STRANGER THINGS 3 Ending Explained, Hopper Season 4 & Post-Credits Theories!

Yippee-ki-yay, movie lovers, I’m Jan and in
this video we’ll be taking a deep dive into the third season of Stranger Things, the easter
eggs you might have missed and the crucial details from the ending and the post-credits
scene that set things up for season 4. Plus I’ll explain exactly how the show tricked
you about Hopper in the finale. I’ve got a Stranger Things giveaway on this
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for a chance to win! Obviously, spoilers ahead, so take care if
you’re not all caught up. Unlike Season 2 where Eleven closed the gate
and cut the Mind Flayer off from the Demodogs, this time El has lost her powers for the moment,
so it’s up to Joyce and Hopper to get to the gate and destroy the machine that’s keeping
it open. As they try to turn the machine off, Hopper
is attacked by the Terminator-like Russian. Although Hop manages to push the goon into
the spinning machine, time is running out to save the day, so he nods to Joyce signalling
that she has to shut the machine down herself even though he’s standing right next to it
which puts him in great danger. As the machine explodes, some nearby Russian
scientists disintegrate, the gate closes and the connection between the Mind Flayer behind
the gate and its monster inside the mall is broken, killing the beast. Now, if you’re upset that Hopper was killed
in the explosion, there are plenty of clues to suggest that’s not the case. First of all, after Joyce turned the keys
to shut down the machine, the screen conveniently cut to black suggesting at least a few seconds
of time passed and that something happened off screen. And as Joyce turns those keys, she looks down
and away from the platform presumably because she can’t bear to see what she thinks will
happen to Hopper. In reality though, it means that she wouldn’t
have seen Hopper leave the platform. Because in the next shot, as we watch the
spinning machine go out of control and explode, if you look really closely at the platform
where Hopper was standing, you’ll see there’s nobody there anymore. So, where did he go and why hasn’t anyone
heard from him? Well, there are a few possibilities including
one that the show hints at in the mid-credits scene at the end of the season. In this bonus scene, we discover that the
Russians are feeding human prisoners to a Demogorgon. But more crucially we find out that they’ve
got an American prisoner in one of their cells. If Hopper got off the platform before the
explosion and escaped into the nearby room that Joyce and Murray run into later, it’s
quite possible that he bumped into a group of Russians who apprehended him and hauled
him off to Russia. Another theory is that Hopper didn’t have
time to find a safe exit before the machine exploded and the gate closed, so rather than
stick around and risk being fried, he jumped through the gate and is now stuck in the Upside
Down. “Three-inch minimum! Leave the door open three inches!” Perhaps that what the show is hinting at when
it shows Hop turn and look at the gate before it closes. And don’t forget that Hopper has been in the
Upside-Down before when he went looking for Will with Joyce. If he is now on the other side, there’s no
immediate way out for him unless he can find a breach back to our world, like El did at
the start of Season 2. A twist on this idea is that sometime after
Hopper jumped over to the other dimension, the Russians figured out how to open up their
own connection to the Upside Down at their base in Russia, and he emerges through there
which is how he’s ended up in their cell. An alternative theory is that the machine
the Russians developed has some similarities to a particle accelerator, and that when it
blew up in Hawkins, it caused a rift in time and space sending Hopper backwards in time
to the same location, for example, a year ago, at which point he was captured by the
Russians. The final episode did have some heavy Back
To The Future references, so perhaps that’s what they were hinting at? The other big clue that Hopper survived is
that the song “Heroes” plays while El is reading Hop’s “Heart to Heart” letter. That same song played in the first season
when Will Byers’ dead body was discovered, and, as we all know, Will’s death proved to
have been a fake and he’s still clearly alive. And remember that, Hopper’s adopted daughter,
El, also seemed to die at the end of season 1, disintegrating as she took out the Demogorgon. So, there’s definitely hope for Hop! Now, although I’m convinced Hopper is still
alive somewhere, there are some alternative possibilities for who the mysterious American
is inside the Russian cell. Another character who’s been heavily suggested
to still be alive is Dr Brenner, aka Eleven’s “Papa”. Although Brenner was mauled by the Demogorgon
in season 1, when El and her sister Kali visited one of his ex-colleagues in the second season,
he claimed that Brenner was still alive: “Brenner! I can take you to him.” “Papa is gone.” “No, he is alive.” If Ray knew where Brenner was, it’s quite
possible that the Russians tracked down the former director of the Hawkins lab, to take
him captive and help them open a gate to the Upside Down. Another possibility is that one of Eleven’s
siblings from the Rainbow Room is locked in the cell. But it’s also possible that the unnamed American
in the cell is an entirely new character being introduced for Season 4. The other big revelation from the post-credits
scene is that the Russians are in control of a Demogorgon. Which could mean a couple of things. They may have discovered the Demogorgon during
their time in Hawkins, as we saw they had extra tall cages and electric cattle prods
which were presumably for containing the monsters. Or it might be proof that the Russians have
now managed to open their own gate to the Upside Down in Russia just as we saw them
trying to do in the opening scene of season 3. We can’t discuss the finale of season 3, of
course, without talking about Billy and the Mind Flayer’s new monster. After the Mind Flayer was driven out of Will’s
body in Season 2, the black particles weren’t destroyed entirely and season 3 reveals that
they ended up at the abandoned steel works building outside Hawkins. When the Russians open up the gate to the
Upside Down in their base below Starcourt Mall, those black particles are reactivated. In fact, Will’s Stranger Sense or Will Tingle
is triggered when he feels the monster’s presence again after a swarm of nearby rats run past
him and into the Brimborn Steel Works building. The Mind Flayer now begins to slowly build
a new body for itself, starting with these rats which burst open and combine to form
