Show Your Work: Feminist Knowledge Production in Digital Communities

when welcome everywhere d here and also
uh… distinguished panelists i will be introducing a second also want to add to my arm fire at the
progress that were sort of graduate media studies program at pratt institute
so students who are coming up that interested in graduate studies of should
check that out it’s going to be very exciting uh… i would also wanted to say a couple of
very brief words about on the internet it’s been twenty years since we from had
one north of the public does not have access to it and uh… that seems to me that uh… insisted there’s a lot of very exciting
beginnings not taking place uh… and uh… the innovators to steer or
among prague those incessant barking on new projects and
really interesting projects but we’re also facing some endings i
suppose um… among them on unease about the mark culminated tabor privacy and also about
the non corporate and posted in a chariot post against
terry and character of uh… the internet on and also i mean in certain fences at
the internet would be exothermic an anti racist feminist queer prison abolitionist socialist utopia
pick it up i mean i i i think it’s um… it’s not
that exactly um… although some of the sort of working to change that as well arm but this disenchantment or
maturation uh… depending upon how you want think about it with some online activity of brings us
to tonight’s uh… question which i think is really an interesting and version one
mime-version issuer really good i think it really is a question about digital
community formation i’m gonna do administered the and the
table and introduce the panelists and then peninsula back and uh… each each the council says
something about other car work uh… and uh… been we’ll start with a couple of
questions on them i guess maybe i’ll ask the first one but
very quick story who opened up to you also you can house
questions and won’t thinking about that i do want to ask you that when you do on
sort of the car maker presence known buyer announced something
to use the microphone we are recording this and archiving it uh… and we want
to have exactly what you said on tape forever so so so if you don’t mind uh… please
help us out with that uh… okeke so too extreme measures we have gail
drake’s uh… galas interdisciplinary scholar in
history in american studies focusing on the cultural implications of
intellectual property law and african-american historical memory she previously served as a consultant
the social justice beloved of beat portfolio at the ford foundation and as the program officer the out front at funding to change an activist advised fund which supported ldv cheeky livelihood
social justice organizing efforts next to her we have whitney cooper uh… britney’s in actresses to
professor of women’s and gender studies an afrikaner studies at rutgers
university she’s co-founder of in blogger for the
compliments collective and that work on her first book project
race women gender in the making of a black public intellectual tradition eighteen thirty-one to present next to britain and we have courtney eat
martin resulting wondered which is a correct right she is an author blogger
in speaker for most recent book project we birthed survival and the strength of
the human spirit from an eleven survivors was published
last fall she’s editor of the merits as a feminist in dot com founding director of solutions
journalism at work partner clinton martin media a social media strategy front as
currently collaborating with bcr w on a project to further the
sustainability an impact online feminism mexico resort nina jarman she’s a scholar instructor blogger uh…
new model minority dot com and a curator of digital black
reminiscence she’s kind of person a doctoral degree
twin studies at the university of maryland her research interests are when such a
role in pop culture and retention of black women within stand careers and uh… next to me is dandy coasting visitor
analysts and that’s a education politics women’s issues cities and public health she’s also schwartz though at the new
image american foundation upper from fellow at the new mission is to she’s at work on a book about the
political history of american public school teaching was previously an associate editor of
the dvds and the american prospect are these are our panelists on and that
this will just go to you guillotine saved with after work and pgc samples i now live this kind of uh… concerned
have someone who is engaged in academic work i think that the one thing it is
important um… i guess i’ll just wanna say something
that’s i don’t think of the controversial but i think it’s really important um… which is the important als importance uh… really bringing a
feminist analysis to the entire picture visual community so that as they say that i’m really
hoping in general i mean this conversation we cannot only talk about the possibility that creating feminist
community online using the tools at insights of feminism of critical race
theory to bring that to bear on the way we
think about discipline in formation more generally um… sitting on your mind it and i think we’re going to help we talk
about twitter date for the who agree with that um… reform-minded not everyone is talking
about the children and you talking about digital on communities are thinking in a way that if they using
that lands and it really does make a a significant difference on this decision the meeting about my
work phone and something that is conversation perpetrated maybe think about i would show up film to my students i
lied should mention in that bio that i also uh… massage it back remember an
advisor antique out of school than usual a study
at new york university so im downtown teaching one class is
that one of the films that using said instances called
copyright criminals too and at the moment in this film is very
difficult and complicated for me in which uh… musician who’s really well known for its um…
remixes sampling he’s talking about his relationship to
the con to the things that uh… product he uses
to create art and he said all of them belong to me all of them are in my bands john
coltrane he’s and i think dean brown he’s in mind because this kind of possessing sense of
lake all the fruits of the fact they were with his playground to do with what
what he wanted and you were that that kind of a larger
context of what that meant uh… so i think that as in the
discussion in intellectual property law at marginally into a two sampling and i think especially in regards to
this uh… question additional community formation uh… leaking between the it seemed like those who came into the conversation
with the understanding have questioned the power and difference an authority invoice tended to have a very different opinion
about whether or not that conversation with important for went out of the field so i just wanna say just think about
that those tools and insight to bring justice in this and as people who are
thinking critically about race uh… relate to all aspects of the
conversation and not just the ones that we specifically label as feminists yuki bri wanna say thank you to the barnard
center for research on women injuries for having me here so a lot of the work that i do relieve
comes from questions about the ways that black women worked as a knowledge producers and the
way is that that knowledge transforms public space so when black owner president space it’s
this this whole quotation it’s a famous park in this quotation remain until you cooper when and where i
answer and apply the disputed dignity of my one
of the now uh… suing or special patronage then
and there the whole reason interest with me so that quote rings in my ears regularly
in part because it’s one of the starting points for a book that i’m writing but also is i think it wants the ways in which black women and women of color in public space doesn’t merely suggested near to the
conclusion but it’s also literally about transforming the logic front house faces can operate so i’m interested in what happens when women of color coming
to a space and start sharing ideas and claimed
agency to also produce knowledge on equal footing in that space and one of the things that this raises for me pretty lean might
again which again i think we will all be talking about is are not so much interested just in a concept of the public but any notion of publix this idea about community cool our our
public skyping gets multiple i think it’s very able uh… and i think they were speaking to
different groups at different moments and finally uh… one of the things that my work
which can really begins in the eighteen hundreds dozens works with this concept
of rhetorical community so one of the things that argued is that overtime black women always created
really bridge which warble communities where they talk to each other via
letters b_ of the books that they were at the speeches that they gave they found a way to be in community and
share ideas even if it was a outside a formal
channels so now they were in the agent here of
digital community i think that black women and women of color are using similar strategies but in a really
different medium and i’m interested in how this milton berle howard’s both
historically continuous and now it’s different uh… so it’s so this sort of moved from
rhetorical community which was sustaining to accommodate your community uh… or some of the questions that
anthony the work i do with the way we think
about blogging at the clintons like asset come i think stick and i’m
katherine mckinnon everyone accident research on and then also say
