Scripting versus Programming

– Today on DHUB Repository, We’re talking scripting
versus programming, and which one’s better
for your DevOps career. Let’s go. (melodic beeping) (typing) (melodic beeping) (brief whooshing) What’s up, everybody? Ken M. Middleton here,
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me, each and every week. So, today we’re talking about
scripting versus programming. And, I get this question
a lot from engineers, aspiring DevOps engineers who are asking which one is more important, and which one should I focus on? So, got you, I will
share that answer today, of what is more important. So, first of all, let’s talk
about what the difference is between the two, and then, at the end, I will share with you what
my personal opinion is on which one you should focus on more. So, scripting is programming, so, it comes down to one of those adages of scripting is programming, but not all programming is scripting. So, what the hell does that mean? It’s very simple too, all right, all Sedans are cars, but
all cars aren’t Sedans. So, it means they’re interrelated, but there are major
differences between the two, that makes the difference
in how you interpret each. Scripting is a language that doesn’t require the compilation step. They’re able to be interpreted
quicker and easier, naturally, by writing
them onto the machine that you’re working with. Now, when it comes to programming, programming is a compiler, to put all the code together, to then be interpreted by the machine, to be able to read by the machine, and do what the program
has been intended to do. So, what are the differences regards to when you use
one, versus the other? Very simple. Scripting is pretty much used when you need to automate
a single task repeated. Something that you need to
do, over and over again, and it’s very simple, it’s not
complicated, it’s just like, hey, I want to push this
button a million times. When you program, this
is something in which you need to take into
consideration the different nuances that could take place in your environment. So, whereas a script may
write one single task, over and over again, if this
happens, and this happens, more of a programming is when you take all the different
variables from the outside and it’s if this happens, if
that happens, if this happens, it answers a lot of wind-ups and it’s just a lot more complicated, when it comes to doing it. So, what are the benefits of it? So, scripting is a lot
faster to create, easier, doesn’t take to compiling method, and, typically, most people can do it. For programming, programming’s
a lot more complicated. It takes a lot more time,
because of the compilation step, and, but, it can do a lot
more things, typically, whereas it takes, it’s quicker to create
scripts on the front end, like, boom, boom, boom, you can create it. With programming, that
runs a lot faster, because, all of the code is put together, and it’s compiled in a manner that is able to be released
quicker, whereas scripting, you’re trying to figure
it out as it goes along. It just takes a lot more time. So, which is better? This depends on your
situation, which, scripting, as I said, it’s very easy
for menial, quick tasks, that need to be repeated,
over and over and over. And, something that
needs to be done quickly. But, with programming,
this is more important when you have a complicated task that needs to take into account all the different things
that could happen. Scripting fast, if you need
something done quickly, you need something complicated,
you need to program. So, which one makes the most sense in a DevOps environment, and which one are companies looking for? Definitely programming. Today’s day and age is very simple. People want to do more with less, and if you are more of a
programmer than a scripter, you just have way more
things that you can do, in the environment. Back to the to the original definition, all scripting isn’t programming, but all programming is scripting. Typically, all scripters
aren’t programmers, but all programmers can script. So, what does that mean? Not only can they do the fast code, to be able to do things
quickly, and automate tasks, then they’re also able to do
the more complicated codes. So, if you’re a scripter, you’re gonna have limited
value to a company, when it comes to looking at the things that need to take place, whereas if you’re a programmer, you can do the complicated
things, and you can revert, if you will, and do the
more simple, quicker things. So, you have a lot more
variability, in your environment, and thus, providing more value. So, I tell everybody,
if you are scripting, you need to try to get to
full-blown programming. Two other languages that
are used both worlds are Ruby and Python. And, I tell people, start
with those two languages, because you can learn how to script, and then slowly work your way
into programming, over time, making yourself more valuable
in the marketplace, and, at the end of the day, you’re making more money for yourself, which is what it’s about. So, so, many things to do,
so much information to learn, you always need to
continuously try to improve and learn new stuff, which
is why I share videos, all the time, that I’m just saying, hey, here is the information
you need to consider, here’s the steps you need to take. So, take a look at some other
videos that I’ve shared, in regards to the different
things you need to do, to make yourself marketable
in the marketplace, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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