Post-Truth: Why Facts Don’t Matter Anymore

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  1. This has become a very scary problem in india nowadays.
    We've seen worst case scenarios of mob lynchings because of fake newses and polarized groups.

  2. So to make sure that we all are exposed to all sides of a topic that is not universally held we would need to give all sides equal weight, time and consideration. This would prevent being in the confirmation bias bubble. So are we all willing to give white supremacists equal attention and weight, time and consideration? I would so no.

  3. I don't think the kind of algorithms that are currently used for filtering can be unbiased. This currently is a major topic of study in some circles. Algorithms always include the biases of those who wrote them. And, if you think you can have a machine write the filtering algorithm to be unbiased, that can't happen because the original algorithm contained biases and therefore its products will be biased as well. Their are many examples of such biases in machine learning, and you're effected by these biases and don't even realize it. They effect lives and yet no one realizes that they are even subject to these algorithms. Google's search algorithm may not put fake news at the top (mostly due to human intervention), but it does provide results that are likely to interest you. There by providing results that are skewed to your already held opinions, likes, interests. Google's results are not unbiased! And, Google does use humans at times to sensor content. Which I think is a big issue because all humans are biased and any censoring they do will reflect their bias. Their have been a few cases where google has wiped someone life history of emails, closed their accounts, and denied them access to Google's services based on political opinion and not fact! Try this experiment: Use a friend's computer (it contains cookies that identify them) who holds pollical beliefs that are opposite your own, and do a dozen political searches. in my tests about 50% of the results will contain articles and information that supports the PC owner's point of view, regardless of facts that can be found online at government sites. To develop an algorithm that could curate such a list of articles to only those that are truthful would require something akin to a general intelligence AI which we are far from achieving at this time. However, even that general AI would contain the biases of those who worked on it and the data it was feed. This is not an easy problem to solve. One could force posters to add citations for their sources but them much news would not be listed as many times revealing sources will keep them from coming forward with information. For the moment the best you can do (and I do) is use a search engine that doesn't track you and mine you for personal data. These search engines will provide a wider variety of information to you. This wider variety however can be hard to sift through… And, your sifting is subject to your own biases. And, so the problem continues….

  4. Climate change concern is not a hoax. There may be some profit for some professors and politicians, but for most people it is just mass hysteria. There will always be mass hysteria.

  5. Why do facts no longer matter?
    Why are we so polarized?

    Because, each of us is no longer a participant
    in the functioning of a democratic republic,
    but rather a resource to be exploited
    by a capitalist oligarchy.

    That is why.


    Now, back to the movie.


    In the lecture you mention CNN vs Breitbart.
    This represents a clear example that the solution
    to this problem is largely political.

    Deregulation of the news industry with legislation
    that eliminated things like The Fairness Doctrine
    allowed the proliferation of nonsense like Breitbart.
    The principle that corporations have the same
    rights with none of the responsibilities as citizens
    is another demonstration of the reality that we
    are resources.

    That money represents free speech is ridiculous,
    yet it is the law of the land, and in the absence of
    things like The Fairness Doctrine and limits on
    campaign funding, the profitability of Fake News
    especially during election season is now,
    literally, in the billions of dollars U.S.

    You can blame the internet all you want, but the
    reality is that the internet is a slave to the
    social construct, and that construct today is
    geared toward the exploitation of humanity
    in the name of corporate profitability.


  6. People need a capitalistic or ideological gain from the truth…how can we monitize the quest for truth…and does it end where capitalism ends…in monopolies or breaking them…we really have to trust big brother in the end.

  7. This man has a great passion for uploading the truth and spreading great content. If I were him, I would never have uploaded this video on YouTube. Because it seems too loud and 'shouty'. He needs to project his voice to the last man in the room, and recording it this way is undesirable to the ears of video viewers. He definitely knows this, but he decides to screw it. He has definitely anticipated the dislikes for this video. But he values what is most important. Which I have much respect for.

  8. Interesting points… All round.. It´s actually a argument against duck duck go.
    We need facebook to give us what we DON´t know yet. Not what we like.
    And then people will leave facebook faster and swap it out for a social media they like.. I like the idea of a "controversial tab"..
    Google´s "I feel lucky" should go to something else than the google doodle..

