One of the things we always recommend when starting your video project is to “write a script”. And it’s not just about collecting and organizing all your thoughts and information into one place so that you don’t miss anything. You’ll need to reshoot scenes a couple of times before you get it right and if you have a script, it’s easy to just quickly do a re-take. Plus, you only get a couple of hours with the equipment you borrow from the library or the IT help desk, so you need to make the most of that time. Feel free to create either a script or a storyboard. A script is usually text based and includes dialogue and scene directions. While a storyboard also maps out all the visuals you will see for each scene. There are many templates and online storyboard tools you can use, visit our website and look under the Scripting Tab for more info. So if you put a little effort into writing a script at the beginning of the project, you’ll greatly reduce the amount of the time you spend filming, creating animations or screencasts, and editing. So are you ready to get scripting? Don’t forget to check out our site and see some of our services and facilities or contact us if you have any questions.

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