what’s good fam my name is krisppykim
and welcome back to the channel in today’s video what I have for you are
all three currently working solo God militias and grants have out of 5 online
so I already have feature it is over in my channel before but I’m just gonna
give you an update that this Ark currently working right now these are
very easy to hit so if any of you guys would like to try it or if you guys
haven’t already I do I’m gonna give you a run-through about this glitches over
here however if you guys cannot hit this by watching this certain video I do
recommend to go to my detailed tutorial down into my pin comment so I’m gonna
pin three videos that I have made a detour toriel about this glitches in my
pen comment so if you guys cannot get it to work by watching this video I
recommend for you guys to watch the detailed tutorial regarding this and
also if you guys are new in the channel consider yourself subscribing by hitting
the right subscribe it and then training posts implication on so you will not
miss any future content like this about GTA 5 online money glitches and article
is just in the game with all that being said let’s jump straight into the video
so as I have mentioned from the beginning I have already featured this
over in my channel and I do have a detailed tutorial regarding each and
every solo god mode glitch that I will feature right now in this video if you
guys cannot get this to work because this is gonna be like a quick
run-through about this god mode glitch just if you cannot get this to work by
watching this certain video right now I’d recommend for you guys to go to the
details URL down in the pen comment now this part okay first of all we’re gonna
do the god mode glitch for your aircraft and that’s completely so as well what
you want to need to do is you just need to go into your hangar and select any
aircraft that you guys won due to god mode okay I do know that this only works
for jets and planes so there you go use the hydro or laser and your a hangar if
you have one get in there and then press gas and you will get a black screen like
this hold down your interaction menu button hold it down let go of it press
quickly up up and x2 kill yourself there you go you will see a wasted screen over
here you will spawn near the Hank the hangar and
simply open up your phone and select or accept any invite from Lester it could
be Bogdan hi Zac – or it could be a department highs any highs will work so
there go I’m gonna spawn in my apartment simply get out of the apartment and use
any streetcar that you guys can find in the street or the CEO Buzzard okay you
guys can register SSE secure serve and request for your Buzzard and get to the
aircraft but before you test the aircraft if it’s got boat you have to
make sure that you disband your MC or your security serve you you need you
don’t need to have an organization or else it will not work so there it goes
you can see right now I’m trying my the aircraft and it’s in god mode so that’s
how easy it is now let’s hop into the next one which is the character god mode
glitch it is also solo god mode and your own character will be gone mode this is
quite easy to hit so just listen very carefully go to the casino you guys need
to own a penthouse for you to do this glitch Paul Simeon and you’re pressed
for joy okay after that you just need to make her wait for the fountain Connors
guest services desk and you need to make sure that you have the press right d-pad
over there now open up your phone hover over the Simeon job like this the
invitation now from here hold down your paws veteran hold it down let go of it
then immediately right after letting go the pause button you need to press X
accept the job in the background okay and now your possibility will be up you
just need to go to the mission and start a tight end of a job how will you know
if you hit this certain part correctly I’m gonna show you okay if you guys
don’t see I mean if you guys see this black alert like to host a job simply
host a job okay that’s very easy now let’s just wait for the loading screen
how will you know if you hit it correctly you will see a Titan of a job
Simeon okay it’s important that you see a Titan
of a job Simeon if it’s not Simeon then you have to repeat the steps from the
guest services desk now if you see Simeon just need to simply back out of
the job settings screen by declining and you will briefly come back to the
casino and it will load you right back to a real tight end of a job
Lester now from here you just need to simply press r1 or RB and you will see
the menu up like this you will see downloading wait for five seconds and it
will change and show you stats from here simply press write d-pad then go to the
limousine service and select bill pair appear okay it doesn’t matter but I do
prefer they’ll pair up here you just need to press exit and are you sure you
want to travel to they’ll pair up here they will ask you that press X to that
and immediately you need to decline the settings screen of a job as fast as fast
as possible important as sad as possible and if everything is done correctly you
will see the limited animation going away from the casino and you will see
your character free-falling like this okay if you don’t see your character
free-falling like this then it’s you then you don’t do it correctly you just
have to do it again okay so right now I spawn right back to the session I’m
gonna test it if I’m god mode as you can see clearly I am god mode there you go
so there I’m gonna show you another proof that I am in god mode one player
over here is trying to kill me so as you can see I cannot be killed because you
guys in god mode again I would like to mention if you guys cannot get this to
work do not get frustrated because this is really working right now however if
you cannot have this then you are doing something wrong now let’s go to the last
part at this glitch okay this works when all platforms all these god modes works
in all platforms if you guys are in PE spore you just need to go to the
settings accessibility and we need to change our button assignment you just
need to go to r1 ok and change the r1 to down the pads as you can see right here
in the screen pay attention now confirm that okay change the r1 to down d-pad
we’re gonna confirm that we’re gonna come back to the game and open if your
interaction when you go to inventory and you need to have an RSC Bandito okay if
you guys don’t have an RC benita then I do recommend for you guys to do the
other glitches that I have mentioned in the beginning okay now you’re gonna
simply request for your RC been diesel okay here we go now from here I just
need to drive the arts ability to somewhere ice isolated you know
somewhere not so many people it’s very important right here okay I’m gonna Park
it right here I’m gonna hold down my r1 hold down your r1 button or RB for Xbox
then you just need to open up your phone okay I made a mistake over there so I’m
gonna do it again okay I’m gonna hold it down I’m gonna press up in the d-pad to
open up my phone I’m gonna press triangle or Y to get out of the RC
Bandito and that’s it okay the phone is up right here and I’m keep on holding r1
I’m not letting go of it because if you guys let go of the r1 or RV you will
unlit yourself and you will lose the god mode and you have to do it all over
again okay so again this is the third god mode
that I’m showing you right now how will you pull out your weapon from here you
just need to simply uh back out of the phone by declining it but keep holding
r1 at this point I’m declining it right now I’m gonna press l1 to bring out my
weapon wheel I’m gonna open up my phone again to get rid of the blur screen and
there you go as easy as that those are the three god no glitches that I’m
currently working right now and grant about a 5 online if you guys have
questions regarding this let me know down in the comments section and again I
would like to recommend for you guys to watch the detail to toriel down in my
pin comment because those will help you a lot because it’s just a like a quick
run-through about the glitches that is currently working in the game right now
okay see if you guys want to follow me in my social medias Chris became Twitter
snapchat and Instagram all add pistol game you guys getting holla at maid
there and send me DMS and all that I’m gonna try to reply to each and every one
of you thank you so much I’ll see you guys in the next one bye bye








