Subtitle Writer Video Tutorial

How to make a movie with multi language subtitles like these 2 videos? How to add subtitles to iPad or iPhone videos? With Subtitle Writer, it’s super easy to do that. First you have to prepare your video and SRT subtitle files Now I get 2 movies to go here in the folder. Open Subtitle Writer, the interface is really simple and clean. All you have to do is just import your movie and SRT files by these 2 buttons Of course, drag the movie and SRT files to the window is much easier Here I’d like to make a movie with 8 different subtitle tracks of language Click this drop down menu to choose the language This language setting is for Language Auto Detection of Quicktime Player X or the iOS player When we finish the language setting, just click this button to save the subtitled video Please wait for the video rewritten No video quality loss during this process The video will be opened automatically when the movie is ok. You can see, all the subtitle tracks is here and you can change the language setting or turn the subtitle on / off Of course you can add subtitles for your iPhone or iPad videos Just make sure your video is iOS compatible before adding subtitles You can take the video with subtitles on you iPhone and iPad now.

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  1. What if i want to start out WITHOUT an SRT file? Just a simple subtitle editor seems to be a long search… And the question remains if it will run on Yosemite…

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