Post Scriptum – Panzerfaust Stuart Bullying [GER Comms/ENG Subs]

As you can see: An american truck!
Yes, nice! In german hand!
I dig it! Hop in and let the fun begin! I’ll get the Panzerschreck out! (It’s a Panzerfaust, I know…) In case it gets close sometime! There he is, ahead! We’ll follow him around!
Just follow! It should work nicely! And now honk! Wait for it! Wait for it! Get ready to get out! I’m out! Way to awesome! Way to awesome!
Good one! He was totally confused by that thing! Awesome! I took one of his legs to the face! He was totally confused, couldn’t tell left from right! Awesome move! Well then… Main road?
Yes, follow the main road down! We’ll catch him!
Yes, won’t go far! He’s getting spanked at the first stop! I’ll try honking at him again! Come on! You can try to push him offroad – It’s such a shitty light tank! Oh! Oh!
Everybody out! Give it to him! Yea! Nice! 10/10! Straight ahead! Something driving there… yes! 11h, Stuart! Yep, saw him! Or Daimler, whatever! I think he doesn’t know! No, he doesn’t know… I’ll wait ’till he’s stopping!
Yes, yea! He’s going quite fast!
Oh, yea… He’s going straight for our tank! Maybe he’ll get into tank combat and we can get him! I’ll keep my distance!
Yea! Let’s bait him with our tank and see… If he speeds up, I speed up!
Yea! Well then… Bye bye!
Nice! And he just shoots randomly!
Yup! I think he’s mad by now! I’d just leave – I’d just straight-up leave! I’m hurt somehow, don’t know why! Hope I don’t die… Straight ahead! Ok!
Get him! Get him! Bye bye! Turned into minced meat! Dude, what a mess! Got that too? Got what? Lag?
Dude! A bit, but… Look here, tasty cold cuts! Nice!

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