Resume Writing: Career Profile: #1’s with Andrew LaCivita: Advice for Each Step of Your Job Search

Alright hey everybody its Andy welcome
to my four-part live series on my number one tips I’m gonna give you a piece of
advice for every step of your job search we’re doing this live I love it
if you are here with me get in the chat let me know who you are where you’re
from you got any questions we’re gonna go through all your questions as well
but I’ve got this live four-part series we’re gonna be covering your resume
we’re gonna be covering the job search we’re gonna be covering the interview
and the salary negotiation over the next seven days so welcome I am thrilled to
have you whether you’re here with me live or you’re watching this on a
recording absolutely absolutely stoked and today specifically we’re going to
talk about resume writing and more specifically we’re going to talk about
the career profile I’m gonna show you how to place a little summary at the top
of your resume that will absolutely positively reshape the way somebody
looks at your entire resume and I’m not just talking about the humans here I’m
also talking about the computers and those pesky applicant tracking systems
which will absolutely thank you so I’ve got a lot in store and and just so you
know what the agenda looks like for today we’re gonna talk about the career
profile I’m gonna tell you what it is let me tell you why it’s important I’m
gonna do bunk a whole bunch of myths about what people think about it we’re
gonna go through we’re gonna talk about specifically what to include in it I’m
gonna show you a sample we’re gonna have some fun with some pictures and then
we’ll do the QA like my normal QA kind of allow the live office hours regular
programs so I got a lot I got a lot in store for you now because this is a
special event over over for four different days I want to just spend a
couple of minutes and make an acknowledgement for you and share a
little bit about in the same breath share a little bit about what drove me
to create this series for you and whatever I’m gonna have to say however
this comes out of my mouth exactly the thing
I want you to remember is I’m sharing this with you so that you have
perspective to go a little easier on yourself I know how difficult this
process is I mean let’s think think about think about job searching Jon
searching itself even if you are awesome at your trade is very very difficult the
actual bringing yourself to market going through a formal job search is very
difficult and and if you if you add to that further complicating it by what we
all do we reach out to our friends our co-workers our loved ones we seek
counsel we get well-intentioned advice from these people who also don’t know
how to effectively job search and then what do we do we all turn to the pros on
YouTube or the Internet’s where we reach out we start watching a bunch of three
minute videos that are all over the place we’re not really sure what our
issues are we’ve got all these different trainers telling us all these different
things they don’t agree with each other you’re confused you’re overwhelmed and
you don’t really have a cohesive approach and it gets very very
frustrating I want you to know that I am fully fully appreciative of that I
really am and and wait this gets even a little worse because a lot of you who
are in your 30s 40s 50s 60s if you really think about it if you think about
your careers just for a second just think back on your career many of you
have never actually jobs searched have never actually jobs searched I I know
this to be the case because we gather these statistics but I think about you
know hey when you’re a 32 year old and you’re at a pub crawl and your sister’s
friend said Steve hey Andy what do you do and I tell her and she says hey
that’s great you should come over and interview with
our company and I do and they give me a job and I take it that’s not a job
search and that’s what a lot of us do that’s what a lot of us do that’s how
we’ve gone from one to another or maybe we toss our resume
into an applicant tracking system we get lucky we actually get the job that’s not
a job search that’s changing jobs so I know we’ve all probably changed jobs a
handful of times but think about how many times you’ve actually had to bring
yourself to market to bring to bring yourself to market and what what we all
need is structure we need a we need a framework and a system and the steps
that lead to speed and we need the ongoing support so that as we have
questions along the way we can we can get answers to the issues that we’re
facing at the moment now while I have created a program like that that’s my my
job search bootcamp I also appreciate that it’s expensive not everybody can
afford it and while I think it’s a huge value in that everybody could benefit
from it I realize that’s just not it’s impractical to think so I want to help
as many people as I possibly can and I don’t want to just continue to throw a
bunch of three minute videos out there so I’ve spent a lot of time putting
together many frameworks for you this is my latest and it’s a four it’s a
four-part er a lot of you might have seen my job search master class which I
did back in July it’s a three part series a little bit different than this
but something I would highly recommend that you watch if you’re looking for an
overall approach on your job search and doing it right these sessions this week
that we’re gonna go through are going to be my favorite tips that are going to
get you started down the right path at each step in the job search so the
resume then the the search itself the interviewing and the and the salary
negotiation and it was my feeling that if I could give you my best and most
effective technique that can get you going down on the straight and narrow in
each one of these stages you can build your own little mini framework that you
could follow and it would be far more effective when we’re spend a lot more
time together whether you’re here with me live or whether you are watching this
on the recording so I don’t want you to miss it I mean I went overboard on this
one I created a whole event page for you a concierge space I like to call it
internally it’s got it’s got what these sessions
are gonna be about it’s got when they’re scheduled it’s it you’re gonna you’re
gonna be able to access the replays there it’s got some other goodies that
you can check out and some other asset that will really help you in your search
so I I hope that you’re as excited about this as I am because I really feel like
this is something that’s gonna push a lot of you over the hump I know it’s
overwhelming I know you lose hope so I want to give you that hope back I want
to give you some power in your search so I might say this in some format each
session I hope you don’t get tired of hearing it but I feel it’s really
important that you know I am empathetic to what you’re going through I’ve gone
through this myself I know what it’s like I know how difficult it is so let’s
get on to the career profile wait what other thing I always forget this make
sure that you don’t only check out the concierge page but that you’re
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I go live today’s Thursday we’re gonna do one Saturday next Tuesday and next
Thursday all kind of in the middle of of my day but but I hope I hope you’re with
me for as much of it as you possibly can be okay so we talked about the career
profile this thing let’s let’s let’s not overly complicate what it is it’s a it
goes by many names I call it a career profile you can call it a profile you
can call it a career summary and call it a summary and call whatever you want you
don’t even have to even have to name it but it is who and what you are about so
overall what have you done collectively in your job search and you’re trying to
just create a very high-level view of who you are now we’re gonna go into the
psychology behind it the what’s and the wherefore isn’t exactly what this looks
like but just it’s just a summary let’s not overly complicate it it’s a summary
at the top the most important thing that I want you to realize about the career
profile is where it is which is at the top of your resume so when somebody if
they printed it out fine they look at it they’re gonna look at the top first if
they’re looking at on the computer screen and they pull up they’re gonna
look at it on the top first so I want you to realize that it’s so important
because it is the first thing they see I always like to use the analogy that your
career profile is like is like your smile it’s like
your smile when they see it from across the room are you smiling are you beaming
are you warm and welcoming are they getting excited and thinking I am an
absolutely gonna love reading this person’s resume it’s kind of a first
impression so it’s your spot to set the tone for how somebody receives you
initially it’s very important it is the most prime piece of real estate is like
your billboard it’s like your billboard so what does the billboard do think in
terms of the book cover think in terms of the Billboard this is your chance to
grab somebody’s attention so it’s not just about making them feel good about
you but it’s also about grabbing their attention and then holding it because if
they get excited about what they’re about to read they’re going they’re
going to pay more attention to your resume so you’re you’re setting you’re
setting the tone the other thing that it does that I don’t think a lot of people
recognize but it’s a summary and a summary when you start to give me an
executive summary of who you are it helps me with my memory of you people
think in terms of a couple of adjectives about you
he’s a seller at large companies she’s tall with red hair whatever it might be
whatever it might be but people kind of they drop breadcrumbs in their head
about who you are so that they can recollect them later if they want to if
they want to recall who you are and if you’re interested in more on how memory
works and how memory works and interviews make sure you check out
interview intervention communication that gets you hired my first book I go