how hot and an espionage of human beings and all of our people
admire online and some of whom i’ve never met on land so that’s exciting and cell i guess i’ll just say that i think for
me age and most of my online tennis
experiences through the context of feminists saying i’m also journalists i
write a lot online but that’s kind of a whole nother animal to me and that in
this context through feminist thing i really think for me it’s been in this idea several learning community
and i think laying off a little but britain was saying in elaine can
community there are multiple kind of labor right there’s a labor of teaching and and there’s also the labor of
learning and at some of my most difficult moments in digital community at tennis saying and sort of
independence by mister has been at the moment i have had to learn and public
which i think is a really interesting practices and one that privileged women like myself in
particular and have a lot of trouble with and need
to be marking time to go around and so and whether i was making ablest comments
or writing something about how something i’d written came off in terms of my
economic says economic class it was really transformative for me it
was really painful sometimes and and i had to do a
lot of work randy personalizing and and you know walk around the block and
taking a deep breath and getting back to the computer and figuring out how to be
accountable on how to learn that that has been a huge growth
experience for me and i think maybe a better person deafening at a smarter and i think more accountable an activist
and intellectual and all those things and if
i may i just feel like we’re still learning how to deal in the feminist
lightest a i still feel like young women that i meant to are
critically a privilege to come into the space are still struggling with what it
means to try to be accountable and that’s not something unique to the
times by the three i think that’s unique to win i think that’s the second studies
e seven college classrooms they see it all over that just kind of throw that out as a
work in progress and i think and dollar-billion gauged in and have
not always done well that was really important and i also just wanted to say thing about labor of
teaching peace because i think part of what i’m engaged and now it’s my
partner vanessa is tryin banners have recently ministry think through how to
make the families by mister more sustainable because on this basic level you have all
of these incredible activist intellectual folks doing unpaid
labor and lightly and paid union theirs perks and then pan am largely unpaid and
it’s this huge service and it’s incredibly important part of the
feminist movement now and yet there’s no sustainability to at whatsoever it’s people are burning out all over the
place where people are bringing out our no surprise surprise the police
privileged amateur areas that the range of places
you here and so the labor of teaching online and
thinking a lot about these days in trying to figure out how do we create
some sort of model by which people can access support and had also you know there’s a labor of
teaching privileged folksy jazzy lynching to
spread the beauty of the internet is we’ve been able to lake recruit people
into feminism who had never otherwise stumbled into a women’s studies
classroom but they shot with a lot of
misconceptions and ignorance in confusion so we always had this month a
feminist in comment section where people it’s a like wife nepalese brutality from
this issue and someone has to go that explains that person like that sits on
this issue which is important but it’s not stating so you know that question of ads new pacifist energy out there to
constantly explain different things even as you know my goal is always to get those
one oh one people because i know that’s i’ll support change happens so served as our online work in progress
dot excited to discuss tomorrow also want to say thank you to bonus into
for research on women for keeping all of us the space to discuss these very interesting ideas
around digital feminist communities with regard to my homework achchi too women’s studies at four minutes and to
brew kept and looking advocacy tations of black
women reflecting that no one in rap music videos itself for the most part focused on
uh… black women sexual pop culture well now i’m moving into looking uh… what are the ways in which uh… internet social media spaces may or may
not look different if there were more black women computer
scientists so not only m and i thinking about the trial by inkatha folks because it’s internet as people who are aren’t uh… sort of using the spaces to connect but i’m thinking in terms of the
political economy peeps which is who policy startups who with a lot to be any spaces and would take a look differently
probably talk about different things on if they were being creative the black women in particular also defined a think tank in and
ninety-two face if anything in them because they’ve recently done some are
great mostly about public education and in particular computer scientist
occasion and programming education is not reaching girls of all races and that’s not regions dunes of time so that something
really interested in beginning with younger children as well uh… i guess i’ll just say right now is
that over the past seven years since i graduated from college my career has
moved from writing primarily for a progressive explicitly progressive or liberal publications like
the american prospect in the nation to writing more frequently in my mainstream
faces like the atlantic and straight as an editor at the daily beast which is
now the daily beast newsweek um… so i have some experience with
started pitching ideas about progressive politics uh…
in does more familiar spaces and then also in
space says that friends’ houses non-ideological uh… it’s an interesting suny and to see how i feel like my own work
is both strengthened and sometimes also compromised by having to make that transition i think there’s a
lot of president clinton i’m happy to talk more about that in fact interest
people turning into an anti um… i really totally identify reflect
quickness saying about the learning process i think in journalism we’re moving to a
model where really we shell our work again and i think about analogy from
when you’re doing a math problem and you’re carrying the numbers and showing this tax o bites reading and i have a lot going on doing shorter form versions of what
might eventually be stayin eight thousand way feature story in the atlantic your able
to start a pick up a lot of feedback along the way system so sometime the
feedback i’ve picked up for a fact i’m and i think on interest or a as the
person i am ask what you think that sometimes that something so simple as
i’ve missed something really important about a topic someone
impregnation beating expected a having known about the out-and-out hands actually finance process improvement
work so much that now that i’m writing a book that i had two years to work on i’m actually struggling with not having
great however many more because it’s such a long process and i’ve been
warned that a shift like that too much of it
out there before the book’s publication and i’m actually wondering are they
refuge plaza request can in this part that i’m not going to
know about it so i think a lot of time just learning in
public affect can be really paying five
actually become totally addicted to it and uh… pollen i think it’s a good
thing they kill so much and uh… i’m just
gonna throw question out there and everyone will figure another and who and we will be the one answer
every one of them didn’t want to decide who talks i left that that somehow fundamentally
wrong are so i’m just understand ask the question based on which is another
drawing from some the questions that were opposed rom online unlimited students some of the issues
that product mister recap quickly empresa preferred two things here uh… that uh… underpin the seizure of
community are power authority uh… for some property uh… rhetoric roar frederick and and
rhetorical communities of space the organization logistics and space former
considerations ation and gender in space uh… questions
about labor paid a non-paid um… for brought in terms of the production of actual internet spaces
and communities but also uh… terms of the river of of educating
huh pearson ourselves this issue of learning i think is
through central on too speaking about community because of
possible suggest the community is not only extrinsic but but intrusive and very important ways and then in fact
uh… consciousness are subject to recall
which you is communitarian and character and
perhaps more so uh… within a digital context the glossary should put a call
communists is ki are memorable question of work kinds of structural arm logics
gendered and rates are inclusive in the machines that we use uh… seems to me to be a fundamental
question or moment actually had to get kind of
disentangle the various racism some sexism switch on condemned to the with functioning of the
sheen’s if they could submit we’re beginning to work on but there’s a tremendous amount to be
done also this issue of writing right withers journalism or writing any kind of all touch was issued
or life seems to me to be the fundamental piece of this as well so uh… my question uh… after all
this cinema complex toughest comments simple in some ways but i think it will
take us pursue this i hope you will i would ask you to uh… reflecting on
what these community now i mean is community uh… desert argue definition and has its
