can sometimes
be a bit of a pressure cooker you know not all families get along so what I
would say is if you’ve got family members like that I would just sort of
if there’s ones that don’t get on very well I would recommend keeping them
apart from each other and always make sure the conversations flowing so that
nobody gets sort of write-up about anything avoid going over any old wounds
avoid contentious topics at the dinner table anything that can cause heated
debate when there’s alcohol and people that you
know don’t get on it is probably just a recipe for disaster so I’d avoid that if
things do get a little bit much and you do start to feel a bit stressed out
people are getting angry I would say take some time out there’s nothing wrong
with that so maybe recommend go for a walk after dinner get anybody up and
about and go go for a little walk around the block it’s not raining or even if it
is just go for a walk I’m even if it’s up and down the road and they show my
kids for Christmas so can we go to take them out on their bikes after dinner
have a run around up and down the road and that will burn off a little bit of
energy as well because they’re going to be cooped up in the house all day as
well so yeah don’t you know don’t let it get too much and take some time out if
you need to and make sure everybody’s got a lot to it occupy them throughout
the day so I avoid the television if I care to find it a bit of a buzzkill and
there’s always somebody that doesn’t want to watch something there’s always
someone who wants to watch something out I would say make sure everybody sets
their planners the day before, record all the stuff they want to watch
they can go and watch it afterwards so put a good family film on or just leave
it off together and have a bit of background music instead yeah that’s
what we do and then finally I’m just gonna say this
okay so it’s just one day okay so just try and relax try and enjoy
it I know it’s not great for everybody Christmas can be really hard for some
people you know in a difficult time so try and enjoy it takes something out of
it and you know if it all gets too much just get yourself all that all of their
Boxing Day sales start on Christmas night don’t they so get yourself a line
start doing some online shopping make sure you check out Kinetik Wellbeing
for that by the way because I know that they’ll be having some nice deals on
after Christmas and hope you get nice and fit and healthy for the new year so
go and have a look on the website and but yeah treat yourself reward yourself
do something good just try and enjoy it remember it only lasts for a couple of
days at most Wow Merry Christmas and I hope everybody
has a really good one don’t forget that you can if you do get bored you could or
you need something to occupy yourself go on to Kinetic Mums and watch all of
our videos cause I’m sure that they’ll be enjoyable for you so but thanks so much
for tuning in don’t forget to subscribe to our Kinetik Mums channel and I’ll
see you all soon

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