into how all this works but what you are doing is you are planting the
breadcrumbs and you are making it easier for the person because we remember we
always want to think long game this isn’t just I’m gonna send my resume and
I’m gonna get an interview this is I’m gonna send my resume and I’m gonna get
the job and so I’m gonna go through a whole interview process to do that I
need the people along the way to be able to recollect Who I am in a whole sea of
other job candidates so when I think about and I’m having it reinforced about
who that person is what they’re about how big their accomplishments are I can
retain all that if I’ve got a nice little I got a nice little summary
okay so that helps the memory but I want you to make an impression and I want you
to be able to tell your story the way you want your story to be told in the
way you want me to receive it in what you want me to know about you I call
that controlling the narrative controlling the narrative so think about
whoever you are doesn’t matter where you’re currently working where you’ve
most recently worked or where you’ve spent the last five years you get to
spoon-feed me the narrative you want me to know about you so you are leading
with here’s what I want you to know about me instead of here’s where I
currently work here’s where I currently go to school here’s where I most
recently went to school whatever that is that doesn’t that doesn’t control the
narrative you get to say whatever you want to say up top and most people who
are looking at the career profile are spending more time on the career profile
than they are looking through the rest of it because they’re getting spoon-fed
the story so I want you to make sure that you recognize that you get to put
in there whatever it is you want so you get to control the story the other thing
that that does is it sets the biases that I’m gonna start to formulate right
away before I read the rest of the resume so think about this if you can
position me to think optimistically about you everything in the resume is
going to look better and read better to me and I’m gonna start giving you the
benefit of the doubt instead of the detriment of my doubt where I’m looking
for things and not finding them if I started to draw inferences up at the top
because I assumed you had certain skills or you done certain things which is
natural because people are not spending a ton of time with with your resume
they’re actually trying to formulate an opinion of you if you give me all that
positivity upfront the rest of the stuff tastes better when the plate looks
better the food tastes better when I go sit out in the back on my balcony and
it’s a nice warm 75 and sunny degree day although it’s about 43 degrees right now
where I live when I start recollecting and thinking back on my past all
sudden my memories are a lot more fun but if it’s if it’s freezing cold out
there and it’s snowing and I’m sitting there and trying to remember it I don’t
have the same recollections and everything doesn’t doesn’t I don’t
remember it as well and I don’t remember it as finely so you were setting biases
you’re setting them early you want to make sure that you’re giving yourself
the benefit of the doubt all right this is the other thing it does and I’m gonna
say that this one is this is my only deference I will ever make to an
objective statement you know this objective statements that I absolutely
absolutely cannot stand on a resume they have no place on a resume because it
talks about what you want and instead of what you offer and I’m always stressing
that you want to show what you offer up top right we’re talking about your
billboard and the value you can contribute to the company well those
inferences I was talking about those biases and those assumptions I’m going
to start formulating what it is that you want to be not who it is that you are so
I’m thinking about if I see a career profile at the top of the page and it
has a lot of information about how you’re a seller and so forth I’m going
to assume that you want to continue down that career trajectory and that you know
you don’t want to make a change to marketing so you get to slant your
profile based on where you want to go not solely where you’ve been although it
is it is about your history but the way that we articulate it and what it is
that we say about ourselves can shape the way people think about us in the
future so this is my only deference to that it’s it’s it’s kind of getting the
point of the objective statement into the fact that they’re gonna make an
assumption about who you want to be so you are controlling all this stuff
you’re controlling all this stuff alright so that’s why it’s important now
when I have conversations with people and we talk about their resume I get a
lot of questions about well you know I’ve been told I shouldn’t have a career
profile I should put my education up top I should put just where I start
recruiters don’t want to take the time I would like to run through some of these
myths and give you some lessons from them just a completely different
perspective and in ways that you may never think about this stuff
all right so number one I get is hey Annie won’t I be repeating myself
won’t I be repeating myself if I say this up top then they go down into the
body of the resume they start looking at it won’t it won’t it be repetition well
the one thing that I would say about repetition is number one if you package
the career profile properly you won’t actually be repeating yourself
remember the career profiles a summary and we’ll go through an example but the
career profile is a summary if you’re a seller and you’ve sold ten million
dollars in consumer products goods you’re not going to repeat in the body I
sold ten million dollars of consumer product goods you’re actually going to
show me in your career trajectory over the companies that you work for I sold
two million here and three million there and two million there and so on it’s
gonna add up to ten so that’s really nice and and as mere fact people are
skimming your resume we’re going to talk about this a bit throughout and it’s
gonna be a recurring theme but they’re they’re skimming so the reinforcement of
who you are and the substantiation of it is very very important so not only are
you saying I did all this you’re showing and providing evidence of where you’ve
done it that repetition is actually quite helpful is actually quite helpful
so that’s that’s one this one coming up is my absolute favorite and we are gonna
beat this one to death all right so Andy won’t it take you more time or the
recruiter more time to read my resume to read my resume Oh couple things you
gotta know here this is this is total insider talk okay so so when you think
about that logic that logic actually applies if if somebody if it let’s
assume that somebody actually starts at the top left of your resume reads it
from left to right and top to bottom then turns over the page then reads that
from top left to right and top to bottom it would take me longer to read more
words than less words yes that’s true except that that’s not reality number
one nobody and I mean nobody a resume it’s skimmed and the other
thing we’re gonna talk about a few times is recruiters are looking for what it is
they want not what it is you wrote so based on whatever it is you wrote I’m
looking for the things that I need to see that this job candidate actually has
to know if they can satisfy what it is I’m looking for so now I have to just go
find it that’s one that’s one perspective the other perspective is if
you’re thinking in terms of time for me to read your resume your focus is on the
wrong goal your goal in putting a resume together is not to get a job because
resumes don’t get jobs resumes get job interviews your goal in submitting a
resume is to get whoever is receiving that resume and to the point where they
say I need to speak to this person I need to speak to this person and the
faster I get to that conclusion and give you that job interview or that phone
screen or that Skype interview or whatever it is
the faster I get there the more effective your resume is the time you
should be thinking about is not the time your job is not to make it shorter for
me to read your resume your job is to make it faster for me to get to the
decision that I want to speak with you that I want to speak with you that’s
what’s most important now in order for me to know whether I want to speak with
you I have to imagine who you are what you’re about what you can do I have to
create a story in my mind to know whether I want to talk to you to talk to
you if you don’t give me that executive summary or that career profile I have to
go through the body of your resume and I have to look for everything that I want
and then I have to assemble the story which takes more effort and here’s the
worst part the worst part is you run the risk of me creating a story that isn’t
you that isn’t you because I misinterpreted miss it
misconstrued filled in a bunch of gaps that weren’t accurate wouldn’t it be
better wouldn’t it be better if you just told me what you wanted to tell me and
for me to decide whether I wanted to speak to you true story true story
we were we were actually when we were recruiting care and I were doing a
Latta recruiting we still recruit we were doing a lot of recruiting some
years back and this person sent me an email with his resume in it and it at
the top it said something about you know inquiring about this position referral
from somebody or some just a loose acquaintance I’m not even sure I knew
the person sent I mean the referral you sensed me an email I’m going through I
have I happen to get the email while I’m going through my emails it was just my
email hour of the day I’m going through my emails I get the email I open it up I
see he’s got about this much in maybe four lines in the email to introduce
himself and then he’s got his resume attached his cover letter attached I
open the email I know he’s looking for a job I know he’s interested in a job that
I think we were recruiting for I click open his resume I read his career
