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The word crazy to me when I was little I would think that anybody who acts very strangely is crazy I would think that, I mean
someone who’s mentally ill is crazy it was scary for me but now, when I see someone who’s acting different than other people I suspect that they have some sort of mental illness and I feel bad for them and I try to I try to connect with them or now I was going to help them
but I feel bad for them. Yes when I was going through postpartum
depression before I was diagnosed before I discovered that I was going through
postpartum depression so on one weekend I thought something was wrong
with me and I was trying to figure it out and I thought maybe something was wrong with me so I googled the symptoms of postpartum depression cause it hit me and I thought myself well maybe that’s what it is and then I realized that all the symptoms that I was having was postpartum depression and I was relieved to know what I had and know
that there’s help out there but still I was really afraid. So I would say that I’m a very happy person I like to be happy and smile and they like jokes and I laugh, I have a laugh loud laugh so I really enjoy that being happy so when I was going through
postpartum depression I was not able to smile, I was not able to
laugh, I just had this numb expression on my face and I think people translated
as me being angry often but it wasn’t anger, it was sadness but it appeared that way because I was not able to respond the way I would have wanted to
or the way I would naturally. So now I recovered from
postpartum depression thank God so it’s more like a fear
of that it can happen again but I’ve made peace with that
I have come to terms with that already like it took me a long
time to overcome that for a long time I had strong fear because it is really not
a good place to be in to say the least now it’s just regular being a
mother of you know a family of my kids and just raising them and trying to be
the best that I can and yeah help my husband as much as I can. yeah I’m afraid of spiders I don’t like spiders um I don’t like when I make people upset so I guess that’s a fear
that I might if I were to make someone upset then that would make me uncomfortable so I’m afraid of hurting people,
um making people upset. I enjoy musical art, I like to sing, I
like to dance, I like creating music I try to be you know a good mother so I
like having fun with the kids and being creative with them and doing fun stuff
with them so yeah music and just being like fun and created I like doing
original stuff different stuff yeah. Hum a funny moment was once we were just coming out of a boat and I tipped the boat and that was
a funny memory that we have. I enjoy socializing, I like meeting new people I like connecting with new people and I like to listen to people hear people’s stories I enjoy going to social events I enjoy spending time with friends I don’t go out that often I think because yeah I don’t
have that much time really but yeah and I enjoy spending time with
friends and family for sure well if for me like if I could have all my family
all living in one town that would be the best but we’re all around the world so, yeah. So what would I want people to know about postpartum depression I wish people would then know what it really means understand it, I would want them to know that it’s so common there’s one in five women that go through it and that there’s help out there
they don’t need to suffer alone there’s treatment, there’s medication, there’s therapy, there’s support, there’s so much support and people want to help and it shouldn’t be
free to accept the help and it’s a time that it’s needed and it’s okay and it
shouldn’t be afraid to accept the help that is available and and should be free
to ask for help if it’s not available or they don’t know where to turn to or resources and I just would add that yet it’s a really common like after I after
I did release my song it’s called “I won’t hide” and I’ve performed it a few times already and every time after my performance people come over to me and they open up to me and they tell me how they’ve also gone through either
postpartum depression, or depression, or some other mental illness and they thank me for
making it more out there, I guess and I think people should
just know that there’s like so many people go through it and people that they don’t
even realize like everywhere I go now,
wherever I go people tell me that either
they’ve gone through it, or their mother, or their grandmother, or their daughter,
or their friend, or their neighbor, all, it is so common. And if anyone is struggling with
postpartum depression now or knows someone who’s struggling with
postpartum depression now feel free to reach out to me I’m
I’d be glad to be there for you.

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