Prose Writer Keith Buie Shares His Love For Writer’s Relief

Hi I’m Keith Buie, but you don’t know me you’ve
never heard of my name I am nobody it’s always been a lifelong dream of mine to actually
write a book and about 5 years ago I decided to get serious and actually start working
on it but I realized I really have no formal writing training so I just started taking classes
started joining writing communities doing anything I could just to work on my craft
and I actually found that I was actually pretty good at it and figured out maybe I had
found my calling so once I started trying to send some of my work out think about trying
to find an agent it seemed rather impossible and I thought you know I need some help with
this and luckily I found Writer’s Relief I’m happy to say that 5 years later I’ve actually
gotten 7 of my stories published in literary journals I have an 8th story appearing next
year in an anthology by one of my writing mentors Chuck Palahniuk and I actually finished
my novel and with Writer’s Relief’s help I sent it out to a bunch of agents and very
quickly I had 3 agents that liked it and actually wanted to sign me I ended up signing with
1 agent and as she’s currently trying to market the book I’m actually working on my 2nd book
and I’m almost done with that one so like I said you don’t know me and I’m nobody but
maybe soon that might be changing with Writer’s Relief’s help hopefully my dream can come
true a lot quicker than I thought with actually getting my book published and out there into
the world and thank you Writer’s Relief

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