profile I shut the thing I emailed them back and I said send me some times this
week when you can speak to me on the phone for an hour he emails me back and
he says it was wow that was fast did you even read my resume I said not only did
I not read your resume I didn’t read your cover letter I didn’t
read your email because I got to the point where I knew based on his profile
and then I just went down boom and I didn’t even I didn’t read anything I
picked out a company or two that he worked at and I thought this guy’s worth
my time he’s either gonna be right for this job which would be a miracle or or
this would be somebody that would be good for me to know to either network
with or maybe for future jobs or whatever I’ve got a whole host of goals
that I can accomplish by speaking to him so just remember it the the only goal
you should be focused on based on time is write that on the top of everything
you do and every day that you think about sending out your resume how fast
can I get somebody to say yes how fast can I get somebody to say yes I need to
speak to this person that’s the time you should be thinking about not worrying
about how long it’s gonna take me to read your resume just make sure you have
in your resume what I need it to have in there what I need to have in there okay
can you tell I’m a little P owed about that one when I hear that okay what’s
this one okay white space but I’ve been told I need white space at the time
because that looks better who told I don’t know who told you that
but think about this lot what does whitespace do nothing it’s
white it’s blank it doesn’t tell me anything that I need and what’s worse is
what you probably have in the white space which I’m going to show you a few
minutes what most of them look like is you probably have a table with stuff in
it with bullets that are very generic
either business functions or skills you have or traits you you have or whatever
none of that stuff gives me what I need and just because you say you have that
doesn’t mean you actually have that I need evidence of the fact so if in a
career profile you can give me some text where I can pick out some of that
evidence I’m loving it so the white space doesn’t do I understand the
concept of white space and I’m not talking about like my walls and art and
those kind of things I’m talking about your resume which has to have data in it
which I need to see or any recruiter needs to see to make sure that they know
you got the goods and trust me when I tell you and I’m going to show you here
with some samples recruiters know how to pick out that information I mean I don’t
want you to have point six font where I can’t read it but just have a normal
text separation paragraphs and all that good stuff and we’ll find it
we’ll find it how about this one applicant tracking systems what are
those computers want they don’t want white space they can’t do anything with
white space applicant tracking systems are so stupid all they do is companies
feed in key words and key traits and other things that they want and all the
applicant tracking system does is take the garbage it was given it takes your
resume and it looks for that in there and you got to have it otherwise it
doesn’t filter you through that’s it it’s just it’s nothing more than keyword
matching and if you start putting things in tables which creates white space
applicant tracking systems cannot digest the white they can’t digest the table
they burp on them I’ve gone into this ad nauseam I actually got a video out there
called three free tools for your resume to beat the applicant tracking system
when we record this we’ll put this up in the card I think maybe we should we’ll
put it in the description here too so you can find that but but keep in mind
applicant tracking systems are looking for those
and if you write the career profile the way I’m gonna show you here in a minute
then you’ll you’ll have the stuff that the applicant tracking system desires
that it’s that’s actually looking for so applicant tracking systems don’t like
white space applicant tracking systems don’t like tables they do not they do
not have gone in giving it a ton of insight onto that all right so all this
said you know why it’s important you know what it can do for you what what
goes in it what goes in it hmm so it’s not very complicated it’s actually it’s
actually quite simple maybe maybe one to two paragraphs I like to because of the
way I’m going to show you how to separate out the things that I want you
to put in there you know one paragraph gets a little it along but one to two
one to two paragraphs it’s an aggregation it’s an aggregation
of you in all of its forms this is more of a theme than what goes in it but
along those along those lines when I talk about aggregation I’m talking about
the total number of years of work experience or maybe the total number of
relevant years of experience or if you have 20 years of work experience in the
information technology arena and you’ve got ten in financial services and ten in
healthcare and you want to call out both that’s fine if you say I’ve got 20 years
of experience in information technology and ten years of experience in
healthcare that’s fine but basically it’s an aggregation that
gives somebody an understanding of what it is and how much of it or how many
years of it an experience that you have of it and you’ve done I also love
company types sizes markets and those kind of things so small companies big
companies medium-sized private public not-for-profit those kind of things what
industries might have services health care manufacturing and so on that kind
of stuff is is really cool because that gives people an idea of the experience
you can call it out when you send your resume to the healthcare companies and
you don’t have to call it out if you’re sending it to the manufacturing
companies or whatever you can kind of play around that the other thing is it
should have a high level achievement that encapsulates everything that you
are stand for and will be soon so you know I use those
Celer examples a lot because we do a lot of salespeople so if yours i’ve sold and
managed ten million dollars in consumer product goods awesome that’s all i need
to know that’s all i need to know that’s a high-level achievement it’s an
aggregation of who you are have you built market brands for whatever x types
of companies that’s great i just need to understand what that accomplishment for
high-level achievement is and then we round it out with core competencies
these are you can call this whatever you want i call it core competencies a
competency is a business function that you have specific working knowledge of
it is a hard core skill / knowledge it’s complex sales its forecasting budgeting
cost base accounting things that are very discrete that somebody says oh
you’ve got experience doing that software development implementation or
whatever it is not character traits or opinions of yourself like i’m a
self-starter i’m detail-oriented I’m a leader I’m a strong communicator says
you says you so so what you’re trying to do is you’re trying to give them an idea
an idea of what business functions you know now let’s have a little fun I’m
gonna show you some pictures we’re gonna dress some more of these things for I’m
gonna repeat myself we’re gonna do some reinforcement but I want to show you I
want to show you some of this stuff all right so right now you should be seeing
a blue screen that says a real pro can skim so I want to go back and I want to
share with you those of you that are worried that I cannot decipher
whitespace we’re gonna spend a few slides on this I did this actually I
don’t know if you guys are with me I think I might have done something
really similar like 3-4 weeks ago when I was talking about resume when I was
talking about resume tips but I’m guessin can I can I get a shout out in
the chat can you give me an I got it if that took you like three seconds to read
that and understand exactly what I said scream out in the chat let me know Annie
I got it that’s funny you could say whatever you want but the
fact of the matter is these are misspelled words and I’m guessing that
all 135 of you that are on here with me now can read this can read this right I
mean how funny is that so imagine what a trained recruiter who is specifically
looking for exactly what they want to know that they’re looking to match up
you the top portion of your resume and your entire resume with the stuff that
they’re looking for imagine what that recruiter can do okay
now here’s here’s the thing about about the white space okay John Smith we’re
gonna beat up this dude he says I’m a senior project man this is what a lot of
resumes look like this is the top portion they got their name on the left
of the right of the center and then and then all of a sudden I see this hey man
look there’s a lot of nice white space there right there’s also a lot of
bullets and there’s 12 core competencies which I have no problem with by the way
that he this guy lists that tell me nothing so he’s a senior project manager
that’s all I need to know I know that a senior project manager knows how to
design scope manage run a team do risk profiling budgeting forecasting and so
on so he just wasted two inches of the top of his resume with nothing now Jane
we love Jane because Jane knows what she’s doing so this one here and by the
way we’re gonna break this down in the next slide so I’m gonna go through this
kind of quickly the thing I want you to take away from this illustration is she
says all right I’m a senior project manager just like John I got 10 years of
experience nice ok i T beautiful fortune 500 large companies fine they could be
small they could be I don’t care financial services great she knows how
to manage software she up to two million dollars in budget and 25 people Wow
that is I don’t know what is that like nine pieces of information
eight nine pieces of information that she gave me in two sentences and then
what she did for the cheap seats and and not really for me but for the computer
is core competencies okay I know what’s to follow