a new monster. The Mind Flayer then causes Billy to crash
his car, using the opportunity to possess him and use him not only as a human spy in
Hawkins, like the big bad did with Will in Season 2, but also to gather human victims. “I want you to build.” “To build what?” “What you see.” The possessed Billy starts with his Lifeguard
colleague Heather and the pair then move on to her parents. By the sixth episode, Billy has amassed around
30 people, who are now called “the Flayed” as they act like normal people until the Mind
Flayer activates them. At this point they all converge to the steel
works building where they melt down into a mess of bones and flesh and join the body
of the monster which grows bigger with each new body it absorbs. And this is the meaning of the Latin title
of the episode “E Pluribus Unum” which translates as “Out of many, one”, and fits with this
season’s 4th of July Independence Day-setting as that phrase is also the original motto
of the United States. Before they join with the monster though,
the Flayed humans and rats will often consume toxic amounts of fertilizer and chemicals. It may be that the monster feeds off and grows
bigger from these chemicals, but the consumption of these is also so that the human or animal
body is physically weakened and will easily melt and break down. Making this probably the grossest monster
on the show so far! As the Mind Flayer’s human spy for locating
Eleven, Billy is kept alive until the finale where he’s able to pin down El in the mall
after she loses her powers. Billy is about to offer Eleven to the monster,
but she helps him regain control of his mind when she connects with him and reminds him
of his childhood with his mother. Billy’s self-sacrifice as he stands up to
the monster to stop it from getting to Eleven gives him a nice redemption arc and in this
case, unlike with Hopper, we did see his dead body, so I don’t think he’ll be coming back
to Hawkins, unless it’s in flashbacks via Eleven or his stepsister Max. Cover-ups of what’s really been going on in
Hawkins continue with the general population still seemingly unaware of the secret Russian
installation in the town or the fact that it was the Mind Flayer’s monster which was
responsible for destroying the Starcourt Mall on the Fourth of July. The Cutting Edge exposé that runs on TV three
months later focuses blame for the mysterious goings-on and missing people on a corrupt
mayor and local government, chemical leaks, and the programme even suggests that Satanism
may be at fault and links that to playing Dungeons and Dragons
“Some believe a rise in Satanism is to blame. To find out, tune in tonight at 8:00 p.m.
for ‘Horror in the Heartland'” Which is incredibly something some groups
have complained about in reality! The TV documentary reminds me of how back
in Season 2, Murray told Nancy and Jonathan that to reveal what had happened to Barb,
they needed to “water down” their story to make it more palatable to the general public. “Perhaps Barbara was exposed to some dangerous
toxins.” “A leak from the lab. Like Three Mile Island or something.” “Something scary but familiar.” Interestingly enough, Season 3’s secret Russian
invasion was partially predicted by Murray himself right at the beginning of Season 2. “I believe there was, and may still be, a
Russian spy presence in Hawkins.” “Russian spy?!” “I’m talking a full-on Russian invasion right
here in Hawkins.” Murray might have been wrong about Eleven
being one of those Russians, but when Dr Owens arrives at the end of season 3 and discovers
what’s happened, he might be thinking back to this conversation he had with Nancy and
Jonathan in season 2: “Let’s say, the Soviets… If they heard about our mistake…
do you think they would even consider that a mistake? What if they tried to replicate that?” After all that happened in season 3, I wonder
if Season 4 will find Murray relocating as he did say that Hopper and Joyce had compromised
his secure hideaway. Since the end of Season 2 when the Mind Flayer
was shown watching over Hawkins School as the ultra creepy song ‘Every Breath You Take’
played, it’s been hinted that the shadowy monster has had his eye on Eleven. And indeed she did turn out to be his ultimate
target this season, presumably in revenge for her closing the gate in Season 2 and foiling
the Demogorgon in Season 1, and also because it sees her as the main threat to its larger
plan for domination of our world. After the monster bit Eleven and infected
her leg, it seems the Mind Flayer may have at least temporarily weakened El, depowering
her for the final episode. This worked as a convenient plot device to
avoid a repeat of the season 2 finale where Eleven did all the work of closing the gate,
but it also means that El can’t search for Hopper to confirm if he’s really gone or not. Mike is confident that Eleven’s powers will
return and I expect this will be an important part of her arc in Season 4. The season ends with Joyce, Will and Jonathan
moving away from Hawkins taking Eleven with them. This splits up the gang, however, Mike mentions
meeting up around Thanksgiving and Christmas. I suspect that rather than Season 4 taking
place during the 1985 winter holidays, it’ll be set around a year and a half after the
events of Season 3, putting it towards the end of 1986, which will roughly keep it in
line with how the young actors are growing up off screen. And I wonder if Dustin will try and invite
his girlfriend Suzie for another rendition of “The Neverending Story” or if she could
even travel from Utah to join them on their next adventure? Oh, and assuming Hopper does return next season,
I wonder if he’ll be rocking his full-on Tom Selleck as Magnum PI look again? “That’s a lot of color for you, Chief.” It’s cutting-edge!” After all, I think Hop’s love of Magnum isn’t
just about what he calls the character’s “cutting-edge” look, but also about the fact that they’re
both veterans of Vietnam. One thing missing from Season 3 was any continuing
story about Kali who El met last season, but if Dr Brenner does come back into play next
season we could see Kali or the other gifted children from the Hawkins Lab appear. You can learn more about them and the dark
history of Brenner’s MK Ultra experiments in my Stranger Things Gifted Children video. Tap the screen here or check the link in the
video description. Now, what are your opinions and theories about
season 3? And how do you think Hopper survived the explosion? Leave your thoughts in the comments below
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100 thoughts on “STRANGER THINGS 3 Ending Explained, Hopper Season 4 & Post-Credits Theories!