  9. watching this I had the feeling that although the message is true, it is not new or interesting, but I see now this video is over two years ago and perhaps derek was in fact championing this idea before it had such widespread acceptance. (has it received widespread acceptance even?)

  10. I don't think we live in a post-truth society. This implies that we at one point lived in a "truth society," yet, historically we can see that false news stories and misconceptions have always existed and affected public opinion. The Spanish-Cuban-American War, for example, was motivated by false news stories that led to a public demand for war in the US.
    The difference between the past and the present is that there are more sources of information today and that which sources we choose to consume will define the communities we participate in.
    The challenge then, as I see it, is how do we bring people back together to have one news community rather than several?
    The persistence of credible journalism is necessary for this to happen. Once people find a news source they consider credible, they will stick to it, and so one can hope that there will be a natural convergence toward consuming only credible news as more and more people find credible news sources.

  11. Goes to a group of entitled rich kids with his same view and claims that confirmation bias from the other view point of view is the problem.

  12. The internet and media is run by left wings. You're smart enough to try to understand people rather than to fight them with the same brainless cliches

  13. Before the mass adoption of the internet, I remember that people more often than now, dared to say they didn't have any knowledge about a certain subject. They relied on people who studied for it. These days, people with hardly any knowledge go against the ones with a degree as if it were a personal war.

    In my opinion this is more than fake news and false facts. I think it's mass frustration because of emotional overload. Maybe???

  14. The Promise of the Internet….coming?? It will eventually, we were all expecting this would happened right away, it's not. Does this mean at all?? Certainly not. It will, just closer to the speed of natural evolution, rather than the electron.

  15. To Question why fact checking did changed ppls opinions. Because they were not driven by Fact, they were driven by feeling of desperation and anger. Who so ever can give them the easiest and most simplest outlets to there anger, they will pour in all there. If the wrong fact agrees with there feeling, they shut themselves to the knowledge that it a wrong fact.
    Can you go and explain to a desperate and angry person abt. economy cycles and multi level credit derivatives and complex scams vs you tell them these migrants are responsible for your plight.

  16. one problem with is argument, is that its all correct but it leaves some things about the nature of learning out. Things that we get exposed to first, or that become the most closely tied to something familiar, are the ones that grab an initial pattern recognition to that subject and that becomes more likely to evolve and get pushed to the top. It is not the "best" ideas that are spread and shared the most, memes for instance get shared more and more often as they become more and more familiar. Think like fads that you would see in school, clicks and groups of differentiated people. They, well everyone, shares common knowledge around and that becomes the way of speaking about thinks, or how you joke about things. Like inside jokes, it doesn't have to be the best joke ever but it might have specific context to the first time they heard it. When I started using some of the catch phrases I use, they wern't all understood right away nor did I think they were always the most profound things I have ever heard. They were familiar with other people and that was a way I could communicate a shared idea.

    The internet can also be manipulated in this way if you have knowledge of this or be the first to spread things like misinformation about news. If you jump the gun, or better yet fabricate a story, that thing is going to get spread really quickly. Advertisers have very good knowledge of almost every single persons psychological profile of everyone who uses the internet. Just curious, how many of you reading this at some point did a psychological survey of some kind? Maybe you did something like "what kind of werewolf am I" or "which cast of friends member am I?", or how about "what your favorite color says about you" or "Personality tests". Any of these things give third party marketers access to your personal information, how you think. Even if you don't have addons that track, people can figure out who you are from any number of connections you have.

    So there is an evolution happening, but theres also an artificial element to it as well, that both thinking people and sorting algorithms, and now, AI have a part in.

  17. Two years later and this has not been fixed on Facebook. 🙁 Mistruth makes money. Fb therefore must be regulated.

  18. Unfortunately that is crazy. The internet gives people more chance to find people who think like them. There is a way for people to find information to support their biases against the facts. They don’t feel that their ideas are crazy when other people agree with them. It’s the same reason school shootings have gone up.

  19. When you remove facts from feelings you can't feel the truth or don't trust in your self enough to stand up for it even when you do feel it. I know most of us do feel the true facts when we find it. To many are to scared to even listen to them self

  20. An alternative title could be: how fake news is created. How the media blows facts up to the point where they are no facts anymore. Another thing to be concerned about is how people only listen to their opinion and are not willing to listen to other opinions… I'm referring to the elections gap.