and I wouldn’t look at that but what I do know is she needs that in the resume
because if she’s putting this in an applicant tracking system the applicant
tracking system is looking is looking for those words those are obligatory she
needs to put him in there it doesn’t bother me and it doesn’t cost me any
time cuz I skip right out I saw core competencies I’m gonna drop
my eyes are gonna drop down let’s actually let’s let’s take a look this so
senior pm10 IT fortune 500 financial services fine she’s a manager two mil 25
people nine beautiful pieces of information in what actually is about
one inch on the resume the great part I will not look at and you know I’ll skip
down but if she if she threw in something else that would be really nice
to know like her MBA from Harvard sweet her PMP certification wonderful maybe
she’s got a CCIE maybe she’s a CFP whatever it is that’s cool to get those
other bright spots of your background your education your certifications and
so on embodied in the career profile I do not like them next to her name
because applicant tracking systems don’t like a lot of letters numbers other
things parentheses and things up at the top it just wants to break the field up
and populate it as your name plus when somebody’s reading the resume whenever I
see em be a PMP CFP this that new thing up at the top it sends off the wrong
kind of message but what she did here was she got it in
I will pick it up I would never miss that I would never miss that and she got
it in and she downplayed it and that actually is a cool move okay so this is
a quality layout now when you’re looking at this and and you know by the way you
can come back and revisit this you’ve got the little template here but what
you’re really trying to do is over on the left you want to give a descriptor
of yourself maybe you are a senior accountant maybe you’re a chief
financial officer maybe you are a whatever ten years of experience maybe
you’ve got 20 years of experience with 10 in financial services because you’re
trying to highlight that that’s cool what what’s the
main thing that you do in her she implements IT stuff okay she’s an IT
person awesome not gonna forget that she’s highlighting big companies maybe
that’s important for her to do because she’s applying for a big company but but
maybe maybe she has small company worked in her background and she wants to show
you that she’s got a range small to big companies that’s fine too but you’re
getting the sense that that in that second sentence is her her major
accomplishment and then like I said for the for the system she calls out those
specific functions and what you can do in that gray area is you can actually
swap out the nomenclature based on the keywords that are in the job description
for the job you’re applying to so if she would have said you know I if she needs
to throw in here that she also knows agile methodology or waterfall or
whatever she can do that she can do that all right so wait I want to I want to
head back here do me a favor in the chest so we run surveys on this and I
want to survey you guys we run surveys on on these on these things like we we
we run surveys with hiring officials and recruiters well I’m not gonna tell you
who wins but well you in the chat will you give me a John or a Jane depending
on which one of these you favor and I promise I won’t make fun of you if you
don’t like the one and I don’t like which I know you know but we survey we
survey HR people recruiters hiring officials by the thousands every year
and we send them lots of questions about hiring and how many people they hire and
what type of resume format they favor and I just I would be curious to know
because we have percentages of what these people report back on Easter on
these surveys of what the percentages of how many of these people absolutely Jane
crushes John’s but every single time so anybody who tells you that they need to
see white space up there that’s not an actual hire that’s not somebody who’s
reviewing a lot of resumes okay I need the data I need
to make a decision and I want to get there quickly you do not get there you
do not get me there faster when I see the top thing I have to search for more
insight okay so well we’ll we’ll check in here you know when we hit the QA I’ll
look at the chat and all that good stuff but you you get you get the you get the
stuff and if you don’t believe me on this that this stuff works by the way
don’t worry I’m not gonna sell you anything here I just but I do want to
show you these people now Stephanie had her resume like John’s we changed it to
Jane’s she’s in my boot camp and you know she sent it out to ten to ten one
week and we communicated I said can you know report back to me how you doing
I’ve been getting responses by sending my resumes to see levels with with your
help and I’m getting emails back on almost all I apply I’ve got a husband
and wife Anastasia and Michael who are in these programs and Stasia talked to
her husband Michael into joining one of my my programs and look at this you know
we had a we are professionally written a lot of plagiarism wasn’t getting us
anything he enrolls in your course we righted the wrote the resume with a
rewrite within two weeks six interview requests and I think he is actually
working for Google right now and then Jill hey Jill I don’t know if Jill’s
here but Jill starts her job on October 22nd so you know give a give a shout out
to Jill since I revamped my resume I mean these are all people in my programs
but I just grabbed some from YouTube I mean you could go to any of the videos
that I have on resume writing and look at what those people say you know i
reconstructed it based on the guidelines you gave me this guy I think watched
SIBO watched how to build the ultimate professional resume which is a free
video that’s out there I give you the template and all that good stuff three
interviews out of five Bob went from zero to eight okay eight for eight and
then Sarah Sarah cracks me up and I love the picture but you know your
suggestions gave me abundance of interest this stuff flat-out works and
and I you know I know there’s a lot of different resume templates out there I
know there are a lot of different formats and you can play around with it
but I’ve more than a half a million resumes way
more than that we’ve helped people write them I’ve interacted with more than 200
companies that we’ve worked with my executive search for mile walk as an
executive recruiter we’ve helped nearly 600 people attain jobs we work with the
higher officials we see what works and what I’ve done from all of these resumes
that I’ve been given by people is I’ve designed what I think works and is
curated to work not only for the human but for thee for the applicant tracking
system so just make sure you know revisit this when you get the replay
check out that template and if you want more on you know resume writing I got
two great free resources one of them and this is in the description is a free
resume webinar it’s about an hour-long call three secrets to get your resume
noticed in that free webinar I show you exactly how somebody looks at the resume
I also go into topically the kind of content you need to have in the resume
to create a winning one but this is this is insider stuff and then the other one
if you’re looking for something a little bit more prescriptive on how to write
the resume I know I had a resume writing class a couple of weeks ago that’s now
retired for a long time but I do have a video called build your ultimate
professional resume it’s a resume template there’s instructions and I take
you through all the sections so the career profile though this is a great
template to use for that alright so if you’re loving this if you’re here live
give me a thumbs up in the in the you know on the video make sure you’re
subscribed to the channel and and make sure you are watching or setting
reminders for Saturday for Tuesday for the subsequent sessions that we’re gonna
have in this program I don’t want you to miss any but if you do the replays are
gonna be up for a limited time you can check out the event page that’s in the
description as well and if you are watching this on a recording so long I
will see you in the next video in the series if you’re here with me live let’s
go to the chant let’s see what we got 136 people that’s a lot of fun
let me I want to shut down some things on my computer so that we aren’t running
the juice alright here we go let’s see who is here I hope you guys loved that
man I I’m telling you this stuff is hard would you have known all that stuff I
told you about setting biases and memory and time and all those things just don’t
think like that you just don’t think like that and people are people are
wondering why well this is what I’ve been told that logic is just faulty so I
hope I hope that was helpful because I I try not to I try to give you the tactics
but I also want to make sure you understand why because it’s important
and a lot of times people are trying to create these short videos because
they’re there they’re thinking that your attention span is too short wait
actually I guy this is one thing well some of my videos the the weekly videos
have been longer a little lately and some of them clip outs from previous
live office hour sessions or some of them are just longer videos and I have
decided that I want to make sure that you are getting the information that you
need and I’m not I’m not going to insult you and say well your attention span
isn’t great and you only want to watch a three-minute video if you actually want
the information it is my belief that there is no video that’s too long the
only thing that I think about videos that they can they can’t be too long but
they can be too boring they can be too boring that’s what I actually think so I
love that you guys are with me I love that you’re in my community I want to
make you rich stuff and I want you to truly understand why I recommend what I
recommend so so there so that’s what I think who’s here who’s here Monisha
great to see you Angela great to have you Connie Connors MOOC Amberg I hope
you’re doing well Connie rosemarie hall from the left coast is
