RT Shorts – Writer’s Balk

[Gus] Hey Joel. What’re you doin’ in here? [Joel] I’m just working on a script. [Gus] Oh yeah? What’s it about? [Gus] I AM
SUPER GUS. I solve the world’s problems
with sarcasm and patronizing. [Joel] Nothing. [Gus] Can I see it? [Joel] No. [Gus] C’mon just a quick peek- [Joel] It’s not ready. [Gus] Wait a minute. is another one of those scripts where I look like an
asshole [Joel] No! No. [Gus] It is, isn’t it?! It’s another script where I look like an idiot! Lemme just see it- The fuck is this?! (guitar solo) [Geoff] What’s goin’ on? [Gus] Look at this this thing makes me look ridiculous. [Geoff] Dude, chill out, as long as its funny. it is funny right? (girly shrieks) [Geoff] Help! Help! that thief stole my purse! [Gus] Don’t worry miss! Super Gus will get your purse back. [Geoff] Thank you great hero. whatever shall I call you? [Gus] Super Gus will tell you his name! It’s Super Gus. [Joel] I though it was important to establish character. [Geoff] Yep, I’m not doing this. [Gus] Man, this couldn’t possibly get any worse. [Nathan] Hey Joel, that effect you wanted is done. [Gus] Super Gus uses his powers of math! Ah yeah. [Burnie] Hey. Whoa. Why isn’t anybody working? (maniacal laughter) [Burnie] NOW I HAVE ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD! (maniacal laughter) Yeah, I’m cool with that. [Joel] Guys just- everybody calm down okay I
know it’s a little rough but you know I know once Matt sits down to edit it, ya know I’m sure it will sure we’ll be fine. [Matt] I can save this. I can save it. [Lady Matt] Oh Super Gus! You’re my hero! [Hero Matt] No problem, miss! [Thief Matt] CURSES! [Gus] What’s that Mayor? The square root of pi? Delicious. [Lady Matt] You’re my hero.

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