  21. You said that the search engines depend on the amount of clicks and therefore fake news rises easier to the top, if I'm not mistaken. If there are news stations that are trustworthy like CNN, why not give those websites a higher score compared to others and make them move up more up front which gives therefore more incoherence in regard of the amount of clicks?

    Alot of truth algorithms are already built by news stations (which is part of their product of course, to supply the reader with quality/true news), but not used by web search engines.

    My point is that many algorithms already exist (these are indirect products of (news) companies) and that we should make better use of it.

  22. "Coz when people have to tolerate the intolerable, the society becomes intolerable. Accept the diversity that varies between countries and time.

  23. But how would you alter the algorithms of Google and Facebook so that they present all sides of the argument and still keep them engaged? Because people only want to see their own opinion being repeated, they will move away from these platforms and go to the ones that do reflect their opinion. How can you ever attract people to platforms which tell them they are wrong when they could very easily go to another platform which caters to their beliefs? The truth is just that people want to stay in their bubble.

  24. Two years later, and this issue has become even more prevalent. That makes me sad. I'm glad i saw this vid quite awhile back so i could look at it through a new lens.

  25. I agree to some extent. The problem is, whomever gets to decide what algorithms should do will be human and will have an inherent bias. I have found fake news in all news outlets, CNN among them… so we should be mindful of who has the power to decide what sources are "good" and which ones are "bad".

  26. And the emissions of producing an Electric car is much higher than a gas car! (The Battery) Some say you can drive a diesel mercedes about 20 000km before its emissions is the same as a brand new Tesla with 0 km!
    And here in Sweden we often do not drive cars more than 20 000km before they end up on a parts yard or junk yard! So is there any meaning of driving an expensive Electric car, when it comes to CO2 emissions??
    I wanna see you do a video on this topic!!

    Great channel!!

  27. I think it's within the realm of current AI tech to be able to flag logical fallacies. That might help a lot.

  28. don't be defensive about "smart content" you're part of a renaissance in the speed of knowledge .. where man's recoil from the trauma of society can meet a constructive addiction.. you tube!

  29. “CNN is more likely to be true than” ah the days when CNN was treated like a real news network rather than an opinion and hate spewing entertainment network for the bitter.

  30. Good question, why don't facts matter anymore? Well, embracing concepts like the oxymoronic "gay marriage" is a symptom. By definition, there's no such thing as gay marriage. But hey, let's blindly hijack words and meaning, 'cause after all it's just all about love now, isn't it? Forget self-evident facts – two penises or two vaginas are USELESS when it comes to pairing. They just don't work together – simply incomparable. But don't you worry, 'cause we've found a way to rationalize and work around that, now haven't we?
    It's called being given over to a darkened, debased mind. We are reaping what we've sown. People don't care about "facts" or truth as much anymore – at least not when they get in the way of their pursuit of perverse pleasures.

  31. The amount of Facebook resources assigned to fake detection when compared to the volume of lies an deception posted on a daily basis will create a correction backlog that will grow exponentially. However Facebook will be able to claim that they are ‘addressing’ the issue…what a system!

  32. Control of media is not just because people have beliefs or things not being fact checked. Maybe asking academics outside of science department might be helpful here.

  33. We have a saying in Iran that translates to "A Crow, Forty Crows". In our culture Crows are gossipers and forty is a spacial number that doing something forty times will make a phenomenal change or impact. The story behind it is if a Crow hears a gossip edits it and shares it with another Crow and after forty iterations the truth will be altered 180 degrees. We are now in a time that these Crows can spread the gossips faster than they could do when they did it by flying!

  34. I blame the drive to write click bait headlines. Many are so desperate to make money from their content that they compromise their values for the money. Which occurs in all walks of life, not just the internet. Desperation leads people to lie, mislead, and steal.

