SEO Hack: Duplicate Content Strategy

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  1. Love you neil patel bro u are my inspiration because of u now am able to earn 100$ per day from my blog thanks bro love u,,,, pin this comment it will make my day

  2. Nice video, you have answered questions which were in my mind.

    Wouldn't it be better if you looked at the nearer camera when you changed the video many times to that nearer camera? Just saying that this would look good to me…Cheers!

  3. Hey neil ,
    There is doubt that is there are some articlerewriter tools are there in internet . Does google panlalize me or would i be rank in google .
    Please Reply ASAP

  4. Hey Neil, great video as always! How about using the same PR article with links to my website and putting it on multiple free PR webs? I mean those websites where you just put content to build backlinks, not that anyone would read it there. Does Google downgrade those links? What do you think about this linkbuilding practise anyway, should we even bother? Thank you, Jitka

  5. We have used a plugin in our wordpress site so that nobody can copy our content. Is this good? Because what I saw was some youtubers used to say exactly what was written in our blog. Is this good in terms of SEO or bad?

  6. Fellas! This is one of my favorite videos you've produced so far. The practitioner skills you guys shared were super valuable. I feel so much better hearing these things from experts like you guys. Great stuff! On a side note I'm dying to hear your thoughts on what compensation structure looks like for commissioned sales people vs task-oriented employees. And how to blend in 1099 contractors? Thanks guys!

  7. Great value in this video Neil! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ Thank you!

  8. 4:20 pardon me Neil, could you elaborate it a bit ?
    is it due to the increase in page load time due to the embedded video or another factor causes that ?

    Peace ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Today I was planning to send a message to you. Suggesting to please make a a video about duplicate content.
    Thanks for sharing this video.

  10. Hey Niel… Awesome video!
    Quick question…. What would be a good strategy to rank a directory website for local businesses? Example, Wedding Cakes in San Antonio, TX, New York City, NY etc pretty much all the cities in the us.

    Thank you in advance Niel, you are the best!

  11. In SEO my senior used to post same web 2.o content on various platform like blogspot, wordpress. com, quora and create PDF and PPT with same content and give link to source
    is this beneficial, please revert neil

  12. Hi Neil Patel. Can you explain better what you said at 4:00 please?
    An article on our website with text and video (from our youtube channel) wont rank high because?
    Thank for the tips, they were really helpful

  13. Incredible insight with this video. Learned a valuable piece of information about linking back to YouTube, instead of uploading my videos straight to my website, which I was just about to do. Thank you…you saved me with that information. LinkedIn, I've noticed does very well for my content too…will be working more to promote on there now. Thanks Neil and Adam!

  14. When doing research for stats or case studies… what kind of tools are you using; (ie, aherfs or semrush)?

  15. Hej Neil great Videos!
    I'm a traditional marketing graduate and am working on getting myself into digital marketing. Now I do understand the concept and I am quite tech savvy. I need to know how to start implementing a campaign and how to set end goals for it.

  16. This was really an eye opening video. Thank you for a really good tutorial that dispels all the misconceptions about duplicate contents. Thank you very much.

  17. hey, neil i create a new website. when i write article on it. and then i share my artical on Facebook first time. but facebbook blocked my url. i don't break any fb role. please help me… reply

  18. This is interesting, as years ago I had a blog that got scraped verbatim and their stolen content blog ended up outranking me

  19. Hi Neil,

    My search results ranking getting better compared to the previous month but CTR is dropped(past one-month my website failed to get leads). what is the reason for this? please give me a reply

    Thank you

  20. Every single time, you keep outdoing yourself. Thank you, really, Neil! You're helping a lot of people. Good job!

  21. Thanks for the great info! Question Iโ€™ve got a proposal from an SEO company that wants to do W3C validation on my home page. Does that really matter for SEO?

  22. My site is getting more traffic and growing day by day … What to do now to maintain my audience increase ?

  23. Hey Neil! I was wondering how you feel about online courses. Iโ€™ve been reading this is a booming industry, but wanted to know where you see online courses going in the future? Will this eventually die, or will online courses be the new form of online education? Thanks Neil. And btw, where do you buy your clothes?

  24. Hey Neil i admit that you're the one who can lead a community towards success to which i greatly admire you but i watched your video talking about landing pages and had a question that is bombarding my mind – can he show us an example of landing page that converts much higher than the average?!

  25. Great content Neil! One small comment. Your push notifications are not easy to see on my phone, since the font is black and there's not much contrast with darkish backgrounds! Maybe you could have a look at this ๐Ÿ™‚
    Keep the good work!

  26. Hi Neil, another great video. One query… is it ok to use snippets of someone elseโ€™s video in my video, if I give credit to that person.

  27. And also I think you forgot to mention Neil, that one way of overcoming duplicate content issues is by using the cross domain canonical from the third party site back to yours

  28. I'm an Adult Affiliate, none of this stuff works, Google doesn't rank my affiliate content at all, it all gets indexed but zero clicks. I used to earn a living from doing this 10 years ago, I used to be in the top 5 results for 2 term adult related keywords but now there's no chance.

