69 thoughts on “SAMP Scripting Tutorial: Login | Register Script

  1. @blackaid21 Do you have NET Framework 3.5 (or higher) installed on your PC?
    Or you can use Pawno if SAMPCE doesn't work.

  2. @PS2Damon Of course it says "Unkown Command". I don't create any /register or /login command in this video! I use Dialogs instead of commands…OMG!

  3. @MapleJokerRofl Try to compile your code in Pawno and see if it works. If still you get errors send me a screenshot with the errors and the code

  4. @sebastianr429 Why? Did you activate the Captions? You don't understand the code, the syntax? Then learn Pawn language or C++! Send me a PM!

  5. hi leute kann st du mir helfenn bitte kanst mich ja edenn ok ­čśÇ in sykpe binn ich kalool5 bitte melde dich mall

  6. Be careful in scripts they are really wonky everything has to be in order nothing out of order or it won't work well

  7. too bad tutorial , first of all , no all know how to make your function
    and 2: you can use dini is more fast and efficient …..
    for example: if( ! dini_Exists ( file) ) used as : the file doesn't exist in this case you will must create it… and 2: for using the pawno you must have C++ !!
    I believe I will make some tutorials to help you in scripting bye

  8. I got 1 error:
    SAMP serverAnother serverpawnoincludeYSIy_svar.inc(67) : fatal error 111: user error: Please define "MODE_NAME" before including y_svar.
    Any help?

  9. At the end of the script(WritePlayer) you forgot to close it, now I can't figure out how to close it the right way, will you tell me? everything else is perfect thanks! =)

  10. I'm getting many damn errors! Some of them are mismatch argument, compound statement not closed at end, expected token something else, found something else, expression has no effect, invalid function, undefined symbols: string, player. Help!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. i have error
    E:rubiogamemodestut.pwn(570) : error 017: undefined symbol "player"
    E:rubiogamemodestut.pwn(572) : error 017: undefined symbol "player"
    E:rubiogamemodestut.pwn(575) : warning 213: tag mismatch
    E:rubiogamemodestut.pwn(577) : error 017: undefined symbol "player"
    E:rubiogamemodestut.pwn(586) : error 017: undefined symbol "player"
    E:rubiogamemodestut.pwn(588) : error 017: undefined symbol "player"
    E:rubiogamemodestut.pwn(591) : error 017: undefined symbol "player"

  12. Oric├ót m-a╚Ö str─âdui s─â ├«n╚Ťeleg.. nu pot, te mi╚Öti prea repede ╚Öi parc─â tu faci pentru tine ├«nsu╚Ťi, parc─â nu pare a tutorial..except├ónd explica╚Ťiile de la Caption.

  13. hey i am a beginer scripter do u have like skype so i can talk to u faster  
    Add me @THED╬ŤRKJOKER if u have skype !!!! for info only this is my games skype account

  14. ur ┬á ┬ácode works good…. but when i do register my server getting restarted…. why it happens??

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