Post Scriptum – Sd.Kfz. 222 20mm Destruction [GER Comms/ENG Subs]

12h! 12h! Oh yea… Drive closer! Follow them! Up there to the street, then right! I’m turning here…
In the house, rally, in the house! Stop! They’re running down the ditch! At 3h… 4h! Shall I drive there?
Yea! Where our MSP is, that ditch! Ah shit! PIAT! Ah, something there! Right next to us! Ok, that…
12h, something as well! Can’t see anymore! Yes, at that tree there! He should be done for! He’s done!
Right! There’s more! Right of us still! Driving a bit back! They’re all sitting in the bush somehow! Hang on, stopping! Best thing is to get to the main road! Reverse a bit, behind the wall! I’m doing a big swing left!
Yea… Around this weird barn… or farm or whatever! Good thing they can’t shoot! That means we must be careful on the main road as well! Don’t get too close for now! Stopping for now! I could drive up to the small wall up there. Should be ours there! Across, there are some at that wall! Those are ours up there! Those aren’t, on the street! Ok, advance some more! They’re coming from the right! We can all pick them off on the road there! That was the AT guy, I recon!
Go across there? No, just go straight, on the road!
Ok! Stay infront of those walls up there, so we can… Yes they are in the… at the bushes! Stop! Ow…
Dude… Not very appetising! Then advance slowly and we’ll see – If they keep crossing the road…why not! There are some! Or are those ours?
Where? Left! At the road, where the corpse is! Right at the pole! Right there! Yes, the whole bush row is packed!
Closer! It’s packed there… Keep going, we’ll check the houses on the right! We can go around the outside right, no? Yea… There must be and MSP somewhere! 12h! MSP or something driving!
Yes, tank stop! Hang on! Wait, it’s fine! There we go! Neat!
Enemy MSP in the south destroyed! Turret going 12h! That was great! 12h! Crossing the road on the left, not visible anymore I think… Oh, left! Watch it, infantry close!
Could be ours! In that bloody area up there! Should be quite close, ah, right! Hang on, stop! I think he got a dose of his own medicine! We need to play dead quickly! Tank reported at J 12 4 8! He’s behind us, no? Marked it roughly… I think they’re in the two-storey left! They’re coming from there! I think the Firefly is gone! To the Tiger: the Firefly is right infront of you, go get him! Yes, I’d say so! Hang on, one shot left! No, he’s going up… Yes, fine! Something in the bush, right! Ours! Ok, all good!
Got a grenade our way! Point 34, behind us! Two squads sighted! Sorry?
Moving west! At point 34, behind us – two squads! Just turn around, face the other field! And then let’s get started! Go up and then stop! There they run! 12h! More left as well! Many! Full squad! 12h! More right! At the trees… that’s it! One behind as well! Down the bushes! Very good, they’re spot on! MSP, far south! Go south, after it!
Forest, vehicle! Exactly, go for it! Turret at 12h! I’m tracking! He’s moving south, so keep going straight! Maybe further west? There he is! 12h! No eyes on! Ah yes!
In the ditch! Ok, follow… oh yes!
1h, infantry! They’re in the ditch, hang on… Short, yea, almost! Now, stop!
Ok! Go right of the ditch along it! We’ll mix them up! (Pun intended) Something a bit more right! Yes, got him! I think they’re all done for!
12h, on the ground! The enemy has a spawnpoint right of you tank! There’s a full squad! Right of us, apparently!
Right, pretty close! Up there, at the trees, yea!
12h! I’ll let him come up! 1h! 1h! 1h! Grenade! Yes, that was a PIAT!
Now 12h! 12h! 12h at the tree! Left! Left! Left!
Fuck, I’m dead! I’m done, need to get out! Quickly back to base! The home base! The kills are presentable! Can’t deny it…

15 thoughts on “Post Scriptum – Sd.Kfz. 222 20mm Destruction [GER Comms/ENG Subs]

  1. Can we get an F in the comments for the guy at 3:10?

    The 20mm, like the other explosives, is the big winner of the new gore patch. The damage done is just the same, but if a dimemberement happens the medics can't fix you up. Before, the 20mm would also mow alot of people down. However, because of the hit and run attacks, medics would often be able to heal everyone back up.

  2. this reminds me of a scene from saving private Ryan , that 20 was rippin guys in half Cheers Vade , Its Mattman on my other channel . that hit at three ten was FN wicked 🙂

  3. I thought Flak 38 was ineffective against infantry on flat ground because the shells will not hit.
    Well turns out you can kills someone by landing a shell near them.

  4. Sit back and enjoy the comfort of the Sd.Kfz. 222's incredibly smooth ride, brought to you by the fine people of Horch in Zwickau, Saxony. Einfach luxuriös. 🙂

  5. 1:07 ähmm der Typ mit der Piat steht die ganze Zeit unbeschollten da lol Ihr fahrt 2 mal an ihm vorbei und er macht einen auf Straßenschild.

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