  2. Any idea to how to kill the god mode player when on the ground? I tried to kill the god mode when he’s in the ground with my RCV to spray him and kill him but he didn’t died even tho my laser miniguns he’s still not died.

  3. Thanks for the help Krisppy it’s very helpful at first i didn’t understand it but now I do was kinda confusing haha keep it up! 🙋🏻‍♀️

  4. Plz stop posting such glitches and ruining the game for us with godmode jets or players , we wanna enjoy the game 😫

  5. God mode glitches are for pussy players if you ars that trash trade your game for dora the explorer toxic assholes

  6. You forgot the nightclub speedo van god mode glitch lol….

    You: all working solo god mode glitches in GTA5 online.

    Me: :/ asks for a sniper 1v1

  7. They patched it up for the xbox I tried it and I kept falling through the ground all bc of some high level seen me In god mode bc he texted me and said god mode

  8. Character god mode glitch is patched now when you leave the simeon titan of a job everyone in the casino disappears did it in the session before and once I joined a new session it just makes everyone disappears now

  9. I can't hit because I'm in creator tp but I'm still in a god mode not out have fun no one know the newest god mode I'm uploading it in 16 days

  10. I remember about 4 years ago
    How easy it was …..
    Buy a sandking truck
    open the driver door and make the door crush you
    You parachute under the map
    land and that's it godmode .

    Wish it was easy like that

  11. @Krisppykim
    Character god mode is probably patched, everything works fine until the end ur frozen outside Casino stuck and can’t move or access interaction menu.
    Everything I tried unfreezes your character but ur out of god mode.
    Your in god mode while frozen.
    Unless someone can figure out a work around to get unfrozen and still b in god mode?

  12. Thanks krisppy kim
    As I asked you yesterday in the a.m if it still works and you said yes ….
    I got it on my 4th try

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