roots on uh… signify with some its other uh…
boards or closer to it may come communion for example or enough of the brother cyclical on and
uh… then if u my woman uh… say something about how you think of a community then perhaps you could uh… developer
your thoughts on with in the following way uh… how does one build community and
may be wider swindle community inference that the cfc the one thing that i can say that that
it’s a tough question uh… but i think for us it was something
really basic which is recognition so uh… was their spears a new book out called
sister citizen received argues that recognition is really funded a fundamental aspect of uh… how we understand ourselves
working in a body politic so we don’t just want to participate we want people
to recognize our community and so i remember so it’s that moment
when you redouble our host and someone gets sick
the thing that you need them to get whatever it is you read it and all of a sudden their
space for who you are how you move to the world there’s a fair expected that you’ve
always had a deep thought finally somebody said it you know i i didn’t realize i was the
only one who bought this player had this impression and we first started writing to confirm
this collective that is what the the nature of the comments that we got your women coming to us and saying thank you you know we’re so happy that someone
named this perspective or you know for instance that you can go to the clothing decline
driving my contract and still be offended this which is it was sort of the tenor and is
the tenor of the kind of things that we do and so i think that whatever we decide
word the community is that when people feel recognized they feel like you c_n_n_ and it’s
really interesting and virtual terms to talk about seeing people but i think
particularly for black women feel invisible often and i think any other
marginalized and that feels that some critical aspect of the identity is
invisible to be seen is like a critical prerequisite to
commune with thoughts versus pat and i think i think the love that the question of community this weekend there was in private conference that was
talking about civic engagement and marriage occasion
kind of bringing together can face and community community uh… what exactly are meant and part of what who is talking about
that space with have historical associate article perspectives on community select became a neighborhood
at the police and community and experience so the question is being the ways in which digital formations is coming online
sites can create a space in which certain experience
happens and i think that uh… question for in one of the challenges we face in
terms of this idea kids of community is thinking about experience is something impart happens an online space and the thinking about how that
translates too khanum offline spaces in back-and-forth in i think is too much as i do think if you
build it they will come have a website and there but a lot of website system
language there’s not committee um… have many major connected with
most within those made with a lot of passion online i think a lot more tension needs to be focused time not just the
code that the community aspect reading out what uh… that looks like and i
think a significant part of the is about cleaning this site pain online site is
part of a larger in a larger context and that’s their website as part of a
larger when welcomed for a larger web of objects and texts and
species and interactions i think a lot of time that’s what’s
missing guide to the site in you know you figure out how would i made
a comment section that’s the yet tactic but what about the relationship between
sides and what about you know the way the
which we make those connections there either are bored or grow online have of
life tonight and one thing that i think that
uh… the other thing about the creek that was
collected that i think matters that resonates with people in terms of
communities that were community of writers so when we came together they were like
for these crops without props or go and what what you know so they they knew that there was like a
core that was doing and i think that would mean people so we get out these
requests and people to be part of the court uh… and one of the things that we’ve
said you know is that pretty early in light of some of the
things courtney mentioned about sustainability the crew is a sort of
fixed group of people that we take it we take care of each
other you know but i think that that models for other folks so i think it’s very attractive to
people that there is a group of us that there’s not just one so for some reason i think that part of
the reason we were able to build communities because we already built community with each other and then it showed up in the way that we
blew aren’t talked about things and it was
the the which feminists saying also that we’re community a friend s offline but also interestingly we started the
community confuse me communi articles so that’s a place that anyone can post answers cut the home page in the
community call the community safer this question is really interesting and it’s been really moving to see that kind of
material people put their hands and to know that for so many people
there is this deep yearning for a crew and even if we can cohesive lee offer
them the criminalists ’cause we can only handle so many relationships that length
of my courtney’s coordinating a month we can offer that platform place where
people have some sense of what’s expected and that’s based and
they can participate and and we’ve had a lot of people who’ve
written hair and dot immediate calls in created different actions online like
into really happen for that an empirical way setting a funny things formats products at financing in terms
of creating some secondary space where people can
participate even if they’re not regular editors and walkers which is
takes a tremendous amount of energy and anyone interested as well outside of
the feminists were all but one of the coolest online trainees i’ve seen but i read about and is called the harry
potter alliance and it’s a little hancock and all over the world you
active in online and have created these amazing communities and now they’re sort
of apply what’s going on in the real world it seems in the book
and taking action collectively together and i am bring that up because i was so
impressed with their capacity to bridge the voice you know recognition piece
that brings on mental action piece because i think that’s firm he won in that learning curves and so on
is like how do we really create action and sake i didn’t set for their highly
reaction i think maybe that’s not just reacting against teens against rush
limbaugh against you know come in against against against
that for vision of the kind of world we all wanna live in thinking we do that in police online a lot but in action it
sort of hard to know they got access curative two plus one to the head
pattern lake that’s really they’re really amazing k
except me what and when are we sending something
that they’ve been complicating was ok said their in celebration imaginary character ok add to that that
number one frankly our alliance in the world is imaginary character and they come together and that you know
it consultant at the foreign governments to it because one i think that uh…
happen this summer they were working together to do emily
flyers and so that the release of the hunger games the hunger games fictional book about you know this this topic reality
in which teenagers are killing each other emailing service of the state they come together and talk about real
life hunger like at the that the screenings and what would be interesting
in that situation is that they were told they couldn’t do that they couldn’t do
flyers on behalf of ox and trying to end hunger because it was messing with the branding
that you know that hunger gain the merrimack had a certain thing they were
trying to do and by the time that the uh… the find out how to be a ochs fan and we
can help our alliance with not part of that uh… but not animated yet so i think
that is actually my article that make that happen split actually connect
awesome because excuse me out landscape and fantasies and assess letter to the harry
potter alliance and said you have to stop this right away and they accent and character takes a nap toget has risen and so i think contacted them like
twelve hours later and said in fact we reset this season just as well so you have to work with you and future millions move and it’s like an amazing reversal
of power ad which is kinda what i mean like what is
the family’s version of balik i wanna make lions defense so i don’t know holiday on the green and alone at the moment i was excited
about it and if that were petition banana ice passing on patches harry potter says people like that look
them up and see what they’re doing that reflections and community formation i think that uh… the first thing that comes to mind is accommodate someone left on my block maybe a month or so ago is she essentially saying that um… she had a responded because she couldn’t get her ideas together but she
didn’t want me to think that because she hadn’t responded it didn’t mean that she
doesn’t thinking about it anthony cordesman to you about that is that advance something that clearly
resonated with her and that she dislikes struggling but the internally any peace
we came back and we had a conversation about it sold with regard to community ye i think oftentimes about how
