Summer Jobs for Teachers: Great Ways to Make Money from Home

– Hey, Angie Nelson here
from Lately I’ve been getting a lot of emails from those of you that
are teachers out there. Maybe you are looking to
pick up some extra work with summer upon us, or
maybe this is your last year teaching and you’re
going to be looking for some opportunities to make some extra cash in retirement. This video is for you. We’re going to be talking
about some great opportunities for teachers and even retired teachers to earn some extra money from home. Make sure you stay to the end of the video to find out how you can
get my seven day series on finding work at home, free. Now turning to online
work at home opportunities to supplement or even
replace your teaching income is something that a lot of
teachers are doing today whether you are facing a long
summer break, retirement, or even if you’re looking for
a career or lifestyle change. Thankfully, there are a
lot of great opportunities out there for teachers and former teachers to make money online, while putting their teaching expertise to good use. Now one of the first opportunities I wanted to talk to you about today, is going to be teaching
English as a second language. This is really a booming industry that we’re seeing online
the last couple of years and it’s really offering
a great opportunity for a flexible schedule and
some great pay in some cases. Now in many cases, these sites are going to be providing you with the curriculum that you need in order
to teach your students and in many cases, your students are going to be in other countries. Usually we are talking about China, Japan, South Korea and because those countries are kind of on the other side of the world from us, those students are needing their tutoring in their evenings and that’s early in the
morning for us here in the US. In many cases we’re
going to be talking about 4:00 to 7:00 a.m. Eastern time is going to be the largest demand for those English as a second language tutors. Now when we get into this
industry, there are a lot of great websites that
you can check out here. VIPKID is one, Qkids is another. There’s also a site called Cambly. I’ll leave you a link
in the description below to a big list of these opportunities, but they’re really
plentiful and in many cases, You don’t even need to have a teaching certificate,
or a teaching degree. They simply want a Bachelor’s degree or even for you to be enrolled
in an online university, excuse me, in a university or college. So this is definitely something you could take advantage of, even if you’re wanting to hang up your teaching credentials. Now there are a lot of
sites here in the US that also focus on your standard tutoring. Tutoring in things like science, and math and those subjects that we
are focused on here in the US. And in many cases,
those sites are going to want someone with a teaching certificate, with an active certificate, so that is something to keep in mind. In some cases, they are
going to be state-specific as well, so you will want to check out the job listings individually and check out what the requirements are. And if you are dealing with a US site, this is going to be an
opportunity for maybe you to work in our evenings,
if that’s something that you’re looking for,
if you do have a day job. Or maybe you are taking care
of children during the day. This will be an opportunity for
you to work in the evenings. Now we do have some seasonal positions when we get into the
online teaching world. Test prep and test scoring
are two that we see quite frequently in the
spring and the fall. Those may not be opportunities
that are available right now, since we are just getting ready to head into the summer season, but it is something that you
can keep and eye open for. A couple of them that we
do see quite frequently would be, Kaplan,
Pearson, Measurement Inc. Those are all sites that
do have frequent openings available in those test prep
and test scoring fields. Now we do see quite a few sites that hire teachers as freelance writers. This can be another
opportunity to take advantage of those little blocks of time that you find yourself available with during the day as many
freelance writing jobs are really flexible as far as
the scheduling is concerned. As long as you can get your projects done by the deadline, they don’t so much care about what time you’re doing them or even where you’re doing them, if some of you out there
are traveling this summer. A couple of the sites that we often see in the writing industry
looking for teachers are, Magoosh, there is a site called eNotes, ETS, and Measured Progress. Now a lot of these sites,
what they are looking for, are teachers to create
test prep materials, study lessons, study guides,
things of that nature that you can put your expertise and certain subjects to good use while you’re helping out other teachers and other students to kind
of hone their skills as well. Now, Teachers Pay Teachers is a really popular site among teachers. On this site, it’s going to
be an online marketplace. It’s going to have an enormous collection of free and paid resources available for teachers to purchase
and in many cases, they are created by other teachers. We may be talking about study guides or lesson plans and this
could be an opportunity for you to earn some passive income. Maybe you put your wares for sale up on the site and they
just kind of make sales as you go on about your business. So it can be a great opportunity to get some extra cash rolling in without a lot of ongoing work. Now, Teachers Pay Teachers probably isn’t going to replace your teaching salary, but it can be a good way
to make some extra cash on some work that you’ve already done. Now those are just a
few great opportunities for teachers to make some
extra cash from home. I’ll leave you a link to a post in the description below
for you to learn more about these opportunities
in addition to some others. And while you’re over there, make sure you get signed up for
that free seven day series on finding work from home as well. Now, if you liked today’s video, please give it a like and a share and make sure you’re
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