boot camper and we love to have her and Pedro great to see you there’s not a
number that you need to get to join wrasse great to see you alright Manisha has a question hey Cara
do me a favor just let me know everything is cool and I’m in the right
spot Manisha’s got a question I want to bring
your attention to a useful sight from the Department of Labor one one t online
org that provides detailed job descriptions for all conceivable
occupation that’s awesome that’s awesome we are by the way so I I tend to shoot
videos in in in bulk and one of the things that we carry and I are actually
going through right now is we are looking to build our content calendar
for the next several months so that I can I can create this so it’s not only
the live office hours on Thursdays and what we talked about but also some
recorded just flat-out recorded videos that I create and one of them is going
to be a tools like the sites and the tools that you should use to run an
effective job search so so monisha that’s a great that’s a great
recommendation Kara make sure we we capture that don’t lose don’t lose that
but we’ve got we’ve got some good ones coming from you that tools one it’ll
probably be early early out or early release
all right romance you great see you Josh go
how are you alright Manisha Albany New York great research scientists love it
Ibrahim great to see you man thanks for your emails John how are you hang in
there buddy got your email on I was last week or week before Terry Danny Daniel
Gomez from perth australia australian the first place in the planet from me to
sunny florida and i hope you’re doing okay and you’re not getting wiped out by
michael the menace max traveler great to see you John just good to have you seek
a go my Canadian friends hey Cecilia from London Venkata how are you chef
Iike how are you Daniel Gomez got a question this is a fantastic question
actually they’re all fantastic but I I especially like these little these
little ones that get right really tiny subtle things so Daniels
asking is it appropriate to use abbreviations anywhere in a resume for
example approximately 2 million when quantifying an accomplishment here’s
what I love about this so the first thing is don’t abbreviate anything
anywhere anytime so 4m put million for K put comma zero
zero zero you want to be very specific because applicant tracking systems burp
on PMP they want project management professional that if you want to put in
parentheses PMP that’s okay just make sure you’re spelling things out and by
the way some people use em for a thousand some people use em for a
million so sometimes I get resumes that say 20 mm but I know based on the
context that that’s likely 20 million when it should just say 20 million okay
so and some people will say 20 M when it should be 20 million so that’s one thing
second thing that you mentioned even though this was not part of your
question but everybody should know this try not this is a real stress here try
not I strongly strongly recommend this try not to ever use the word
approximately near abouts various or whatever if it’s two million it’s two
million what I’d rather see is two point 1 million two point one five million the
more precise the number the more believable the number so it’s okay to
say if you’re just showing magnitude this impacted more than six hundred
users but I would rather it be specific like as in it was more than six hundred
okay I got so in a minimum it was six hundred that’s okay but when you’re
approximating and by the way same goes for weight I had the book here cuz I you
can get this free but in here I go into but
leave ability factors when you’re telling your stories and you’re
responding so just like on your resume Daniel and everybody else
by the way can get this free ship it anywhere seven bucks you want to make
sure that you are as precise as possible if the project took 14 weeks it took 14
weeks not about a quarter of the year so you just specificity makes people assume
and believe that you lived it when you use a lot of vague terminology
especially when you’re telling your story
they don’t believe you they do they’re less likely to believe you let’s say
okay so that’s a great one hope that hope that help buddy and glad you are in
Florida and I hope you are safe Connie Cotter
great to see you Ingrid how are you boot camper Tom great to see you from Croatia
Andrea Andrea great to have you sue how are you boot camper she’s lovely and
Jess how are you from Malaysia CK go zombie review Rory how you doing we’ve
got a lot of people from Calgary in the mile walk added me by the way he’s a
boot camper all right May great to see you Pedro from Barbados
oh my god mom’s here hey mom love you sorry I haven’t called I mean trying to
helps people get jobs okay call you later this weekend after my session on
Saturday okay Neeta from Serbia Richard us older
Germany thank you for your service hey by the way Richard Ramos and anybody
who is a veteran I don’t know if you guys know this but on the mile walk blog
which my company my lot we have the blog inside there but you can go to Angeles
Viacom there’s a number of ways to get to it if you just go in the search bar
and you type military veteran there will be a nice thick booklet for you that’s
titled how to go from military veteran to civilian professional you’re welcome
and all you stay-at-home parents stay-at-home moms stay-at-home dads go
to the blog type in stay at home or whatever it’ll pop up got a booklet for
you to and anything that you guys need any any real nichy stuff like that where
you feel like you got you know it’s it’s a comments that you
but it’s a unique situation go go type that in you’ll be amazed at what’s in
there and you can’t always see that stuff from the from the from the from
the YouTube channel which I hope you are subscribed to and I hope your thumbs up
in this video wait so on the YouTube channel I’ve got
a hundred and fifteen videos that are public and a whole bunch more that are
private the but I don’t I have like sometimes I wrote the article and I
created the booklet before I shot videos and I haven’t shot a video on it
so you want to check out the blog to the mile walk blog just go to andrew la
subida calm the link is in the description there’s tons of stuff you’d
be amazed at what’s in there and it’s broken out by employee employer college
students I got some inspirate a lot of inspirational stuff on there so I
encourage you to go check check that out incognito New York Bruce Reilly you’re
welcome Cheryl from Barbra a lot of Barbados al Garcia my buddy al Garcia
and I met we were 22 years old and we worked together for a number of years
and that is one good dude I think he’s still an East Coast now I
hope you’re doing well my friend hope you’re doing well all right Andrea from
Maine all right Steve Smith all right finally a question hi Andy from DC what
exactly does the ATS pick up is the list of keywords typically after the summary
or does it scan throughout the entire resume for content words awesome
question I’m gonna give you some tips all right advocate tracking systems
there are a there are a number of different ones and the one thing that I
always recommend that you do and Kara may be this we should put in the chat
for those of you who have not heard of job scan job scan dot co / Andrew – LA
Savina or whatever that’s my direct link to their site I recommend their site and
service as a prelude to anybody who is going to put their resume into an
applicant tracking system full disclosure I have a partnership with
them and the service is free for like 30 days and then you can kind of do some
things to extend the free service but if you do enroll you
know 3060 days down they give me a really small referral fee which
basically doesn’t even buy me a latte but regardless I just want you to get
past the Advocate races to check that out and what it will do is it will show
you based on the job description and your resume what percentage match you
align it’ll give you suggestions on what to take out of your resume like hey this
applicant tracking system does not like tables this applicant tracking system
does not like abbreviations like PMP and MBA or whatever this applicant tracking
system suggests account executive instead of business development
executive or whatever based on the job description so it will look at a number
of factors okay assume that you have the whole resume to work with so you can
have the you can have the keywords at the top and then what I like is putting
the keywords throughout so the thing that’s cool about the core competencies
is you can list out those hard core skills that you have in Nollan working
knowledge and you can even you can even list some of your skills or
certifications up top – I don’t recommend a certs
or skills section at the top if you are somebody who’s highly certified or
whatever put that at the bottom to put it in so so the applicant tracking
system is effectively looking for lots of those keywords because that’s what it
anchors off of to determine if you have what the Job Description is calling for
one little trick that I think I told my interview intervention Facebook group
and I think people said was telling me it was working was if you create your
resume in Word okay I’m just throwing this out there give it a try create your
resume in Word and then go copy the job description that you’re applying for and
put it in your resume at the bottom and make the font white and like one point
or point one or whatever the smallest font is and then put that in your Word
document then create a PDF then send it in to the applicant rating system
see if it starts aligning you with it where nobody can actually see that and
people were telling me it was working so I got that tip from somebody in my
bootcamp and who got it from somebody and now I’m sending it to you but I
would try that and just see if it were not gonna hurt you and and in the Africa
transit if you go through jobs can the applicant the job scan scan will tell
you if you can tell it what the ATS is cuz it will do that and the system will
do that and I’m not gonna go into all that how that fares that out it’s very