transformative it can be right n_w_ which you write something if
someone sitting on my bed homer brightly had no idea what happened to my panic
here you have reno idea but you still do anyways right so that’s
right selectors there’s this potential there that you
don’t know including julie indeed even if you have a impact on people sometimes
they don’t even feel seldes this notion of faith i think that’s
under event and on one of the ways i think about community
at house different publication daylight there comment section nan bad notice a real difference in terms of the potty
anti-lock unlevel at fidelity drains publication it ambassador i write
for and i also have to make their i’ve been
act maintaining my own personal five which
has its own communities that gay bath and sex i’ve also had experience of
building that happens i know it’s it’s very
active comment moderation and also just to be in your own comment section and
respond and that something i do it like when i
write firstly they actually have a very simple comments and uh… pretty good job moderating at
you have to happen to kate with some other start-up phase perpetrator you have to show the
air person i’m sorry which has its ups and downs ups and downs that i’m when i go into the confessions and
respond to critique that my work or questions about me where i’ve noticed
that the commenters all of us that unlike their time just becomes a nicer
and warmer and they’re really surprised that the writer of the articles there interacting with them so i did promised myself to to beat more a part
of those community and i think a in journalism over the last ten fifteen years it’s been a really big
shifts for journalists to feel that they have
to be constantly receiving feedback american before first online there could be letter so that other but
that number of people actually take the trouble to do that would be pretty fine and now even in a
small publication that gets very few readers the wealthy
feedback care works i think i think it’s a good thing but it’s a chef different publications have embraces or recess today but i think and
and that’s an interesting for me this is the discussion uncivil deliver what you are staying
home and uh… amor amor trask mcpherson
undone for discipline rid ourselves of questions of our panelists the number the city recognition which manager talking about a or the fact that
someone to the time to write to you and say well i’m still thinking about this reminds us of the fact that doesn’t communities actually use of this
exists out there that are versus for about something that’s right and our and
then you go finds actually praxis return communities are organizing made in the
whole process of making which is to be to be absolutely central
to uh… world and or or or interested in but there’s also the car difficult
burden returns say uh… tissues sinister side uh… to this practice which has to do
with them the expropriation of these practices practices right into on the one hand and
uh… firms is a couple of course is arab screenwriter and the use of this
book and twitter now corners platforms for for uh… organizing uh… some people to
emphasize that more some people say well it’s been a bit more critical but they’re really larger the function of the internet but what if your position on that
there’s also this our our side which has to do with
them monetization right and at which is are in some people’s do uh… margaret i
suppose a kind of expropriation uh… in which uh… you have all of these desires for uh… progressive utopian transformation of literary generally working against
there uh… kind of um… history of uh… of violence and oppression which are has
so from structured the present uh… and yet at the same time there’s this
presence of from the social factors repose for just uh…
moments in which all of these um… activities
which are motors and internal and passion and powerful are also building
structures which or alien an alienated instruments so internal feud if you think about that
and then but im punchy do but as one of put that
out there for for your comments in instances about it we talked about the things that i think
about it so and anything at all sis wear the crown for miss collective
uh… had to keep up with some wanted a how dependent on the blog town i wrote a
product to review i’m for uh… like a body better and that was
that started by joe morgan is when the founders of his optimism so
there’s would be no point in this collective without joan morgan and her
work and this commenter came over and started
talking rose sideways to me about how we should be you know is this the way did you see as
he is going our doing product endorsements man and i was in a meeting and i was the bank i’m doing this i mean i think they got
it you know i was ready to just head over
like at insult their couple things of that past it was you know i did hear more about my home
and i was like work we’ll bomb that most of what we
would be a source of credible journalism so one of the things that i’ve been
thinking about insight where blog walks for a particular community were not
newspaper but that had to be clear five but then i also so there isn’t that
right which is what expectations do people have been in the community about the kind of context you’re trying
to provide like don’t we plan swing of things i
didn’t he was one did what we do we do for free no one gave us to do any of the so we
can do whatever we will be because of the girls you know and so i had to sort of have at
this moment like that these people in your community they agreed you have to
be talking to both of them but sometimes i would think that
accountability would be reciprocated in that when you are the beneficiaries of
lots and lots of people’s free labor sometimes folks forget people behind the
content and so we believe that you know it’s all
i’m always in people netted on the blog that’s one of the things i
do a spring tactic and that’s fine one of the things that we talk a lot
about is not just to the sustainability of that
teaching labor or the same to you teach me but the
emotionally and it’s sector yet it’s and it’s even or you know and then it’s exacerbated by
the fact that did more women of color all of us at the
blogger women of color we have one man of color blue blocks for us and so-called than expected doubling
uh… or in multiple ways uh… and sell and and and then the other thing is not
even just what it’s like a racial issue where people want to do with these our
person of color but also other people of color come and they need to work too they needed to do so much emotional
labor prevent around recognition and so there was this one suddenly
people might ask is it like trawlers comments it’s about
i’m so disappointed because you big hugs you know sts you know live up to my standards om of the comic con two at interested in
producing and sell so they’re all these issues
about emotionally more unpaid leader you know and and ended last and i say about it is
this other point you make courtney about not wanting to be reacted so one of the
things that we found at the csc is that people are that we’re going to fight off
our clothes excuse the language but that’s that’s they like they like it
when we’re broke route and angry all but then i think about like i’m an overweight blackmun right so they’re you know their are
cannot ako that because that’s part of what it means to be in communities but we think about what it means to be
academics which is a hostile space for black women uh… to do business work does that go
way up to a black man i sometimes does it really does not so
we’re already doing that kind of work then we’re trying to take care of
ourselves itself but i don’t need to do is be stressed and have the cortisol
levels running rampant all the time in a body that you know i’m trying to
work to make as healthy as i possibly can right and that’s the sort of physical
labor that folks are also common bill in our lives and we don’t have a way to
think about it uh… any so one of the things that we talked
about this yet the csc one of the changes doesn’t want to be less reactive because it’s not helping and folks who
want to come to the police we get email did deje gpc and someone said the same
opera k we want to be less reactive didn’t wanna
put forward affirmative constant about the kind of where we want to create and
not just about people who are not doing this stuff that we think they ought to
be doing and that’s hard if you feel like you’re
community comes to you because what they want you to do is to be a mostly but
they don’t have the platform ardently studi that’s a i think this is a important
what you thought about being in meeting and getting angry commentary mouth and
feeling the need to get and just noticed that i a m when i went on vacation for attending
ananta clean profile except as to how much to ask
that expected and actually about technically definite and and thanking planning printing
secure that if you become very attractive and i work is to have times where you’re not
combine an anti-inflammatory back instead of show you out an especially because weavers and paid
for not wild another thing i just wanted to mention
about the waiver aspect of this is and no you know about mail bloggers are writers have other people
that write under their names and i know that this is not feedback actors for email writers uh… and i just i think that’s really
interesting there’s about a lot of really famous mala writers to have apartments blacks to actually they’re actually four
or five people who are some inference printf timber it’s been interesting to me as i think