  35. U put up such a long lecture that could be described with one word….PROPAGANDA/SENSATIONALIZATION
    An unwelcomed guest on avg lowers each persons lifestyle but leftists will do propaganda to prove illegals boost economy & delibrately omit real measure GDP/capita…..Women r burden on men but feminists will keep promoting women over men…24/7 propaganda pisses off rational people & they shift towards opposite faction (right wing) which does less propaganda

  36. Media is not fake but they deliberately sensationalize facts to promote their agenda eg
    CASE: "100000 people died of heart attack this year in just one city Mumbai. How much is your extended family 100 people . Imagine if if all 100 fell among those 100000. Shouldn't we fund 10b $ to fix poverty striken Mumbai's cardiovascular crises?"
    FACTS RATIONALLY EXPLAINED: Out of Mumbai's 10m population 1% ie 10k died of cardiovascular complications which is world avg

  37. A FACT THAT U DON'T ACKNOWLEDGE IS THAT RAT FEELS EXACTLY SAME PAIN AS WE DO (A HUMAN WOMAN DOES BCZ MEN DON'T COUNT)…& u subject poor rats to that pain in labs & using mouse traps without its consent.

  38. You talk about fake news and yet you provide no evidence to support your opinion. You present assumptions as fact and from what I can see you are teaching these students to behave in this way. Because you are instructing a class I am putting you to a higher standard than say a regular Youtuber like Phillip Defranco. Higher education used to pride itself on the unbiased pursuit of knowledge; to question facts and present solutions to ideas regardless of the current cultures views. This is why we had tenure, so instructors can discuss, teach, and research ideas that most would disagree without fear of losing their position as an educator. If I was a student in your class and said "you're wrong" during this instruction what would you have done? What could you have done to change my mind, you have no facts nothing you are saying can be proven to be true and all I see is that you are just trying to push your agenda that you believe to be true.

    You ask why facts don't matter anymore? It's not because of tribalism or group think created by outrage. It is blatant ignorance to facts in place popular opinion being preached by what should be highest levels of authorities on facts and data: Post Secondary Education.

  39. so these kind of ideas are the cause of Google, Facebook, Youtube etc. censorship.
    Trump didn’t won because of media or internet bias! Media and internet were all with Hillary.
    My God, these people are upset on Democracy basically and the right of the simple people to choose and to think for themselves.

  40. Facebook is elevating search results in trend with their political values. Fake news often meets that agenda, so there's nothing to fix.

  41. I left school thinking science was a boring thing I had to get out of the way. Then one day I seen NDT on the Joe Rogan podcast and went on a YouTube binge. Then I found channels like this. Channels like this really help people who aren't ignorant or close minded.

  42. its the people, not the internet. the internet is exposing us, not changing us. Human nature…..Thoughtful disagreement is very possible as everyone is different guys, and to contribute to relationships you must recognise that. If you can be truthful about agreement and can trust and be trusted, then off you go.

  43. It's not automatically the best ideas and reasoning that is recognized or chosen. We're not all that smart by ourselves although we like to think so, and intelligent people know. Me knowing it doesn't mean that I'm very smart: in exploring and getting to know truths and facts I, like most of us, used to rely on "established and recognized authorities" (say teachers and the like) to tell and show us things. It's called education or learning to learn. Until we learn enough to sometimes find our accepted authorities wrong and discard them. Before the internet there were human "filters" and idiots didn't have a worldwide platform to find their soulmates and become an anti-evolutionary noise/force to be reckoned with. On the other hand every deviant but creative idea/solution had a hard time to be heard and got easily rejected. Internet has democratized knowledge and stupidity alike and stupid people make more noise. Solution? Maybe "Freedom of Speech" should not always be as absolute as Americans mostly advertise. I give my idea for a better one. Always did. But it must be well based on controllable facts before I do.

  44. ECHO CHAMBERS are comforting, a wide world where you might find you're wrong about things important to you is terrifying. Cults are comforting, love-bombing, having the group think for you, and demonize the other side to keep ideological purity.