  29. I post English blog language 1 per week or 4 blog per month Compare to translate post in second language. I will have 8 blog post per week or 3 language I will have 12 per week… how google rank it?

  30. I am using script by Labnol (Digital Inspiration) to embed youtube videos and make video pages load faster with that script…

    How does google bot take it? As a video or image.

  31. Hi.
    Thanks for sharing this awesome video.
    But I have a question.
    How I tell Google "hay Google don't index my YouTube videos in my blog page"???

  32. As u said that you don't let google crawlers to crawl your youtube embedded video on your website , so how to stop google crawlers to stop crawling that video content whether that may be embedded youtube video . What to do please tell me so that crawlers can't understand that video content to increase ranking

  33. So since Google won't rank the content that I copy from other site should I be using no index for those blog post?

  34. Thanks for confirming this for me. Everything I publish is sent out to all of my properties. Re writing it that many times would create such a headache.

  35. Sir, am getting 3k impression a day with 10 click but my cpc is low as 0.02 as compare to last week my earning down to 90%๐Ÿ˜ข. I dont know whats the reason from last 7 days my earning are low but my impression are high.give me some guideline sir.

  36. Whatโ€™s the best method for using other peopleโ€™s content for your own. Is it just simply putting it in your own words and citing their article as the source?

  37. Hey Neil,
    Thank you once again, so another great video.
    I am a little confused however with the whole putting videos on your own website.
    Before watching this video I had planned on putting all my video content that I have on YouTube and other social media platforms that has all been transcripted on to my website, to try and get some more Google juice.
    But then when you said you did it, but out no follows on them I nearly fell of my chair. But then you when Adam said that he did you, but that he just wrote a post about it as well, you said it was a great idea and to make sure you have the video linked in there.
    So mate, I'm confused. If it is a good process to have then why don't you do it with your stuff?
    Also a second question for you (if I can)
    If we are embedding videos to our website for which we have content written on that page as well about that video, then are we better off using YouTube as the platform to host the video, or one of the other video hosting sites, like Vimeo or Wisteria?
    Regards Ben

  38. Hey Neil! I am about to release my new WordPress website with 7 blog posts. I had a previous website just for testing and stuff which include 2 of the 2 out of the 7 blog posts I have. I want to change domain but will my new site get any problem for duplicate content as my previous site contains 2 of my blogs?

  39. Excellent Video
    What about E-Commerce sites…
    I have an E-Commerce site, I can't get unique content about product descriptions.
    I copy content from products official website with referral links, I handle the duplicate content issue with YOST SEO tool, but it does not work for me. I am still getting 40%+ duplicate content. how can I solve my issue? (How to make the uploaded content unique?)

  40. Thanks for the insights. What are SEO implications of pasting your same content into two different blog posts on your site. Like if the same three paragraphs of text apply to multiple different posts you have so you past into both. Ex: maximize your trip to Staples Center and a Maximize your visit to LA Coliseum post and pasting same "Downtown LA attractions" section into both posts. Will google punish this? A way to have this duplicate content without being hurt by Google?

  41. Your tips are making the difference!
    Make sure you watch every Neil's video till the end, he gives advices that turn things around in this short videos.
    It might be life changing tip for you just in this last 20 seconds of the video!

    Great job Neil!

  42. Hi Neil, at about the 4:00 mark you talk about having social videos on your pages not getting Google love..

    Is it ok to embeds YouTube videos on your blog posts for Google love? Basically writing content from the video but also using the video as a supplemental/addition to your post (maybe towards the end)?

  43. Great SEO hack, thanks for sharing! That leaves me wondering…I have some strong YouTube videos that rank on the first page on Google search for certain keywords. If I create an article around it, embed the video as you suggested, is there a chance that not only my videos rank on the first page, but also my website with the blog article about the keyword? Is that something that you recommend? If yes, can I just use the videos transcript and make it, say, "readable" and fun to read? PS: On my website, I am using a java script that buffers embedded videos only if users click on it. Does the video embed need to be via iframe or is it "okay" for Google to have the java script embed?

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  44. Neil, dude, as always, thank you!! Could you please tell me if the below strategy is ok? Sounds like it would be…

    I am looking to consolidate 2 websites to 1 (easier to manage). So I'm wanting to copy the relevant blogs from the 1 site and post these on the other site. I will redirect the 1 site to the other, but ultimately I want to take down that site.

    Brief Background: I'm a metal musician, and my artist page is the one I'm keeping and putting everything on. The other site was for guitar players (writing content based on my YouTube guitar related videos). The thing is, most of my music fans are guitar players, so it doesn't really make sense to have 2 sites. For some reason I have been struggling with this decision for a long time, but I'm ready to move forward…sometimes we let emotions get in the way of what we really need to do!

    Thank you again!! (sorry for the little book here…)

  45. Neil – great answer mate. Thank you.
    Question – if I write a 500-1500 post around a video, is there any value in posting the videos transcript too. Or is that a waste? Worth adding it to Yoast Video?

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