about how much time do i have for longer farm type of writing and haven’t had time
that with an accent on hasn’t faded
background can reap the reactive manipulating needs to be reacting that and anti-nafta hurricane center control and uh… tatyana feel fully engaged in what i’m
doing in these different genres etc experimenting i feel comfortable wet that right it’s a different bargain for everything in using a bath and i think that
actually just thinking about that we haven’t acted generational
issues around topic and all right thanks a lot older feminist
not recognizing best real labor and i think that’s starting to change it
richard sipping that like this whole body israel you know young feminist wasting our time type max
exciter obviously perceptions but also interestingly part of the way i have p from my ipod back to you in socially consulting and goes trading goes straight in pieces for people that like for example
of the ia ser with them it’s like a feminist community like so-and-so either stop publish and
secretly irobot an adamant it sides intending like like explains
that that’s cold cuz i indirect method at the same tax cuts that sort of waste
and its is within the family of three of them and they’re like you know most older feminist who have those traders i have been an
hanging out there right now but like bath and i just think that interesting think
about you know i don’t think they are a lot of
women bloggers bogus traders but i do think a lot of the most prominent
feminist public intellectuals administrators and no one really talk this is really interesting because of
the ways in which that masks comes from labor is being produced in reproduced in this
idea of social capital com that’s not what i plan on talking about
right contactus and it’s a market economy uh… intel intergenerational keys that
applies to me out conversations with this satisfactory story else apart and who have worked with and i’m talking to her because out what to talk about digital citizens but i was bill cleared and that asst this is the thing that makes me happy and i’m scared to death act read into
the more formal academic spaces i’m not gonna lie chemo konoha care receive drive around very powerful she said well on uh… i want you to think very carefully about
whether or not want to do this i think that it’s a excellent topic
prosecco went into this this is an excellent topic because this
dynamic clearly infested uh… issue also set that it’s intimate
it’s legitimate if i choose not to but she doesn’t want me did not choose
to do it itself right now working through elected because it’s something that hold so dear and geog me you know i like whatever kind of
script we thought we had math is offering ecommerce is a summit in tuesday i think to even
saying i think that with making the in individual
questioning reference to mind diving and i think that what i’m thinking about it how notions
of value change and kind of a creek reaching a production of different kind
of value which is not always about money tho comeback this idea personal branding
and identity as property indicated because right in here for a candidate
and eighty s transferable property vincent lane in my class where you know they kinda come and wanting to
talk about copyright nineteen kind of some of them in there because they were
really raises some of the medevac other artistic protect myself you know but then the conversation
necessarily chefs to what is the nature of authorship with
the nation nature of ownership of these and a final questions and then by the
time that i want to talk about slavery where we found out that what we can’t
really talk about the major intellectual property or property
identities property or twitter we can talk about their without leaving
out really come again let’s go whose idea this kind of i’d indeed probably think it’s really
important and at the personally fermin also and spread of maybe intergenerational as
well but when i was kind of asking around
like cocaine i wanna make this move in the social media what that what what about look like what
concerns i have a asking around a lot of it came down to this idea needing to narrow myself down into uh… identity delete delete identifiable like you have to be about being this he had not been you know what you
do your black feminist or your this weird that guy i’d be clear encana blah
blah everything up and bought a particularly branding and push forward
even a move and you know then the question of liquor
unanimous or username and what that controlling ise stacked on the ended up
having a certain resistance to participating in social media because those emilie jeff’s another
space where i could bring the fullness of myself they can so many other spaces
too much of the issue too much of that now i have to come on here you mullins follow could you don’t hear much
meet some calc classes that i don’t add up too much about let me know that i had
that day and it’s like i’m not here for another five days where
i can bring the phones that way so the question is and then also we
didn’t even talk about and i don’t know that we need to do it just to say that we talked about a lot
of really particularly see in safer beautiful spaces that these uh… women
have helped create online and you know that’s not true for of a species immunize com sections that make my laptop sphere someplace at the back away from an act of god to
make contact packed with myself i don’t look at the
time section on on that story because you know what it’s going to see and so vic it’s a complicated it’s a complicated
idea and if i d o identities property how do we have been married seven make
yourself smaller in something as large as the world wide web is and anything instead medium is desert grim custom comments on my mirror most people
regarded server new uh… say doctor comment or two left
the house questions does that work jalali now that sometimes at what do you think were the primary actionable lessons from the racial fallout of the slot blot came here to see because that was a live incident that had a lot of
discussion amor precautions and conversations that have been fruitful
collapsed at that online uh… especially as we talk about trying
to develop spaces with all the different things that you’ve all brought up about
napping napping in the we women of multiple
narratives and having to bring yourself in each yourself the militant that mean for trying to
create a digital communion line where bentley enough then his across
difference can access hatfield spaces to have difficult conversations types of fear kit dot of light even dot com sophia the water resumes that prompted
this extraordinaire work in the plot you know what docs once a walker
complicated uh… so let’s say a couple things that thing
that it probably talking is the potential of the space so the
most powerful moments for me the cfc came out and said we’re not attending this uh… where you
know we don’t know that this is going to be
useful for black women uh… in general um… and organizes a slow waltz came to the
comments section and some talked sideways but most earnestly
engaged in really sought to listen and use it to transform the kind of work
that they did and the kate this year we got an
invitation to come and speak it somewhat d_c_ now we decided not to go uh… because we just didn’t work we didn’t want the formal association which is a tough thing and so here’s the thing that salt white
light is the potential for engagement and it made me know that sometimes it’s hard great because i
do think that might fit in this on trial i do think that they are trying and i
saw that i think v my critique one of the things that
matter to me in the critique those that i felt that mosque is one and i wanted to push was that notion it may be what analyst political organize it looks like now is
that we have the tools to say it’s what is used against a community of
women in this way even if they’re white women they have the right to organize
around that usage and that’s a fitness issue that we can
be is that what they’re doing with is longhand it’s connected to the struggles like the
leasing which then affects communities of color to say that and didn’t think in and you know endeavor differences of
opinion to say that day at the sea of seaweed innocently think lacking
religion dubious so a slight performance was not to say that we didn’t think that
there was a and issues he deserves to be addressed and one of
the things i felt like was that we the critiques happen we got to salute everyone got
disillusioned it stopped and that wasn’t that thing that we
wanted to have happened we want to do it you know we thought more sophisticated enough now that we can and that can explain it and and this because this question of
virtual reality vs political reality all that happens on social media production
annexation and expansion we do it so quickly but in real life we can’t seem to figure
it out and i felt like that wasn’t unfortunate side effects you know so the question then became do you not make the critique because you
believe in the movement like apple even the movement that is that the toronto
police officer that is ridiculous i would think that makes the world safer
for women but at the same time admitted white
women to understand that day dressing up like a slut walking down the
street was going to be qualitatively different
from somebody like me dressing up and doing that uh… at least and what into that
understanding deeply you know contributed to the loss of momentum behind movement that i