  45. Is God real? If so then he gets to say what truth is. And how can we know what he thinks and says? In the Bible. Like it or not a majority of Americans still believe what to you and most in the field of science is mythological ignorance. I guess you'll find out a few seconds after you die that you were wrong but then it will be too late. Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have shown their true colors lately by mounting an all out assault on anyone who they have the slightest suspicion might be conservative. Many Christians already know massive persecution against Christians is only a short time away and in fact was already happening under Obama ie. Shutting down Christian Bakeries that wouldn't bake cakes for LGBTQ weddings. If you are a conservative Christian you can kiss making money on YouTube goodbye because they are getting their powerful AI err "logarithm" to identify and demonize, I mean demonetize us. Those in charge of making this decision to demonetize conservatives prove by doing so that they DO NOT truly believe in FREEDOM as such they are not true Americans. They might legally be Americans but in their heart they are traitors. Because America is about freedom. You know very well that if the shoe was on the other foot and conservatives owned Google and demonetized liberal democrats the crying and whining would never stop to the end of time. And we COULDN'T do that because if we did we would be proving we didn't believe in freedom. Edit: The far left here in the US are the ones who were all for making it illegal for the Christian bakeries to not bake cakes for gay couples but they have no problem discriminating against us with their companies. A little consistency would be nice. HYPOCRITES!!! 2nd Edit: It's really too bad but since these giant companies have chosen to play hardball we really need to get an alternative to YouTube and make it even better and more popular than them as quickly as possible. I say it's too bad because they are already here and I hate to discriminate against them but they threw the first punch. Also sad because I'm super addicted to YouTube 🙁 Earlier when I jumped to talking about Christians being persecuted it is because even though there are non-Christian conservatives I believe most conservatives are there because of their faith. We can not be okay with butchering unborn babies, (abortion,) much less partial-birth abortion. Every true Christian and conservative American needs to thank God every day that he gave us a brief reprieve from the fast slide into becoming Sodom and Gomorrah we saw under Obama. Thank God that Trump was elected and do not let anything keep you from voting in 2020. Prove these loudmouthed fools that some stupid website like Facebook or Russian foreign intervention is NOT the reason Trump was elected. He was elected by US, the real flesh and blood people here in the US.

  46. The theory isn't the problem. Putting it in to practice is the problem. Primarily because theory is striped of detail, details like their effect on human psychology and sociology. Invariably "big" ideas are simply the romance and fantasy around central planning. My theory is that central planning appeals to a primitive need for religion, or perhaps a parent replacement. But if I had the power to force my theory upon the masses, I would do mostly damage.

  47. In the end, capitalism is at fault. But we cant really do anything about it.

    Now, hear me out on this one.

    Websites like facebook dont care about wether their provided informations are true or not. Their primary priority is to make money. They get money in different kinds of ways, but a common consensus is that: more people being active on that website equals more money (be that by using advertisement, or using personal information in the case of facebook to translate it in a different way into money). The important thing is they want as many people as possible to be active on a website. And that is the problem. Since we are living in a capitalistic society, businesses usually have set the priority to maximize their profits by any cost. Thats where we should change something, in my opinion.
    But its not easy, since a country doesnt just want to introduce some policies regulating companies more strictly, since those companies will then just move their location to another, to them more benefitial country. the only way to solve this issue is if the entire world was to introduce the policies at the same time, which is really unlikely to happen. Or rather, impossible. We would need a united world when it comes to politics. Saying we are far far away from that is a severe understatement. there are obviously a lot more issues that would come with such a unionized policy introduction.
    But this is the core issue and we really cant change it. at least not in the next twohundred years or so.

    Best chance we got are movements, like people who strike for the environment, bringing attention to the issue of global warming. Spreading the word, building a community that promotes the importance of finding the truth.
    But also we have to take a step back and look at the importance of this. How important is it really to get rid of all the fake news when you consider how much effort it takes to result in a change for the better? Wouldnt it (for now) be better to use that energy to solve more pressing issues on this world? Global Warming, Equality, ending the hunger, bringing all third world countries into a comparable state of the western world. and once we, humanity, have solved those issues, we could move forward to adressing fake news.

    I can live with fake news, i cant live if my planet overheats and gets rid of its lifeforms.

  48. I don't think the Internet is to blame, but those who use it to spread fallacies, sometimes intentionally. For example here, in Russia, be it not for the Internet, the only source of information would be the official media paid and controlled by the government to transmit 24/7 propaganda about how our country is the greatest in the world and everyone else is aggressive towards us because of it. We probably would be less polarized inside the community then, but would it really be better?

  49. the problem is… the Internet creates a Overkill of Information. if you dont think in algorythm if you read them… you hasnt the Chance to proof them. so figuring out whats true or not. isnt possible for humans who get thaire informations mostly from the Internet. we are right now on the step to devide Propper adjucaded People in WWW-edjucaded People. because the non internetlerning People are now 30-50 jears old..and the others are 14-30 and the border is now clear visible. and your Question is now substential.