simple but they will tell you hey word document is okay a PDF is okay or PDF no
good word document only or text file or whatever what the preferences of that
specific applicant tracking system based on the software product that the
company is using okay so there’s lots of them that are out there and they’re all
a little different but you can you can you can try it you can try that and I
hope that helps Steve and everybody else Wendy how are you
boot camper thank you for the wonderful email that was quite a wonderful email
thank you arjan how are you you’re welcome Mostafa
great to have you Andy if you are a in software development field should your
technical skills such as programming language be part of the core
competencies I love that or should it be a stand-alone section home run question
here’s what I love about this so what I recommend is and I know we deal with a
lot of technologists and I know there are a lot of developers and engineers
here’s what I here’s what I love to do list your core competencies like I
showed you then where Jane Doe had you know well at you know credentialed
education from and you know MBA from and so on what you could do is pick the pick
the skill the certification the programming language or whatever it is
that is the most important thing for them to know and you could you could
rotate this in and out depending on the job you’re applying for if that
particular job calls for C+ Plus c-sharp and so on then just put proficient in the following languages or
skills include C++ C sharp and so on love that or if you have a certification
like so we deal with a lot of network engineers and Cisco certifications are a
big deal and especially when you start getting up to the high points like the
CCIE and you know the CCNA CCNP and so on the CC II’s are very very well
sought-after and well credentialed and it’s painful
to get this certification so I would always recommend that they put you know
CCIE certified number whatever their number is and then so on then what I do
is drop to the bottom of the resume and if you have a lot of skills that you are
you are proficient in just put them in the resume cuz which don’t want is like
three lines of C++ C sharp dotnet Java spring so on so forth and you know you
get all these things you’re listing then drop down and do a skills section and
what you could do there is you can just you can just kind of list them out comma
comma comma comma comma don’t put tables whenever you don’t put tables of any
kind in any in any resume the applicant tracking systems don’t like it it’s it’s
you know if you know you’re sending it to a person and you you know you list it
out at the bottom or something that’s fine but just I’m you know just list
them with commas it’s easier and it takes up less space so anyway that’s
what I would recommend there I love that question and that’s a great and we get
that a lot by the way one thing I did not mention for those of you that are
still here with me and I’ll do this maybe as the week goes on on October
19th this the October 1980 things we are doing the last live job search boot camp
of the year the boot camp runs all the time you can always enroll but we’re
going into a live stage it starts October 19th this is the last one of the
year we’re doing five sessions in like a 10 or 12 day cluster right at the
of October then you get one in November and you get another one in December the
first time I’m doing a seven session boot camp the reason I mentioning this
is because one of the extra sessions is gonna be an additional coaching private
coaching session we do it with zoom and we we are it’s much more engaging
because we can have dialogue back and forth and and one of those sessions is
on specific resume nuances so we’re gonna cover so the boot camp the
marketing session of the boot camp covers the resume the cover letters and
the LinkedIn profile that’s like a two-hour session but and we go deep on
each of those but to go very prescriptive and say okay if you’ve got
if you’re a contractor here’s how you do it if you have an employment gap here’s
how you do it if you are you know been consulting but you want a full-time job
here’s how you do it if you’ve got a company that was acquired by another
company here’s how you do it and so on we’re gonna go through a very
prescriptive writing class and we can we’ll even pull up resumes and look at
them and so on so for Mostafa and these for these
people like this that have a lot of these questions that want more firepower
that boot camp and the special on that boot camp this package
lives for this the rest of this year and that’s it so you know we’re gonna be
doing a whole boot camp may anything next week but I wanted to mention to you
if you are on the fence this is that time you get seven sessions with me you
get twelve more sessions in my monthly coaching you get an all-access pass it’s
really great but I wanted to call that out because I like in any and I forgot
to mention that before we started the killing it but you know it comes to me
when it comes to me okay all right here we go Mohammed great see you then cotta
is that’s awesome Mohammed is asking I think this is a question okay this is a really good question
Muhammad is asking me my question would be how about going in person to
architect your firm so you must be an architect and give them the resume and
asking them for an interview so Muhammad on the one hand I absolutely love the
personal touch I really do and I hope you guys get that this is why
we I’m live every week with you and why we do these special bonanzas but when
you are when you are job searching and especially with architecture firm with
firms like this rarely not only do they not pick up the phone when you call
nobody want you to walk in because they they’re busy they don’t have time to
take the information they don’t have time to talk to you they don’t know who
you are they don’t know if they’re gonna like your background it is much better
it is much better to what I would do is I have a I have a video called how to
apply for a job when there’s no job opening and give you a seven sentence
cover letter that I would I would write to the architecture firms or engineering
firms or whatever it is that you might be applying for with your resume and so
on and I would send that in and then I would follow up and I would call them
and so on and I would it is what we call permission based marketing what you know
I and you know I asked you if it’s okay can I speak with you it’s just an
expression but it’s it’s basically the tactic as opposed to the cold calling
which is what you’re talking about even though you mean physically going in I
don’t recommend it I’m not saying it will never work and all because that’s
that would be silly I would never say that but it’s it’s low likelihood and
and most people are just gonna turn you away and you spend a lot of time when
you could when you can work your network and by the way session on Saturday is
whoa I mean we are going into networking on that on Saturday so I hope yeah I
hope you come for that but I hope that helps I hope that helps Todd Oh got the
offer you are welcome that’s awesome can we all give Todd a shout out that’s
awesome congratulations buddy CK nice read Issa hey to you Heather Heather
I think many companies don’t a lot that’s true you know they they’re gonna
turn you right away a lot of them done Don I by the way Don
I hope you’re still here and I hope you got my email yesterday
because your email was killer buddy that was awesome
I’m not gonna call it out but that that choked me up a bit thank you for that
and and I read it to my wife I read it to my eye in the kitchen and I read it
and he’s got gold writing all over it so thank you for that and I’m loved having
in the boot camp and can’t wait to get going
by the way one other thing about the boot camp when you get in the boot camp
and you get the welcome email and all that stuff a couple days after you get
in I send you a message and I say great to have you I fat-finger them tell me
how you found me tell me about you tell me your host
story write me whatever you want I need to know who you are so I can give you
better advice that is the level of dedication that I’m giving you because I
need to help you get to where you want to go this is not some automated process
where I shove a few videos in front of you and say go to town it is personal it
is friendly I’m dedicated and I want you to know that this this matters to me
that I understand who you are what your issues are what you’re facing what you
tried why it wasn’t working and all that good stuff because that’s how we fix it
okay so you know if you if you aren’t getting that level of certain you know I
know a lot of you aren’t getting that level service from a lot of training you
buy which is why our for the trade-in program but Don is great to have you I
hope you are here to hear that and I really enjoyed that thank you alright MMSE freak out guy oh man come
on aircraft maintenance engineer student and I’m looking for and on-the-job
training in corporate company so I need a resume can you give me some Goods
subjective yes all y’all college students and recent college graduates
and the like or high school students are graduating I have a video called this
one trick will make my College resume stand out
you a template I walk you through everything I would highly recommend that
video and then what I would do buddy is I would also look at my build
your ultimate professional resume video as well but watch watch the college one
first and then get the template and jump jumping jumping Sparkle love the analogy
I’m not sure what that was but at 11:09 I must have done something
all right may young all right may young great question
all right so Mays got a question about should I keep the job title on my resume
the same as it was when I was hired or is it okay to end specialist next to it
to make it sound more sophisticated will that affect reference check well may 1st
thing is if the Jo changed it’s okay to change it if you got promoted it’s okay
to show the promotion so title one and here’s what I did and then more recently
