Project Freelance 2017 Update: Writing Class Topics

This is Tara Lynne Groth with an update on Project Freelance 2017. On June 6 I held my first event as part of Project Freelance in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Thanks to current campaign contributors, everyone who attended will receive a copy of my book MAGAZINE QUERIES THAT WORKED when it comes out in print. I promised to share a video of all future class topics if I pass the $1,000-mark in the campaign. As promised, here are the classes planned for the next year: On Monday, July 17th in Savannah, Georgia is the Business of Being a Writer. The dates will be confirmed as they get closer, but for now you can expect in August, The Future of an Article: how to reprint, get syndicated, turn your piece into a book, and more. Liabilities of Journalists in September. October is Query Letter Mistakes to Avoid. Writing Income Beyond Journalism in November. December is Contract Terms to Avoid. Then we start the New Year with How to Find Editor Contact Information in January. February is Trade Magazines versus Consumer Magazines. Spring is all about queries! March is Writing the Query Hook. April is What to Do With a Rejected Query. In May I will share three more queries that worked. Please continue to share the campaign. Thanks to all the contributors!

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