think is really important baking so much for this day is a million interesting things that i’m hearing but i was but you know
you thinking about the idea of uh… having uh… not being able to be like you’re fully
express self online and it social media uh… blog particularly because knowing like okay these comments
are gonna come any and all sorts of ways that are some in some ways very
legitimate and in other ways completely uh… relevant and just attacking and also to thinking about it may be
picking up the idea is something i’m thinking about what i have been thinking about overtime as like you know depending on what you do for a
living do you you know writing under your full
name writing under a pseudonym you know what what are the different kinds of new
ways in which we move in the worlds of like for me i_d_ communications work by
also the burlesque do these two things how they go to work
together or against me how do i write online you know thinking
about these things and i think that this is becoming more but the issue for
people across the board not necessarily uh… you know it’s cut-and-dried bite how much of it is like i can’t put out
my personal thoughts police experiences because it may affect my livelihood more
i can’t speak about x_y_ and z_ on twitter i’ll have to accounts and then what is
that to you for your branding what is that you for your voice and then what is
that actually do for community building because again it’s like you’re having to
pull back and you’re not really able to express yourself in a way that’s may be ideal in terms of uh… community building that
authenticity the different kinds of you put it that you want to put out because
it’s always fearful like well this can affect my bottom line if i need to get
paid or not you know so i’d love to hear your thoughts on that and what kind of evolution you’ve got to run a or you know for for everyone in the room if that’s
something that’s coming up particularly you know students are not a student
anymore uh… so it’s you know different space but i’d love to hear thoughts about that i think rang and as c_n_n_ canning a lot
of stands for people who feel that they want to be participants in digital communities around issues
they care about the first time in finance not benefit with their detente or some other person
and that they have that they have to maintain for their financial likelihood or for whatever else uh… i think i’ve always been lucky enough to have full-time writing jobs that have allowed me to make my living as a writer i think for me on there’s one issue that so emotional rule
that i’ve had to go in and out of the conversation which is the issue of
israel palestine after many years i never well publicly about it because mind
feelings about it where in such contrasts to how i was raised and some of the belief that my family man and then um… uh… in two thousand six there is just a bunch of political going
to happen that year i really feel like i can stay silent on any more info started buying more critically about being a young american
judith there is no longer considers myself as i noticed and what that means i_b_m_ the emotional hindsight you gave
a sell out and talk about and had been phase of the public you
google me and utilities rail you could keep them a
bit of a friend dot the conversation that i’ve gone in
and out of over the past six years because every
time i get into it is so emotionally exhausting in my
personal real world on the ground life premiums joking referring like i don’t
know online first on the ground amid difficult the pendant also
difficult online but paradoxically thumb some of the
basking in the building i have done online has then the times that i’ve
overcoming fears and have friend publicly about israel because when for example anywhere in article about
some of the message is that you got typically american jewish education in
hebrew schools and think i’ve about as ellen how they they contract other
social justice teaching that that yours children are typically both you and how
this leaves a lot of jewish children to grow up with a very kind of born fraught debate on ninety nine wrote
about that and that was probably the the single thing ever over i got the
most just enough simi from people saying that they were caught
somebody headset that i think that they’re saying sumtimes
reli me going in and out of the debate lou can’t that could really important part of
myself but it’s not always a program called that i wanna be public with i
could be public with that naming one man from the v_ chip and then after a third of retreat on it
because it’s just too difficult to make that go back to it that i was saying
before about often time an online e and them one of the things that happens uh… cell i’ve heard about sex are on the blog this summer right about sex and relationships instantly it was them it was world painful i don’t know that i
fully recovered from that exchange any brought up lots of questions about the pablo uh… because when i first started
reading is protesting the one you will have a in some ways it sort of became more
expedient because i do want to do more public work in my career seem hold some of that pieces that i was writing suddenly the
choice to do it the here back from you the challenge
became that’s part of what i wanted to maine and
choosing the right about sex as a black woman in a black the myspace is that black women struggle to find sex
positive spaces for expression so somebody as the
polls network having sex that we like it you know all of those things right and
have to be a part of a black feminists epic but there was a real speed price to pay for
that you know whatever you do that in your visible in so one of the things i
think before in some of the rest of the remaining is also a key member of the
csc and so when this happened to me no breaks more eloquently i mean unsightly about
sex and politics and and all of it than i do uh… and cell you know seeking love me and said you
know i’d option like mine when this goes down the concert i got to so that was
opposed that what we need to be terribly uh… base avocado greatest octane you know anyways and and a lot of that had to do with
like the inability to see black women as sexual agency that were predators which
is the sexual and subscribe to my into space didn’t go well with our readers uh… and what happens in a moment when there
things that are true for you you might produce community the community is
pushing back against you and you say this is not true that now
wants to watch not backing off of it even if it cost some readers you know i’m not going to do it um… what does that look like and what does
it mean to to do that cell-cell in some ways i’m kind of him
being a space now somewhat upset with i you know i’ve done it gets there but i have not out right now huh let’s hear execute that’s about as close
to body politic about paul that i’m gonna
try to bad anymore like at least for a while and so i think it’s important to say
that this thing about having a fully be
yourself israel emmett it manifests in a different way
depending on your position out and and so tent you know to write as a you know as a black woman
about a sort of pro six consciousness from within his perspective is not as
easy as one might think this must come with all these options
about who you should be and who they want you to be and what
your interaction should look like and frankly a lot of times it’s too because
folks have been done there own emotional labour and then they’d and then they put their
stuff on you and saw what you have it’s like you know
i was like you know you eva dot you that their pets
plus communicate i’m also gonna tell you what i have a
whole range of selfish act isn’t going to be okay but it end of the day we do this work
because we wanted to because the stanley life-sustaining and for me and sold winik isn’t that kidney sort of honestly admit that i was
always manage that world i don’t always know with students on reinvested in the
work i’ve been taking in bed with me it does
bother me it has made me crack you know and and i
think we have to be able to say and did not accept early in their people behind
the words their people behind cox and and figuring out how honored that has
been a real time and we have a question for this one very quickly where billy in violated away uh… insists that i have so much
respect for people what cable to move closer it’s not a completely witnesses mission
accomplished their but absolute respect to the people and see integers bases who clearly are doing
that were covering all who they are and that’s very parenting very inspiring me
personally just following up on the question that idea different jobs indifferent
roles and how that affects and i think that’s definitely rio again when i was
like asking around in this feels like what subsequent nineteenth century was
going to look like and told me he mentioned like affidavit models on
twitter that you do this person that person that person there are more easily people died this week we’re going to be
talking next week using often they are and i am name somebody but i will call the
respectability around that around the compound one is supposed to compartments of when i got to look at
him like i worked so hard to be able to come this far in quite a lot but i like
the jacket a lot of it meant that i think that the and you
about in regards to within wild public nature kind of like the wide open
spaces e social media represents awesome in a lot of ways i am by myself repeatedly and i think as i can look back at the