  1. I think season 4 will talk more about how puberty is doing to effect the kids, particularly El. It could be that her powers will come back with a vengeance as her body goes through hormonal changes.

    The ending scene made me wonder if the Russians are trying to make an army of human/Demigorgan hybrids

  2. I'm sorry but Alexei is the most overrated character by the internet. Its not cool just to follow the crowd people. He was a cocky traitor. I said it.

  3. Honestly I loved the new season but there was just one thing I didn’t like… the death of alexi he deserved a hero’s death, not being shot by a Russian.

  4. They better not have killed him off. He really is my favorite character in the show. He’s a main for crying out loud! If they wanted to kill someone off, they should’ve cut off Nancy or Jonathan (sorry guys) but hooper was a better/more important character in the show.

  5. Oh btw a theory u missed there was a ladder behind hopper on the stand that hopper was and I reckon he went down there

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  7. Billy might be alive as in s4 you saw a clone of him what if it was the clone who died and the real Billy is in the upside down
    Just a theory though

  8. Hop's not dead. He had to have escaped either to the Upside Down or just off the platform and away into the arms of some Russians. I do believe that the "3 inches" line to El was foreshadowing. You can bet Hop's coming back. I don't know much… but I do know four simple things. 1) You don't tug on Superman's cape. 2) You don't spit into the wind. 3) You don't pull the mask of the ol' Lone Ranger and 4) YOU DON'T MESS AROUND WITH JIM!

  9. I'm not sure it's only the Mind Flayer that drained El's powers. I think it could be a mix of things… here's a few theories I have:

    1. The most obvious: The possessed Billy physically did something to her to block her powers. El could now be a carrier of the Upside Down virus… or a kind of virus. However, months after the events of the climax of Season 3 (The Battle of Starcourt) El showed no physical signs of infection… unlike Will, whom we saw display signs of infection at the end of Season 1.
    2. An energy drain. From jumpstreet in Season 1, we have seen El use her powers almost constantly, and it was established that she had to rest every time she used them to recharge her energy stores or batteries. Now El used her powers even more without rest than at any other point in the series in Season 3. It could be that her powers are just drained and will need a long time to recharge.
    3. A mental block. El is a damaged person. She has a lot of demons in her past… a lot of issues and things that pain her. I believe that it is possible that she feels a kind of guilt for opening the gate in the first place. She feels responsible for causing everything and therefore she feels responsible for all the pain that has been endured by the people she cares for. Now, at one point I believe El thought herself invincible. Her powers were a kind of shield that could protect her and her friends. But that summer Billy handed her her ass twice. Once at the pool in the spa and of course, at the battle of Starcourt. This must’ve been very frightening for El who is still a little girl. You heard her whimper and beg for her life and plead with Billy at the spa when he was choking the life out of her. I think that traumatized her to the point that she started to perhaps doubt herself. Then at the Battle of Starcourt when the battle turned more difficult and she proved inadequate to stop Billy and the Mind Flayer, I think it’s possible that a combination of everything… the overuse of her powers, to being beaten, to almost losing Mike and the others to death and the Mind Flayer ON TOP of all of her past pains and guilt AND now the loss of Hopper has created a mental block… she has created a blockage in her mind that is keeping her from using her powers. El is going to have to get her mind straight in order to use her powers again. I have no doubt that El wants her powers back. But she’s going to have to work to get them back. She’s going to have to set to rest a lot of the demons from her past, heal from the loss of Hopper and get over the guilt of everything that happened. And perhaps, reuniting with her beloved Mike will also help her regain her powers. Because Mike has proved capable of bringing out powerful bursts of her powers when she’s had to protect him.

  10. Remember when Hopper said It's Cutting Edge, Cutting Edge! When he got his fancy shirt I feel this is a clue in the news we need to catch!

  11. And also when the cast shows you the behind the scenes where they show you pictures in the fridge you see a man that is trapped with chains in hues arms and legs which looks like hopper and then a little boy is saving him

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    But my theory for season 4 is that eight will turn bad and will try to kill eleven

    8 : P

  13. All i want is to see hopper came alive and the our hero party of our heros get damn freaking season but not an sad ending like s3

  14. It’s crazy how this series only focused about disappearing of will , there was also the other girl who was abducted at the pool and they never show her’s family side of the story

  15. I do not think Alexei is dead because presumably he died of blood loss but there would be way more blood. And we didn’t see him die, so he could of easily stopped the bleeding with the stuffed animal and then when he heard them, pretended to be dead. It would of been safer for him if everyone thought he was dead.

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  17. this is my theory, in one of the scenes theres a ladder behind hopper, after that scene which was black, hopper wasnt there, hopper must've gone down the ladder and the russians caught him. they prisoned hopper and went back to russia, hence the post credit scene 🙂

  18. I believe eleven will end up have a vision or dream of Hop as part of her powers resurfacing, but since she probably had her powers gone so long she doesnt believe or others dont that hop is alive lther in the upside down or Russia

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    Erica: ok but. Free ice cream for LIFE

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    Mall gets destroyed

    Robin: not my problem

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  21. I thing there was a secret demogorgan portal and he went in there and he is now in a room and the rusians found him and he is cought and hes getting called the American

  22. I think that the American prisoner is actually “Papa”. I want it to be hopper but I’m just not quite sure. Edit: never mind they had the idea 2 lol

  23. I have to say in my opinion that season 3 was good with how it was going but I don't rly like that there are more loving relationships , just my opinion. Let's hope hopper is alright

  24. For those who are linking the gate the Russians are opening in Kamchatka Kai and the accident at Chernobyl, I would just remind them that Chernobyl is in Ukraine and Kamchatka Kai is on the other side of Russia near Alaska. That's some 4000 + miles. I'm not seeing much of link happening there.

  25. I really can't believe he is dead..He is not DEAD. This season did not disappoint but the last episode literally broke my heart… The Duffer brothers can not do this to us

  26. Girls y'all know the drill

    0. Joyce

    1. Eleven

    2. Max

    3. Nancy

    4. Robin

    5. Suzie

    6. Barbara

    7. Ms.Wheeler

    8. Heather


    Boys y'all know the drill

    0. Hopper

    1. Alexei

    2. Steve

    3. Will

    4. Dustin

    5. Mike

    6. Lucas

    7. Billy

    8. Johnathan


  27. I just realized that Hopper doesn’t know that El lost her powers, so if he is alive and trapped somewhere, he’s probably counting on El using her radio to try and find where he is but she can’t:(

  28. Hopper traveled in time. Why was Back To The Future referenced multiple times in the season. Also, in Hopper's letter, he wants to stop the change, to go back to how things were, but that is not possible. Excerpt: "I don’t want things to change. I think that’s maybe why I came in here, to stop that change. To turn back the clock. To make things go back to how they were. But I know that’s naive; that’s just how life works."

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