Script Breakdown Tutorial: Getting Started

Welcome to StudioBinder. We’re going to show you how
to breakdown your script. To get started, simply import a script file from another program. Just drag and drop
your script here. It is better to use native
script files, like FDX or fountain files,
instead of PDFs. StudioBinder will
automatically recognize any elements the
screenwriter tagged while drafting the script. If you use StudioBinder
screenwriting software, you don’t have to worry
about uploading new versions because everything
you write and change will be updated across all of
your StudioBinder features. The navigation strip is located here. Your scene number
is located here. Jump to any scene in your script by using this drop-down. Or click the arrows to navigate
back and forth between scenes. Scene information, like interior or exterior and time of day is displayed here. And your cast members, represented by
their cast ID number is displayed here. If you know you’re filming
location for the scene, you can create and
assigned them here. The page count for your scene is displayed here. Your sidebar, which displays all
tagged scene elements is located here. Your script version is located here at the top. If you revert to a previous
version of your script, your tagged elements
will also revert. And you can move back
to your latest version, just as easily. Now that you have the
landscape of the breakdown page watch the next video, to learn how to
tag scene elements.

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