Post Scriptum – The Most Stressful Tiger Fight [GER Comms/ ENG Subs]

Shoot again! I can’t see it anymore to be honest – It could be gone! Drive me… advance so I can watch over the bushes! Yes, right! Oh, something coming back!
Shooting at us! Ok, turn right! So we’re at an angle! Yes, it’s shooting back at us! Finnish it! Ok, angling! Sorry!
Don’t angle it when I’m on it already! Dude! It’s fine! Yes, that’s it!
He’s right beneath the tree! First tree! Bit higher!
Great! The fdirection is good!
I think that was it already! Keep shooting! One more! Make sure now! It’s burning!
Yes, burning! Done for! Hang on! I’ll check if someone’s laying there! Yes, it’s done! Good work! If you do this maneuver again: You can set it at 600m! Yes, ok! Across the bridge! We’re the spearhead! Let’s see what kind it is! How high can you get the barrel if need be? For you? All the way!
Ok, wonderful… Scout car!
Yes, Scout car! 11.50h! It’s a Daiml… it’s a Staghound! Fire at will! 200m! APCR loaded! Yes, nice! Carry on! Still loading…
Yea, yea… Now 300m! Nice, good work!
Nice shot! Staghound was destroyed!
Thanks! Good shot!
Loading HE again! Thanks! 3 infantry guys crossing the bridge up there! Fire at will on that bridge up there, they know we’re here anyway! I’ll keep an eye on the left! Guys, if you don’t talk, you won’t win! Gunner please… How’s it looking […] 3, can you reach from the east? 10.30h! 9.30h! AT crawling towards us! Bit more! Bit more! Bit more! Bit more! Now you should see him!
Yes, there! Middle of the field! What kind of idea was that?! What a muppet! Crazy…
We’re pushing from… I thought the idea was good!
Right, reverse! Bren carrier ahead! Tank hold, I’ll get him!
Ok… no eyes on… Coming right at us! Maybe that’s the Firefly they saw! What an asshole! Actually, for the bravery displayed, we should have let him go.
Yea… dude! Drive up a bit, we’ll check the big field right we were on earlier – Just in case he’s there! If not, we’ll get out, to Vogelenzang! Not keen on chasing ghosts! Didn’t two logi trucks cross the bridge? I’d say we move back over to the FOB! I hear a vehicle! Firefly on the train track! 2h! 3h! Yes, aiming at us! Want me to turn the hull!
Yes, please! Yes, turn! Reverse! Turret at 12h!
Down under the bridge! We can’t shoot well here! Got him? Yes, perfect! Hit him! Higher! That was the fence! Oh, I think we can’t… Turret traverse destroyed!
Can you reach? Getting out! Wonderful! You can’t be serious! What… dude! Nobody will believe this! That’s not ok Perkonty! Not ok! Firefly is destroyed on the train tracks! Vade, I promise – Nothing to do with me being Admin! I’ll report you to Trakkar!
Firefly on train tracks? Say again? Yes, destroyed on the train tracks! Get beside him!
Destroyed? No no, I had Sherman and Firefly on that layer! Bren carrier 12h! 400m! See it? That’s it!
Good hit! And again! Wondeful! I’m pitying him, probably the same guy! No pity for Bren carriers! Hit them hard! Full speed across! Still standing there! Turret 12h, hull turns! Vade, you’re headed right for him! Careful! Staghound in front! Across now! Right ahead! Tank hold!
There he is! Didn’t see us! Turn the hull please! MG fire, driver has the hatch open! Turn in, that’s it! Keep turning! Keep turning! Block him! Yes, perfect! And reverse, keep firing! Shit, running right! Yes, back right!
Turning hull! Turning turret! So we’re quicker!
Keep turning! Keep turning! Right behind us! Hit the gas!
Go on! Go on! He’s blocked! Now… Right! Now, reverse! Get some distance! I can’t see anything! Turn around once! Right! Right! He’s right! Straight ahead! What was that? Reverse!
We’re behind him! Right and reverse! Driver looking out again!
Ok, now! Now or never, next tank coming up! Is he… ah fuck!
OK, get out! Face left! 12h! Firefly!
Turret traverse busted! Don’t turn! Face right! Face right! Turn right, driver!
Turret traverse broken! Getting out to repair!
No! No chance! Driver, face the Firefly! Right! Good, engine out! Firefly first! The Staghound is covering us! Knock out the Firefly! Come on!
Man oh man! Yes! Ok, full speed and handle the Staghound! Turn left!
Oh boy… Enemy infantry here!
Heart’s racing! No, friendly infantry! He’s right in front! Get him! 12h! I can’t turn! Turret is destroyed!
Turn left! Turn left! Turn with the hull! He’s running! More Left! More Left! More Left!
Turn! Turn! Turn! The AT must think we’re nuts!
He could shoot as well! Ok, now! It must have an end finally! He went flying! What? Ok left! Left! Left! We’ve got distance now! Can’t be happening!
Argh! Ok now just back! Reverse! We’ve got some distance now! Now reverse back out of here! And now tank stop! Tank stop! There, left! Left of the house! Left! Left! Tank hold!
Now! There we go! Yea!
What a shit show! I want some leave for this shit! Get to the repair station! That was a though nut, no? We don’t talk about this! Nobody saw that! That was my kill!
Yea, sure! Dream on! Atleast give me a ride!
Yea, come on! Tank stop! Tank stop! Hop on! He won’t hold on anyway… What a fight… Someone tell him we’re going to repair!
Lay infront of the turret and don’t move! That works! Stream, we’re going to repair!
Yes, I’m empty! Ok! Was the fight nice to look at? Ok, enemy Firefly and Staghound are destroyed south of the point! Do your worst, they have no tanks for 5 min! Vade, I’ve got an apology to make! The scout car could’ve blown up earlier if I didn’t fire HE the first shots! You’re getting a court martial!

