Post Scriptum – Panzerjäger Jagdpanzer Combo [GER Comms/ENG Subs]

We just stay on the main bridge! Looking forward to him getting to the window! That’ll be funny! He’s at the window! Ciao! Hang on, you just… Blew him out of this world? You could say that… He was so happy to make it to the house just for that… There’s a Sherman… no, Churchill, ok! ‘Nevermind! Wham’! That’s it! ‘Nevermind, Wham’ is the spirit! Churchill is rolling all sad! Sad is quite the right word! Churchill is destroyed! There he goes flying! Ciao! Up north, clean the factory! We meet up at the entrance! What is he doing?
I’m talking all this time and I’m muted! Bloody hell… One’s getting crazy!
I was wondering why you didn’t answer! Yes, I had to teach a lesson to one! Watch out, tank noises! They’ll cross the bridge soon!
Keep the head down! We’ve got a tank south somwhere, south-east! Daimler! Could you… 8.8 bouncing on a Daimler? I don’t think so… Thanks! They’re in the trenches south!
Don’t spawn, point is lost! Cap is still neutral! Still neutral? They’re not makin progess, yes!
Rally is hot! We’ll go to point 30!
Thanks! Ok, try to get back on point! We’re capping it back! Even though slowly… Anubis, can you get me up? Rally is still hot! They’re standing right on the cap! Rally is down!
Rally gone, yes! We move around the factory!
Understood! Be gone! It’s hot!
Understood! Ok, boys, everybody in the factory, through that, on the point! Medic, behind! Anybody else? You do have to hit! Oh! Pretty crowded all of a sudden! Ah, here! I’d try from the south, they’ve got that gate under control! Got the AT! Get away Tiger! We’re capping back slowly, get in please! Yes, he’s running Vade! Yes, let him! How’s the cap looking? Hot! Nobody move! I’ll get him! Daimler is destroyed! They’ll be in the town hall soon! Already crossed the river! Pff, idiots… Can somebody cover the MSP? It’s pretty hot! Tried driving it away, they shot me out! They’re coming from the north, from the barn! Come on, what more do I need to do… Guys, retreat to the point! Radio, need you on me! Radio, need you on me! Please don’t bounce a shot into my face! That’d be awesome! Rally overrun! Come on StuG, one hit! Yes! There we go! That’s teamwork, my friends! Rally is clear! They’re all spawning east somewhere! Without you we would’ve blown up!
You’re welcome! I’ll go on the hutn again, let’s do it again! Got ammo left?
Yes, got some more, all good! SL, we need a new rally north! I’m down, on my way!
Well then, good luck! Hi!
Hi! Radio, don’t run in! Stay back! Going for cover! You need to come out more! Can’t place a rally that close! What the fuck, dude… Ok, I’ll take it! Radio, come towards me! Shit, I’ll never get back across now! On my way! Nice one! Oh well… Come on boys! Secure the Tiger on all sides! Shit, watch out! Straight ahead! What direction? That bounced!
Straight south! Pff, nice!

22 thoughts on “Post Scriptum – Panzerjäger Jagdpanzer Combo [GER Comms/ENG Subs]

  1. Heavy fighting for Veghel! The Americans pushed us back at a steady rate, even though at high ticket cost. I eventually switched tactics and tried to cause as much damage as possible to vehicles to quickly drain the tickets. The Jagdpanzer had the same approach and we managed to destroy 100 tickets worth of vehicles and tip the balance!

  2. I laughed more than was needed when you were in the trench and went "Oh pretty crowded" thanks for your videos. Keep being rad man.

  3. respect nice spawncamping with killing the churchill at the end. I'm not so good at spawncamping but i think thats my fault.

  4. Panzer crew trolling Allied infantrymen near the window, 1944.
    Note the high spirit exhibited by Vade under the influence of Panzerschokolade.

  5. Could you do another video as a Panzergrenadier supporting armour, its cool to see tanks in action pushing forward from infantry perspective

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