title two and here’s what I do and so on if you are just changing the title just
to change it I do not recommend that as and I the only exception to title
changing and how I would handle it by the way I’m going this in the writing
class too or the writing session is if you have a title that is unfamiliar to
the outside world and doesn’t mean anything then you can adjust for what
the appropriate outside title would be and then what I would do is say
internally known as or something of that nature in the little description
underneath it just for reference checking purposes but I would not play
around with the title unless you absolutely need to recalibrate it so
somebody understands that okay so I will be clear on that I would not mess around
with it unless you were promoted or or changed okay I hope that helps and Henry
will thank you I listen to lots of career advice and one thing I really
like about Andrew is that he puts things into a high-level formula so it’s easier
to remember the main points so these three by five counts of a place they’re
easier they you know I started the cards I do a lot of live you know we do a lot
of this live stuff and it you know you can’t like I can pull up a PowerPoint
but I can’t slide you know it’s it’s I’m sure I can do that but I’m the I’m the
video engineer the sound engineer the talent all that and it’s just hard with
all that that stuff going on so the cards are I mean I love the cards I’d I
just think they’re great and and you know I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback
on them so I just kept going with them I love it thank you for that Sam great to
see you I have major surgery upcoming this January okay wait I hope a hope in
you okay I feel if I go 100% with mile walk tips and techniques I’ll get a job
offer only to request a delay and start date should I test the waters anyway
you’re great thank you and you are great too for saying that Sam everybody by the
way Sam’s got a great point here and and it with first off Sam we hope you’re
okay and if you got a major surgery in
January I’m hoping that you know that’s something that you scheduled
appropriately cuz it could you know wasn’t immediate that you can schedule
it out so you’re okay if you have a vacation if you’re adopting a kid who’s
coming over from a foreign state or land and that kid’s gonna need surgery or
whatever or you or you don’t know when you gotta go cuz you require two trips
to go make an adoption or whatever it is anything that’s going on in your life I
want you to first understand if it makes sense meaning like Sam what your surgery
isn’t gonna prohibit you from going to the office for an extended period of
time or whatever it’s okay to alert the company hey I have a vacation coming I
have I have something that I can’t foresee I’m trying to adopt a child I’m
having surgery I know it’s gonna be January 5th all that stuff’s okay and
most companies and dare I say like 90 some odd percent of the companies will
actually accommodate for that I don’t I think you should start looking and if
you need to pull back then you pull back but what I would like to hope and I
think positively and I vision it out and I envision the struggles and I envision
the victory you’re gonna go you’re gonna use the techniques you’re gonna test the
waters they’re gonna give you a job you’re gonna in the process you’re gonna
explain I need a little time off I’m having minor surgery major surgery
whatever it is and I’m gonna need this time off here and you go and and every
great hundred percent of great companies will accommodate that they will they
really well 100% we’ve entered we’ve recruited for more than 200 companies
and we have never had an issue and we have had all kinds of we’ve had all
kinds of stuff we’ve had people start and work a week and take two weeks off
and or a week off because they had a vacation and with the kids or whatever
it trust me good companies they don’t care cuz
they’re thinking long term they’re thinking long term I hope that
helps may young question should I reapply for a position after making
changes and upgrading my resume or at least update in there on their Taleo or
is it too late may great question so it sounds like you applied and then you
upgraded your resume here’s what I would do I would not reapply with a new resume
I would contact the recruiter well so you didn’t tell me if they actually are
giving you an interview if if you haven’t heard back I would contact the
recruiter and follow up on your application don’t send the new resume
okay and just ask you know has there been any consideration given you could
actually I now that I think about it you could say I
I have augmented my resume to include some more current insight I’m attaching
it here as my most current is there any is there any update if you are in the
interview process and you are interviewing and you have an upgraded
resume this happens a lot okay we have people join the boot camp and then they
they start to work a little and then they’re using an old resume and they
happen to be sending him out and they got an interview and then they get to
the resume writing session and all of a sudden they want to drastically change
it this this happens I don’t recommend that you do a lot of
confusing things if you go to interviews and the interviewer has your old resume
and then all of a sudden they’re not sure which resume to use or you bring in
a new resume and that doesn’t look like the one they reviewed if they reviewed
it so I I’m not much for a lot of moving pieces unless something drastic has
changed you know you got the CCIE certification you got the PMP
certification yeah your MBA you officially got it or whatever you know
just something like that I’m I’m not I’m not a fan of a lot of moving parts it’s
just confusing so I hope that helps all right Cecilia hi in an interview if
I asked a question such as what is the most inspiring article you’ve read about
our company oh wait you oh you are asked what’s the most inspiring article you’ve
read about our company and I don’t know how should I respond that is a great
question I actually my advice to all of you is you’re gonna research the heck
out of the company what you always want to do in an interview is you want to
talk about who you are not who you’re not you want to talk about what you know
not what you don’t and you want to talk about what you did as opposed to what
you didn’t I would immediately say well as far as articles go I don’t know what
the most inspiring was but I read your 10k and I was very inspired by I saw the
press release and I was very inspired by and I you because if you haven’t done
that research then I mean that’s that’s not good so you you need to you need to
make sure that you’ve done your homework and you need to talk about you know what
I actually the most inspiring thing I saw was those employee testimonial
videos right something like that talk about just lack on what they’re asking
for about because to be honest with you they’re not really fishing about what
the article is because they don’t really care what you think is the most
inspiring article what they want to know is what have you researched about us
that’s really what they’re asking that’s how I’d approach that Kristen how are
you she’s a boot camper we love you I hope you’re doing great from
okay hi Andy had a third interview of the big national healthcare company
yesterday and strategic brand marketing for Oh wonderful
fourth interview next week was referred to there was referred by their
consulting firm that’s awesome yay all right can we all send Kristin
some some good juju and some good vibes give her claps give her vibes give her a
hey just we’re pulling for you that’s awesome all right
um kind of counter interesting framing okay wait a question interesting framing
the career profile to where you want to go should I describe how my BA skills
translate into product owner role yes Connie yes why has what you’ve done
aligned you to where you want to go and I think I think we even talked about the
nomenclature that I would use and kind of conflate or double up you know
product owner and business analyst I mean you can you can say that you can
say that all right all right let me see him just slidin down here
looking for questions oh okay wait oh so now we’re getting to the point 11:30
when I talked about the the skimming that’s awesome it’s true it’s true oh my
god hey Jan chance here good to see you buddy chummy Sparkle how are you Cindy
done Heather Oh ease incognito in New York
Yvonne how are you sue got it got it but it needed more work
okay D River they see okay this is a great question D is asking how do you
construct a LinkedIn profile when you have experience in two different
industries with different titles in professional levels D I don’t mind
having that what you didn’t tell me is is there one that you favor or one that
you don’t and it’s okay to have some experience and differently a lot of
people have that what you can do is assuming that you want one of the two
that you want to go down that path you’ve got the summary to work with you
you got your headline so wait so D here’s what I would do
you got your headline to work with I put out a video around describing yourself
in one sentence around your elevator pitch you can check that out there’s a
video there’s even a live office hours session on it that’ll give you a
headline and you can frame that how you want you got the summary in the LinkedIn
profile and you can slant that like a career profile that you want if you
truly want to lean toward one or the other you can just accentuate one more
that’s what I would do and then if you if you if you have you know I don’t know
if it was like you know 10 years in this industry 10 years in this industry but
if the if if earlier in your career you were in one industry and later you were
in the other one and you want to stay with this one then I would blow all this
out and I would leave this down here very thin very thin maybe just titles or
whatever but I don’t I would have to know exactly what it looked like and
what your goal was to give you the best advice but I think I think some of that