48 thoughts on “Post Scriptum – The Most Stressful Tiger Fight [GER Comms/ ENG Subs]

  1. 3:45 Firefly : it's over Tiger, i have the high ground.
    4:01Tiger : you underestimate my power!
    Btw Vade, isnt this part already uploaded few weeks ago?

  2. Man O man the teamwork is awesome , one and all need to keep there composure with the fight @ around 7:00 awesome video Vade keep em comin !!

  3. that was intense! great teamwork. did you really lose turret rotation during that last battle ? boy you must have really pissed off those 2 fireflys haha! 1 shotted the one on the tracks and managed to kill the other with that staghound buzzing around you like a mosquito! love these tank battle videos.

  4. Vade, will you really put a gunner who will raise his barrel all the way for you… to court martial for the mistake of the loader?

  5. Na Vade… da ist ja gut das es bis jetzt keiner gesehen hat 😅
    In Kombination bester Panzer und Besatzung natürlich auch von deiner Führung kann euch keiner das Wasser reichen.

  6. I dont know what impress me the most the skill of the crew, the deadly gunner of the fact there are quite no stress in their voices while being in the chaos of the battlefield!!
    Well played gentleman and ofc thx for subtitles!!!!

  7. Damn, those Bren Carriers and Staghounds probably had welded-on Jagtiger frontal armour on their vehicles! They bounce them 88's!😅

  8. Ich kann mich noch nicht so richtig festlegen zwischen Hell Let Loose und Post Scriptum….beide sehen gut aus, aber welches bietet denn jetzt mehr Realismus und mehr Inhalt? Ausserdem: wird es bei PS irgendwann mal Flugzeuge geben? Ist da was bekannt?

  9. Still annoys me how the gun flashes. All allied tank crews said the tiger was so deadly because no flash came from the barrel when it fired so you were either dead or had no idea where it was

  10. Do the Gunner's sights have the Chevrons?
    I really wish I could play this game. I have console not pc 🙁
    pc master race comments ensue

  11. Germans wielding a Tiger tank in a historical game. If only those Fireflies had British crews in them and had recorded their side of the battle.

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