Post Scriptum – PaK 38 Panzerjäger Team [GER Comms/ENG Subs]

As you can see, there’s nothing to see… But massive amounts of nothing! Oh, americansky running! He’ll get… oh shit, he’ll get nothing, because my gun doesnt… Ok, no he’ll get big time! Hey, no violence! Perpetrator identified! Perpetrator taken out! Nice! I like that! He is… ok, that doesn’t look good!
Why am I being injured by that? From the recoil? The backblast gases?
Didn’t know you get injured being next to it… Yes, maybe you should keep your distances…
That’s quite realistic! At least behind it, behind the shield! Ok, I did some damage already! They had a stupid look on their faces up there… Shortly before being turned inside out! He didn’t learn the lesson yet up there! Something tells me they’re going to be mad at us and start shooting, but… You’ve got to enjoy it up until then! Oh, tank? Shit, we’ve got an enemy tank behind us! There he goes… We’ll wait until he comes back, then we can come up with something! Ha, he got stuck! For now… Now he’s adding power again! Think we should turn around the PaK? Yes! Yes! He’s coming! Wait, we need to duck down for now! If he goes past, we can act! Come in here and get down! I’m hoping he’s stupid enough to drive up here! If he destroys it now… No, he’s too dumb, too stupid! Out, quickly! Ok, he’s coming! Not good! Why are you shooting the tank, no use!
Commander is sticking out! Ok! We have a problem here! I think he’s mad! Oh, nice!
He won’t go down! Shit! Oh lord!
He bugged out! Know what I mean? Keep shooting him but…
Yea, I know! My kingdom for a Panzerschreck! Oh! Yea! Panzerschreck! Come on! Engine busted! Ok, they’ll bail out! Oh shit! Don’t move! Don’t move! Something bad might happen! Yes, yes! Come on! Mess him up! One got out! Got him! Oh lord! Oh lord! Oh god! Oh god, that’s too close! Oh shit! Mess him up! Come on, Panzerschreck-Man! We need to be careful, so they don’t bail! Oh god oh god oh god! Come on! I think he’s a bit mad!
Yup… Go to the PaK now! I’m trying! But… he’s looking! Ok, turret rotating! Well…
Should I distract him? Hang on, I’ll just go around the back! Now, come on, hurry! Hurry! Oh god! Oh no! We need to do circles! I don’t want to go infron of his MG! Now! Now! Now! There’s loads of infantry coming! Vade! Careful!
I know! I know! Come on! No! I’m dead! That was infantry! We need to see… if we shouldn’t turn the gun! Looks like our… That looks awesome! Fire again! Looks so nice! The sight is zeroed weirdly… Fires way off to the right! Recording some propaganda footage… And fire! Hey guys!
Hi there! I saw a Cromwell in your direction, where you’re firing! Should come up at the windmill soon, second one! Alright, we’ll have an eye on it! Thanks! Welcome! You heard it, Cromwell! Didn’t hear too well…
Up there! Yes, nice! I was too low, no?
Left! Bit too low! Taking fire from the left! Dude! This gas cloud going out! That was good!
It’s crazy right? Wasn’t like that in the past! Left side of the windmill! Which windmill?
Back one! Yes, see it! One there!
At the side! Nice! Yes, the… woa! Not a problem! We’ll handle it! Hang on, I need to smoke it off! You’re not dead, are you? I can get you?
No, no… Perfect!
Yea! We can do it! Oh! Grenade distance!
Oh, that was… I’m dead! That was a terrible move! Wanted to throw a smoke, threw a real one… Lots of fire coming in! One on top of the hill! Throwing a grenade! I’ll try reaching the trench first! I’m almost at the tank, coming from the east!
Perfect! The tank can cover us, quite nice! They’re in grenade range, so… quite busy up here! Ok, well then! First, let’s… Ah, we’ve got one of our medics up here, that’s good! Ok, looking good! Going for the PaK! Ok!
Bringing it back into position! Ok, in position! Right…between both windmills! Something there, MG I think! Yes, bit more right and higher! He’s done! Up there, at the windmill! Keep your eyes open! Firing on the right windmill! They’re at the left one as well! Got one!
He ran away! No, he dropped! In the bushes! They’re healing up, up there! Doesn’t look good! Oh, they splattered away! There’s some sort of cover we can’t see up there! Yes!
Oh well… in the bush there! Hang on! Yes, there he drops Fragmentation and all that… Nice shot! Nice shot! Saw that!
Yea man! Never managed that before!
Good! Great work, more of that! That was just coincidence I think… Rather lucky and hit than skill and miss!
Left windmill! Yes, see it! Packed full! No, no! Left windmill! But back windmill as well! Ok, yes! Hit what you see for now! Yes! That bothered them! Now left windmill! Where? Right side! Yes, see it!
Where the smoke is! Oh, that splattered! I’ll supress them with HE! Shit!
Wounded! Can you bandage up? No, I’m down!
I’ll get you! In cover? Yes, in cover – perfect! Ok, go back and bandage up on your own!
I’ll go into the trench! You can get back onto the PaK!
Yep! Come on! Ok, like healthy!
Thank you! Err… like new! Fit as new! Fit? New? New! Fit! Fit like a Nailed boot! (Play on words: “Fit wie ein Turnschuh”=Lit. ‘fit as sports shoes’ eng.=Fit as a fiddle) Oh god! They’re shooting at me! They’re mad! They want my ass… Be gone!
Might be a sniper with them! Yes, think so too! Or at least someone trying! Wow, someone went balistic there! Oh, I’m dead! Something got me! Fully dead!
Fully dead?! Headshot probably! But I can spawn in right away!

59 thoughts on “Post Scriptum – PaK 38 Panzerjäger Team [GER Comms/ENG Subs]

  1. Those muzzle blasts are ridiculously photogenic!
    Lebano and me held the entire flank of our defensive position on our own for quite some time! We made good use of the PaK 38 there against all kinds of angry enemies!

  2. I wouldn't call the strategy Hide in Plane Sight. But literally the last place a tank crew would look for an enemy is under their tank. Simple, but absolute genius.

  3. Genau wie ich in Battlefield3 mit den dicken kanonen herumzuballern. Ich muss mir endlich PS runterladen und anfangen spaß zu haben.

  4. Ich würde mir das Spiel gerne auch anschaffen, allerdings schrecken mich die Rezensionen über die extrem geringe Spieler und Server Anzahl ab… Was sagt Ihr denn als deutsche Spieler dazu? (Wegen Ping und allem…)

  5. Servus Vade, ich hatte gerade spontan die Idee, mir auch post scriptum zu kaufen. Lohnt sich das spiel auch wenn man solo spielt?

  6. Watched the majority of this before I realized I could turn on subs. I actually understood most of what they were saying. Guess playing all those WW2 themed games actually helps with something lol.

  7. Als es den dritten Ami hinter der Mühle zerrissen hat, hab ich mich vor lachen verschluckt und ich hab ca. 700 Stunden in PS. Weiter so 😘😂

  8. Nice video.  I love the AT guns in this game.  Just the other night I used the British AT gun at the bottom of the Driel bridge to hold off the germans for 25 minutes.  Killed 4 armoured cars and 2 StuGs + infantry.I wish there were more in the map rotations.

  9. Rare combat footage of German soldiers from 5th Panzerjager Company engaging US 14th Infantry Division, 1943 colorized.

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