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Yours truly, Mahatalli. Fade in to an airport.
– Cut it! How in the world would we shoot at an airport? We won’t even get a permission to shoot there.
– We need a permission? – And cab fares till there are too much too. Carrying the equipment
till the airport isn’t easy too. And how can so many of us go in one cab?
– We’ll hire two cabs. Or get on the airport bus. My idea was to make a video on types of people
in airports. But don’t worry, I’ll tweak it, like always. Fade in to an railway station.
– Not the train station. It is tough to edit sound. Also, I can’t expose my face to the pollution there.
– You have a valid point. Protecting our faces is important
than saving face. Fade in to Jubilee Bus stand.
– Do you even know how far away it is? We need a video for tomorrow.
So, suggest something simple and easy. It should be relatable, interesting and
1 million views worthy. I’m not asking for a lot, am I? So, think simple.
– We’ll shoot at Film Nagar bus bay, the one next street. ‘Types of people at Film Nagar bus stand.’
– You are changing the locations but the problem still remains the same.
We need to have permissions to shoot. ‘Types of problems writers face while writing.’
– Acting smart, huh? We’ll shoot something in the office.
– No. I’m bored composing the same frames again and again. Keep thinking while I ask my followers on Instagram.
– Are we a joke to her? Let’s shoot at my place. My pets will be
with me too. It’ll be so playful. It is your choice.
– Not again. – What did you post on Insta, anyway? ‘Need stories. Terms and conditions.
To be shot in 5 hours.’ ‘Only one location – My home.’
Why am I even here then? My point exactly.
My followers understand me better than you do. They want us to make ‘Types of TikTok-ers’?
We already made ‘Types of Dubsmash-ers’. ‘Doctor kashtalu’? We don’t know much about doctors.
‘CA Kashtalu’? We know nothing about CAs. The rest, we already did. And the remaining ones
were done by other YouTubers. You know what? Let’s revamp one of our popular videos.
Let’s make ‘Restaurants Vs Dhaba 3.0’. Let’s make ‘BaddhakaRatna 3.0’.
– You mean 4.0, because we already made 3 videos. Did we shoot 3 did we shoot 4? What say?
– It is your choice. Let’s shoot with mother’s character. It is easy to edit.
– What do you say? – It is your choice. Safe player.
– Jahnavi, let’s shoot outside the office, please. And I’m feeling hungry. Let’s make ‘Types of eaters’.
– Oh, cut it! Do we make videos on laziness when we feel lazy
and make videos on food when we are hungry? Let’s try something new.
– Go ahead, who is stopping you? Fade in to an airport.
– Oh, not again! I hate going to airports even when I’m travelling.
– Give me a list of things that you hate. I’m not asking for something so great.
Come up with something which is relatable to everyone something which is very simple but catchy.
Where to? Nowhere.
I’ll think while pacing around. ‘Come up with something
which is relatable to everyone.’ What has got over him?
– ‘Something which is very simple but catchy.’ Could you pace around quickly?
I’ve to leave by 6PM. ‘Man, I need a chair with armrest.’ Sai, tell me what you have in mind.
– Fade in to an airport. – Say that again and you’re dead. Idiot! What do we do with him?
– It is your choice. Stop pacing around and sit down. ‘There is no armrest?
This guy must’ve swapped it.’ Alright, I’ve an idea. We’ll take about
the things that are happening in our lives. The good things or the problems
we all are facing in our lives right now. From there, we’ll take it forward.
In my life now, I had a tiff with Sushanth but Sushanth isn’t available as he used up
all his leaves at work because of me. So, you guys speak now.
– How about ‘Kashtalu with Girlfriends’? How about ‘Having No Girlfriend Kashtalu’?
– Come on, guys, no more ‘Kashtalu’ videos. And why would I make videos about girlfriends on my channel?
– Actually we can. I’ve a crazy idea. My friend, the other day, in Delhi..
– We’ve no money for the airport, forget Delhi. I need to leave by 6PM. Let’s shoot something soon.
– These people aren’t letting me take off. Shall we make a video on friends like her?
The ‘I’m Getting Late’ friends. Stay at home instead. What do we shoot? – It is your choice.
– How about we make a video on yes-men? I’m not able to relate
to this idea. When even I don’t know what it is like
to have yes-men around, I don’t think our viewers would. You have a bright future.
– ‘Screw him.’ Of late, my morning routine has changed a lot.
Earlier, I used to wake up late but then I started getting up early.
Now again, I’m getting up late. After waking up, Sushanth takes Leo for a walk
and some people check their phones the first thing. And I snooze the alarm a lot. It starts ringing
from 8AM to 11AM. So, what sort of risers are you? I check my Instagram.
– Sure, people do. – I read the newspaper. By the time I’m up, I’ll have unread messages
from you asking me where the hell I am. I wake up and then again hit the bed.
– I started gyming in the morning. Is it? Cool.
– Wonder for whom he’s going to gym? So, we can write a sketch
around this and develop it. We can also shoot outside the office.
– Exactly. It’ll be easy for you to edit too. We needn’t go to the airport either.
– Exactly! See, this idea has ticked all boxes. So, write what I say. How about we shoot this in KBR Park?
– Cool! We will during the golden hour and pass it off as morning. You remember the shot we designed?
– Like you are some Mani Ratnam and he, PC Sreeram. And you? Sid Sriram?
– Okay, guys. Let’s go. Hi, guys! So this episode
was a little different than our other videos. Whenever I meet people, they ask me
how we come up with ideas for our videos. So, we come up with ideas
while having some fun coversations. I hope you all had fun watching this.
If you did, give it a like and comment and mention
your favorite person from our whole gang and don’t forget to.. What happened?
– There is no more light outside. What do we do now?
– It is 8PM already. I’ve to leave. – Can we cheat it? Not this much.
– Come in. We should come up with another idea then.

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