will get you going in the right direction so hope that helped
all right love that example got it with them in it yeah yeah Jane Jane crushes
crushes John all the time I don’t know anyway actually say Jen all right I love
that I love that all right may young for the career profile how do you figure out
what the core competences are when your job doesn’t entail that many
responsibilities well actually may you would be surprised at how many core
competencies your job any job would entail so what are your actual it’s not
what is it that you do and and I would you get have to break it down now if I
don’t know what it is that you do but if you want I don’t know I don’t know where
we are in the questions we’re gonna go another a few minutes here if you want
to drop down the bottom and let me know specifically what your function is I
could tell you what the core competencies are so hope that helps
Robert Tatum good to see you human vision I like Pechanga system changing yeah that’s cool all right Connie Cotter
is asking oops you know this darn chat County Cotter at
11:36 should I customize the career profile for each job I’m applying for
with the core competencies then leave the remainder the same you can do that
you can do that and then just tweak in the body County if you need to um I love
that because I know you’re looking for a product ownership you’re working for
product ownership your work you’re looking for business analysis and so on
but you could definitely tinker and if you want to tailor those those
competencies that’s totally totally appropriate totally appropriate okay oh I like this ubi print I was Jenna
with J and great way to break it out Jana’s the jeans she James pretty darn
smart all right so county catered great great great
question after revising my resume per your guidance
socha Connie’s in the bootcamp so we revamped our resume is it okay to
reapply to companies that previously rejected me yes yes yes yes the way that
I would apply however for any of you that reject that where you are rejected
you let a little time go by you email you email back somebody whether it’s the
recruiter the HR person whoever rejected you if it was an auto rejection I would
still do this you got a target somebody you got a target somebody if if you a
couple couple of scenarios here if you put your resume in an applicant tracking
system and you immediately get a bomb like instantly and it looks like a form
letter the applicant tracking that’s automated so no one actually saw your
resume you could go and reapply through the applicant tracking system and see if
if the updated resume is a better match and you get past the system what i
always recommend though is the applicant track system kind of especially for
somebody like you senior high earner and whatever that you you do not use the
applicant tracking system and you try to target somebody and then you reapply
assuming that they never really saw your resume and yes i would do that i would
do that i yes i would i mean i might not do it the next week but i would do it as
some time goes back folks the one thing you gotta realize if a
company rejects you make these you have to know why they rejected you if they
rejected you because they just didn’t like you that’s one thing if they
rejected you because they didn’t think you had enough experience in alignment
with what they were looking for but time has gone by you can make an assumption
that they may or may not have found who it is that they looked for they might
have had a different level of standards earlier on in there
process right we’re waiting for the perfect person you weren’t it well guess
what when two months goes by all of a sudden you start looking a lot better
you need to follow up you need to follow up so you know it’s it’s okay to do that
but if you’re getting a bong immediately it’s almost as if no human side so I
recommend you target the human with the new resume but if you can’t get out of
human then you got to go back into the applicant rex’s go ahead and do it
anyway go ahead and do it anyway so if that helps all right jumping Sparkle
thank you for that racer irt how are you doing wrong hope you’re doing well in
Colorado it’s not snowing on you Tim – how are you handy something I’ve
wondered about forever how should I reach out to a potential hiring manner
who was a first-level LinkedIn connection and has viewed my profile Tim
toon and everybody else you are gonna love Tim I hope you are here on Saturday
but I’m gonna give you this one for free right now cuz you asked and I got to it
I have a boss hunting technique you can go on my youtube channel and look for
the boss hunting cover letters and the templates I give you to to target the
person if you know the person or you know a senior person in the unit you are
trying to get into and I give you two different cover letters one if you know
there’s a job and one if you don’t have fun have fun with talking a little more
about that on Saturday all right let me see what’s those keep let’s keep rolling
folks if you are loving this give me the thumbs up share this stuff three more of
these three more of these Saturday’s is going to be awesome
on job search networking so it’s not just networking it’s job search
networking and how I would go about that oh this is a great one this is a great
one um CK go I’m still I’m still struggling with the career profile since
I am a legal assistant and paralegal I can’t think of a high level achievement
well I’m guessing that you’re high level achievement is you have from a paralegal
an administrative perspective ported how many clients within whatever
your field is are you in real estate law as a paralegal do you you know do you as
a paralegal support one hundred home closings per year have you done a
thousand in your life are you in family law are you in both real estate and
family law supporting whatever all that stuff is your high level achievement
you’re just looking for a one sentence or two sentence statement about what it
is that you’ve accomplished or what it is that you are about and have done and
that tells me ten years paralegal and legal assistant they call them different
things sometimes they come legal secretary sometimes they call legal
assistants sometimes the commandment legal administrators or whatever
whatever is the proper term you can use that use them both that’s okay I get it
right I get your knowledge I get what you you know what you’re what you’re
doing that is your high level at you but that’s a it’s an aggregate achievement
but that’s a summary that’s very different than what we want you putting
in your career highlights which should be very specific all right I hope that
helps Fernando great to have you Trisha how are you haven’t seen you in a while
Japan from UK great to have you up all right Boris all right Jasmine I’m gonna
get you in here when updating the profile for experience in quality wood
describing the aspect of quality like change control deviation document
control etc be too much so in in the career profile if you are talking about
quality well so there’s total quality management TQM there’s Quality Assurance
and as it relates to product quality system quality and so forth and so on
what I would say is I would I would I would title it at the highest level that
you do whatever it is that you are spy and I don’t know specifically what you
do but I would I would highlight it at the highest
also with focus on quality management including change control you know scope
control and so on but what you could also do is you don’t even have to
explain it in the top paragraph but in the bottom paragraph you can put core
competencies include quality management scope control and so on those are in
fact a document management control there there are there some proper nomenclature
for document management so what you’re trying to make sure of is that all the
documents are actually accurate and accessible whatever there is there are
their nomenclature for that that I would use and I also would look at the job
description and see if it’s calling that out and I would make sure that that was
included in the core competencies so that you’re aligning those keywords
that’s what I would do and that’s a great question all right um
Svetlana Dean are just great to see you guys Raul by the way okay D is sort of a question
sort of a statement but I want to call this one out D is asking I tell HR I
cannot give a salary until after I interview they seem to accept it but
they could disqualify me they will not disqualify you and D and everybody else
if you have not seen my live office hours on why you don’t get paid what you
deserve watch it and the other one is oh
goodness I did a live office hours that was the live office hours I also did a
recorded video it’s probably like 10 minutes on how to answer what’s your
expected salary very popular videos check those out and that will show you
exactly how to handle that so I hope that helps all right folks 1227 all
right listen we’re back on Saturday at one o’clock my
time which is central to o’clock Eastern to look like Eastern one o’clock central
11 o’clock Pacific we’re going to be talking about job search networking and
why we really mess this up and what to do instead check out the event page
it’s got it’ll have this recording you can also access it on YouTube make sure
you’re subscribed so you get to you and set the bail so you get the alerts the
other thing is if you are interested in the bootcamp check out the schedule
check out all the goodies you can access that from the mile walk Academy or from
the event page it’s in there we start that on Friday next week so check it out
and if you got questions shoot me an email you can ask me in the session on
Saturday or Tuesday or Thursday but those will be your last opportunities so
I hope everybody’s doing great I hope this helped I hope this helped and you
realize how important that career profile is everybody have a good have a
good Thursday have a good Friday I’ll see you saturday and we’ll go from there
all right talk to you soon take care

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