historian historically is being need for private space come about colbert action but he did that he recorded did the necessity relevance of covert action private conversation
andy green added characterisation people in a variety of spaces you know or even
this in mind is that i needed at a private conversation about me to decide
allowed because uh… that that on so that they can extend to meet her and
activity went into the key issuing civilly you know something could be tricky
around the world in a minute is great but these also closing out the
possibility of us uh… private spaces we’re aloft important a lot of the work i think a lot of
things you know i was in ordinance would consider a particularly important has happened in pregnant any private
spaces and does the senator indeed many regards we’re probably a plan for what problem
of questions for medium fifty limited stock them in the
panelists could respond uh… to whatever they would like to fiscal think alot because this has been
of the vibrate extraordinary conversations as an older generation feminist i can
honestly say i’ve been really skeptical of what’s happening social media for a lot of
reasons one most of us are behind screens and no longer in the streets that said i a listener that the street
is not the place it was many years ago it’s basically been made
a very difficult place to archiplanet retain any kind of credibility
whatsoever with that said i i i also worry very much and social media that
there’s a fine line between this uh… human need for a recognition so
eloquently put and yet this failure to do with the
personal work kind of transplants from one domain of
media and entertainment to this new format of interaction where we’re kind of looking for our
oprah moment so that we all get someone to answer our version of hour drama and that becomes something quite
different than allegation that selection also c_n_n_ like an assistant inadvertently into a seven-year national immigration hasselbeck kept me out of the countryside had seven
years of being completely isolated without knowing which baseball in my
community of new yorkers not to be replaced by anybody else in the world and so i’ve had this it’s day extremely
expensive so living by casey fit what i could see and what i
experience and there’s something phenomenal about connecting being with
your people even via internet button when you want more than that and it’s extremist satisfied but i do see what i do entered a blog
spear that oftentimes the comments and exchange there’s this sort of this great
divide between i’ve known as a matter of sincerity and you just feel people just
soph gating this good stuff and then this
crazy place of hostility and and screaming and cheering on or just whining kind of venting and all that energy on the part of each of you as a kind of
um… personal response team and silly and think what’s happened is
have whole range of expectations has become socially unsustainable to use the language of
sustainability in the midst of needing more and more community more and more
human interaction we’re standing sunshine guest some kind of question
about what’s the nature this uh… his deepest desire for personal
stimulation and interaction and has that relate to me p uh… place where we now certainly industrial world have this idea that all
of our personal expectations shed and must be satisfied is that legitimate because certainly
that’s something very very difficult to attain and assertive interested in how you would think about
this thank you uh… look that’s let’s take a
one more question for the audience and then the panels which i for one opportunity
respond to where that uh… see fit we’ll have
about ten minutes i’m sorry further to our questions i’m just hoping that you all can talk
about twitter gate at least a little bit and i’m curious day at the differences
between and the academic from the panel in the journal sentinel and what their
responsibilities are as far as making public uh… conversations that
may be in progress in your summer and a little bit for
people who don’t know we keep referencing and i actually don’t
feel like enough about the fact that i feel like they’re proud to come out in
tonight and we’re talking about phil someone that there somewhere from when i understand talking to strangers and there’s a lot of subjects that create emotional responses from people you don’t know talking to strangers month my question is after you get your
opinion and whatever the subject might be and some crazy gives you a shout back are you able to enjoy that shot in laugh
about it or do you feel art it’s okay so i’m i’m just the swim just uh…
start bin and moved on the panel so you can respond to identify optical aslam fact uh… uh… him cry uh… sometimes i feel hurt because the
person has actually pointed out something that messing in my writing
that i should have been around and those are those public learning
moments that courtney talked about beginning which inside an
affair with and that i have to take a step back and remind myself that i said thank this person heard an incentive mean but you know
i’ve got a lot of emails and confident completely ignoring because they don’t seem they’re not rational are there they have profanity and then the border there something happened on that that’s just creepy at i have four rolls
on my part common section anything account number off at my back and i pray
that that there’s no reason for an effective then
there’s no comment on my physical being i had to make that will be kind and
caring for me uh… no anti-semitism which i have to
do cuz my last means god seemed felt for some reason that the tax and confirm
next wednesday and no profanity if you can follow those rules out ten
days with you that if you can our answer to your gate which i just
found out was a which i just read out the route uh… when and have to have to act seems to be a debate among
historians about whether or not duplicates a tree their presentations of their unpublished
papers on unpublished research banking though if that’s not an accurate time free that that i i did think it was a
really interesting and and part because they don’t journalists have been having from uh… disdain debates about hamas we show the notes of our reporting and should be published online mike
foale transcripts of our interviews that can make it into stories so that you can see quotes in
contact persons out of contact uh… and generally and a supporter of
full disclosure all the time for everything outlines some acts from china and france
two pieces that might work publicly that i i can only imagine academic but also learn a lot from that process i think if you had an events where s
speakers as i would prefer that you not to be this presentation and shit obviously be
totally respect it uh… i think acontecer have expressed that
conversation about pens you can’t really now asimmons feels they think if you’re hosting an event as an
institution are organization or an individual you should set them down at the beginning but ultimately i think i think work have
improved by public conversation about about it and reaction to it thanks from him with regard to the issue at scooterguy
ice being what’s material is this idea of
taking someone’s original knowledge production and making
it public without their consent uh… but then the question then becomes that is this intended for and for what
purpose and wife right so i don’t know then will be we will be
able to keep fifteen that republished off of the internet its terms of redeemed about conversation
uh… within the digital humanities one of the things that someone brought
up that i hadn’t thought about is that there’s a difference between me speaking to you all right now
army handing my paper to everyone it being searchable on google by
everyone in the world so you have the sanctity of the
conversation in this room in in this paper copies and in their school sold at such a billy peace at the it acts another new wants to leave in terms of being able to control out skylar as a blogger your or said it’s much labor sound i don’t know what’s going to commit that
but i know that the internet is incredibly powerful people love using sesame it ab i don’t feel like the best time to
commentary i will say i am working i work with our decision called the out
that contact which is trying to make forms of foundation exactly when you’re the demographic of
the united states see imagine how much work is yet to be down there and i i ran the l university programs
have twenty professors have applied to be and her either women or people of
color men of color it’s amazing to me the non-academic we
were talking a little bit about this before i like the amount of fear that they have to admit they’ve
internalize even when they have ten-year has just blow me away and adults you know it’s you know i’m so glad britain’s right now
i think there’s section important conversation at the academy and what it
does to people and how they feel they have to be so protective apparently
personal property and how the rest of us without and because of that and have had this
incredible professors they can’t get right anything for a popular audience
’cause they’re just so afraid of what that means for them uh… which just makes me incredibly sad
and i’m not expand patents in i say that as like a naive journalistic person site is one way that we haven’t said it
was really important just friendship and like digital communities and communities are dana sum total of friendship sensibly
rate and i think that europe request not flat rock concert was learning and just feel like one of the places where feedback and kind of growth di is on the finance and there are