  50. "CNN more likely to be more true" sure about as "Truthful" as The Ministry of Truth! CNN = Newspeak. Typical MSM jargon of political zealotry thinly veiled agenda. Talking Heads of the Boobtube spinning "Yellow Journalism" and "Muckraking". Yes that includes Fox News too!

  51. people can't handle the truth so they plug their ears and listen to powerful liars in desperation they can keep their fairy tale lives going for as long as they can. cognitive dissonance, bread and circus, Stockholm syndrome, milligram study, keeping up with the jones

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  53. Come on man!!! If only you tried to ride a bicycle at the streets where there are a lot of old cars with awful exhaust, then you going to realize that electrical cars matters. Yeah, if to compare the pollution from producing car and recycling and so on and so on then we going to end up with idea that it's better to use old cars then to by electrical. But if take into account places where we particularly live, then advantage of electrical cars is clear!!!!
    And still huge like from me as a fan of your channel:)

  54. I totally disagree with your argument. you're implying that people have no capacity for critical reasoning and that everyone blindly believes in what they see on the internet. the real reason why facts don't matter is because no one is arguing facts but rather the interpretation of those facts. and you're also wrong about saying that we can find whatever we want. a lot of opinions are being shut down by the algorithms and it's almost impossible to find them. the problem is not too much information, but rather not having all of it. it's impossible to algorithmically determine what the truth is. bias is bias no matter from which side it comes and trying to oppress someone else's opinion just because we disagree with it is wrong.

    ps: confirmation bias is BS. a lot of people actively seek out information that contradicts their own bias. even if the majority of the people have confirmation bias, it's neither natural and definitely not universal.

  55. Of course the truth is often nitty gritty cold and harsh, nobody likes that. People would prefer to believe comfortable lies than cold hard facts. Also people hate being wrong on an almost cellular level it's a sad facet of human nature.

  56. This isn't an internet problem, it's a human problem. The internet has just made it easy to act our natural tendencies more quickly accross borders. Of course people are going to form groups with like minded people, that's just what humans do.

    Even the most educated and most highly intelligent of scientists have a natural inclination to polarise and disagree. Scientists are known to argue amongst themselves about bleeding edge ideas and research and there are probably some deep divides and resentments.

    What's essentially happening here is Derek is grappling with his own idealism about the internet which has not shown to be true because, humans.

  57. The ad said something about deporting veterans.? May I please be allowed to find home else where? I understand. I renounced my citizenship at least 6 times. I heard there was a quick bill passed, that says "eh, just leave" where are the rights up until an entity like this.
    …your loving Airforce bomb builder. Air to ground dumb, guided, air to air, chemical deliver, biological and nuclear.
    What rights anymore are to discuss that anyone of you really have, if your not feeding the machine?
    Your rights are fed to you by the machine of profitable control. No matter if you feed and survive or get consumed.


  58. More than 80% of the world population have a faith in God. This means the vast majority of the world base their world view on something that can't be proven, and is entirely dependent on what the people around them tell them to believe. It is not because of the inherent truth in their specific religious sect. If it did, then a person in Saudi Arabia would be just as apt to be Christian as Muslim. Instead, we are told what to believe by those we are told to trust from a very young age. If the basis for most people's belief system is based on faith instead of fact, it is surprising we have any "truth" in the world at all. In short, people do not believe in things because they are factual, they believe in things because they want to believe because it reinforces their world view.

  59. Your explanation in this video (which I have just seen for the first time) is playing out precisely as you predicted through the impeachment process going on right now (which is totally legal and even acceptable under the Constitution) and which is being portrayed by the opposite party as horrible, a witch hunt, demeaning, and totally stupid and frivolous–even though it is part of the inherent nature of justice and the checks and balances that were deliberately inserted as part of our democratic process to protect itself. I fear for the future of mankind because this whole process of division and condemnation has become like a car picking up speed because the accelerator has become stuck on full throttle. The real question will be–what it will it take to stop it? Congrats, Derek! One of your best (but that's just my opinion, of course).

  60. Science is the study of underlying truths… But what if I told you that science on the internet is subject to the same confirmation bias that you accused politics to endulge in?

  61. This effect isn't new I think. Other comments show the same thought: the mass can be fooled quite easily.

    Ad: older facts seem to hold more weight but some older facts are just BS.

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