Searching for Angela: Lisa Schwartz Meets the Writers (Behind the Scenes of Talking Tom and Friends)

Hi, I’m Lisa Schwartz, the voice of Angela
in Talking Tom and Friends. I can distract them with music. Last season Angela disappeared and this is not okay with me. I need to know, will Angela come back? Will Tom find another girlfriend? Will I have a job? The writers are planning the next season, and I need answers! I’m gonna get in there find out! Hello, thank you so much for taking this
meeting with me. Hi Lisa, it’s great to see you outside of the
recording studio. This is interesting, this is cool. I would love to know what next season is looking like? Next season is going be a big adventure. We have a lot of cliffhangers. -Anyone? The zapper invasion has nearly destroyed the entire world. So Tom just barely managed to save everybody but only by making a deal with Jeremy the Germ… -Dont’ forget about our deal, Tom!
-I won’t! Jeremy and garage… Is he a new
roommate is he taking somebody else’s place how is that gonna work? -Jeremy moving here?
-Quiet roomies! Was that your question? I mean that was a great recap but what I’m really curious to know is: Is Angela coming
back? Is Angela… Yes you know what you’re right because that’s the other really big
question that we have … that question and then also the question about Ben. Is everyone coming back? Oh, yeah, the whole gang is coming back we got… Well, just about everybody. Yeah, that’s right. Just about everybody… How much do I have to pay you to write for Angela next season. Oh, I have already been paid for writing her in the past. I feel like maybe… you have attached on one of our main singers of the show I think she’s talking about… Ginger.
Ginger! Love the musical! What will they sing?! Useless! There are characters dealing with… the thought of Angela. You can see with more than just your eyes
you can see with like your heart. You sound really smart but I don’t know what you’re saying. What I have to say is: Strap in! Oh, boy, I can’t wait! There might even be
some new faces! I guess we’ll have to stick around to find out if Angela does in fact return. Thanks again for taking this meeting! Oh, yeah, yeah… You can go.

100 thoughts on “Searching for Angela: Lisa Schwartz Meets the Writers (Behind the Scenes of Talking Tom and Friends)

  1. MITIRA AANJELAELIDA😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣

  2. I'm definitely curious about Angela's current location. And, if this Agency Xenon mentioned might know something about it.

  3. pause on 2:17 as you can see on the board in the back it says roberta, as you may know roberta isn't a character so for my theory,

    Angela gets stuck in the glitch world where its a bunch of glitches, basically a place made for glitches. But Angela finds a glitch that tries helping her. Or they will have another friend in the rest of the series. I hope you think the same as me!

  4. Oh boy, can’t wait.. bruh

    You sound really smart but I don’t know what your saying. 😀

    me roasting like A chicken oof

  5. Good thing there will be more of these seasons because I was about to remove this series because you never posted for an extremely long time

  6. MY NAME IS ANGELA LIN FROM NEW ZEALAND FOR REAL AND MY CLASS IS M10 if you think I am not telling a tale give a like I
    Love candy and mummy 🍬🍭🍡

  7. 0:13 Hope not, no, maybe you could find a job with FUNimation dubbing Dragon Ball Heroes.
    PS: Please get Ginger out of the show and replace him with someone else (e.g Pierre, Gina, Ironhide etc)

  8. My friend already season 2 he told me at the end tom and angela are gonna kiss i said they where in a ufo but he said there in a cave

  9. Maybe she fall down in a Zapper portal when she is detracting them with music don't know but only 3 days left for the first episode Season 4 Episode 1 = S4 E1☺☺☺☺

  10. Tom is going to save angela very soon because she is stuck in the computer world and achy anglea hates tom now she just love love love love love love's shollamida

  11. Angela was glitches to the computer world and when Tom saw her she did not remember tom😄😑so easy to remember!💅👌

  12. she is gonna die and the white place she dosent know how to survive there i hope shes ok! cuz im geting scerd

  13. we love you talking tome and friends and angela i love you plz come back gonna watch this next episode!

  14. Lori angel I will come back as just want to the bad guys in world really like to music thank you bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye

  15. If Angela don't come back who make the best episodes without Angela not Jeremy he's so disgusting I really hate him he always gets everyone the germs

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