genuine friendships that the context in which those things
are happening within genuine friendships and french it is hard man i mean and n even
feedback within french if they have nothing to do u_s_
political stuff is really hard right like one of the last thing actually give
a friend feedback are received feedback also i think this closer we have such
struggle with genuine feedback and also we struggle to be friends
across all kinds of demographic barriers severed the more that we can think about this in
the contents of friendship that mike how to recreate friendship so that i can call correct me if something
happens haha because i know we have a genuine respect
for one another in person and in the context of that as opposed to
it all being online and for the movement all this stuff it feels like makes it very difficult to genuinely
process integrated so yeah i think being a community of having to do in
relationships a really important is it leads to a certain accountability some out of times when folks say this is
what you should be doing talking about and they want their personal hundreds
and it’s become heroes and a half points that i check in with about how to retain my sense of what’s
important to me and what’s important to us twitter date there’s a lot of like to
say that i will say here’s the funny part consulting and happening about trying to rest and and uh… select the couple write about it but my sense that that is that one of the things we want to do with the
csc is to really challenged these academic
barriers the tell us to be raids that uh… to not share any demands the work so i a at this point and about
democratizing and what i think that i think we have
technology is that in some place this is where the culture is moving when i graduated in two thousand nine they don’t like how we’re gonna have to
split your dissertation in the electronic dissertation repository and
some people people know that beholztech casey and add uni and thought they were you act like
cookies and bargains out some accompaniment but was the book if they
can we get up black cell that is where the culture
academia going get distorted open-access kind of thing but were part of this is about of wanting to
make sure that folks who don’t ever make it like the
asylum conference which is where this happened can here about their history and no one
doubts you know so any also never even heard
colleague murray main in less someone’s we did it from one of
the camels that she’s imported and if you balance sheet is mobile warren she the parts that you
should know and and the teacher indeed what’s that hackett uh… although their hand also no intellectual
property is fragile adult women from kenya still just still happen will block
closed and publish it in the news of course newspaper there this looked like that anyway let’s look at what you don’t
think this case planes likewise all these reasons here hot chocolate rosita it unit output off but let me ask what that means enough weeks
of the original will not happen and scarlett anything exit you kids janet he also talked about it absent donations bus you know hotline thing that’s happened is they winding on the internet people they can do with it now listed you know of anything muscles like this is the best back i think the last thing that i will
say about this done would is particularly as a person who thinks
about these things in terms of black women’s experiences know they’re black women have ever had
the luxury of doing now this production in a way that was it i think that everything do letter in have been public has been considered the property of
someone else and acting at the power in that despite the history of exploitation
comes from is that we have always been islands and then decided that it that were the
case we’re going to use it to transform
communities that stick cell sit convention blackwell is deep
pockets fear anytime soon this will not be protected and people are going to
respected harmful units and she let’s make it public cantons and that’s
what’s also needed since the possibly of doing putting out content terms and i think that that candied so much someone’s uh… just they respond to that questions a
bit uh… do you feel better after you car responded with a stranger sometimes yes and usually me personally me now that i’ve been in that situation
nearly as much as as these women using a proud of myself than expected me
to be able to take a certain kind of hiring you know i became the first words didn’t
you know like excuse me thank you i know you like ready to come from with this and
i’ve been able to kind of like rein some of what i know megan teachable moment in
the midst of all of us at mom’s and actually going to bring in that moment ring a little collectively to myself you know i i met anybody level another’s and the reactionary in that way so some
time that is that it’s time that you can discriminate do the deep breath and come for a place that you could be a
product so and seventies is by what you were saying itu maybe because click on that for gotten
generation of gen x_ that you know and not necessarily in think of it the millennium willingness
to share in not kinda like repair old internet kind of space you know i a few feel real concern
around the ways in which digital communicate
the seniors filling in for a lot of other things and i was going to people
with also frustrated with streets because i want the streets to be like
don’t bring to evaluate the argument and i don’t what comes next into removing
this issue forward and i feel the same way with a lot of
the vehicle so and also people have a sense just let me do it around like back to you square helped like i sign the petition i helped i’ve
forwarded the cali video god help us i helped care izod i’ve been releasing him
both please if you don’t need situations about the actor translation again that
larger web in which the down activities really need to be viewed uh… twenty d uh… i will say uh… and uh… story do feel that a little bit more to it
that you get some of the extreme so it’s like the old fogey primate academic title one you know exactly is a new day and i’m
going to get the program i do think it’s a little more than that
uh… and very torn about it i’d be good for
me again it’s about not just the way not just this
information is going to be flying instead weakening appreciate network to
whatever degree of the social good but i think also it’s again about and uncertain prioritizing of the room they were in now in space there
were in i’m connecting with your faces and seeing what you’re saying an energy
ending from you and hopefully you’re getting from us and while i hope that some of that is
acceptable to the people who watch the sandifer and i think it’s often different from
ing if the people in talking to our looking park participating in the head either
channeling energy into some other device in some of the screen and conversations
i think we might have could be different as a result of that so me act out that i stopped by treating
but actually did not anna how might be like slightly better treat girl someone take my pen to paper notes
inland suite of afterwards you know so that’s kind of a middle ground that i’ve
found but i think that ideas of how we come together and and
academics and share and connect with each other to really need to have to be tired i
think the part of what’s hard about twitter gated nondescript
still has to make a million dollars could scholars are not making a million
dollars you know if you really about that moment
and com and this is a culture not of much hiding in the data back to
be shipped about kind of uh… structure of scaffolding of ideas and what happens but why did that day on one level we can celebrate my
protecting kenya speaker complicated thought is still had the space that still i’m good he had any and then turn around and be shocked when
those same people take issue with the fact that you did some on-the-fly
hundred forty character translation of what you said while you were saying it at times a four year senator paragraph so while i’m really uh… well i want somebody who did it go to
conference in the fight caitlin but you know i don’t have a comment printing uh… even though i really do respect kind of public service aspect of it
think also we need to be realistic and see a disservice to other academics
and other scholars about to graduate students they don’t have the time or
money to make it the pharmacist but not to pretend that bill suites on
the same is bringing academic scholarship to wider circles that work needs to be done is a
particular kind of work and i want us to do it and i don’t want
began this kind of digital space to be like are brought to the masses you
know it i think the kind of work of um… i would mention about writing for
different venues being willing to fright your write your books and has a different
kind of way and i have to make it three books asking you to do so is we we need to hear our attention and
i get concerned when we herself in the back for uh… certainly xinxin tolerance who will come for sure a lot of time but
as well i think all the time us for a fantastic discussion this is to be continued online and in
real life and all the spaces between some things have abundance possum

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  1. Keep feminism out of our media! No one wants it other than brain dead stupid SJW feminists. You ruin comics, you ruin films, stop it just STOP IT!

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