Post Scriptum – OPMG Campaign – Tank Battle at Veghel Part 4 [GER Comms/ENG Subs]

Stop here! Tank stop! Squad 2, we’re moving up to you!
That one’s burned out! Staghound, 11h! No eyes on the Firefly, but Staghound in the town! We’ve got a Staghound in the town for sure! He’s circling around there!
See him! Understood! Looking good – hit! Keep firing! They’re resetting it! They’re resetting!
What?! They’re resetting! Keep firing, it’s fine! And again! One more! Nice shot! Staghound is destroyed! Good work, well done! Retreat! Reverse!
Fire from 12h! I’m an idiot, engine was off!
Yea… That came from 11-12h! From the left! Didn’t hit! Keep going! Go on! Go on! Then go left down into the ditch! Left into the ditch, not right! Ok – Tank stop! We’re in cover! We’re taking fire, watch it! Somewhere 11h! Some tank in town! If you can drive out to the right! Ok, make sure we’re standing straight! We need to let the Panzer IV do some work! They’re back at the bushes!
Wow! That was close! Ok, stop here! Don’t advance too far!
Can’t look over left of the road! Not too far or he’ll see us again! Left of the road we’re at an angle, I won’t be able to fire! Keep slowly reversing, straight! Squad 2, what got Squad 3?
Watch out, he’s firing at you now! Keep reversing slowly! Once we get onto the open field we look for a gap in the hedges and attack him! We’re falling back slowly! Make sure to stay in cover and draw the fire! We’ll look for a gap in the hedge!
Yes, drawing the fire! Firing back!
Good! Ok face left here! Then move up to the bushrow, there’s a gap there! Go up there and let’s knock him out! Panzer IV is on him as well!
Yes, we saw him! Drawing the fire on us! They’re going past left or something! Alright, advance! He’s straight ahead, in the gap! Stop! Stop here! Straight ahead, Firefly! Left of the burned out tank! That’s it! Na… bit higher! Move up! Need to move up! He’s at 300! Need to advance! What`s that? Ah, he’s smoking himself off!
We’ve got some collision! Careful now! That’s it, now stop here!
Enemy tank smoked us off! Switching position! He’s advancing! He’s advancing! Finish him! He moved up! Yes, just finish him! Destroyed… good work! Reverse! Hu? Ok, he’s just on fire! He’s still alive! Tank stop! Forward! Forward!
No! Reverse! Argh! Reverse! Reverse! Just reverse and get to cover! He’s almost dead, finish him off boys! He moved up, still same direction!
Getting out, track damaged! Yes! Still same direction, standing on the field! We’ve got him infront of us! Firing! Hit!
Can’t reach him because of ground collision! He can’t take much more! Shit, he’s still alive! We’re going to drive left along the bush row, to the next gap!
Engine is out on that thing! Steer left! Follow the bushes! He’s destroyed!
Alright! Good work! He’s done for! Let’s go repair!
Good work Squad 2! Alright!
Good work! Vade, make sure to take back Central! Yes, we’re advancing right now!
Something at 12h! Move up to Central! We need to capture that, we’re loosing loads of tickets! Station is also done for!
Tank at 4h, probably friendly! Yes, it’s a StuG! Ok, we need to… argh! We need to go to Station, support the east! Enemy Firefly destroyed!
Now? At the wrecks, probably a Sherman! Yes, 4h Sherman!
Alright! Turn in and open fire! To 4h! Get down of the bushes, reverse! That’s it! See him!
Yes, see him too! 400! Too short! But barely! Or did it hit? Hard to tell! Driving out right! No, too short!
11, suppport 4 on Central! Still too short! He doesn’t see us! Hit! Destroyed! Very good!
Ammo! Ok! Neat! Head east! 4 and 11 are doing a good job, I’d say…
We’re repairing north-east! Alright! Turret 12h! Ok…
I think there was something at 10:30h just now… turret 12h! Tank stop! We’re moving down the main road towards Central!
Panzer IV is back! Understood! Cromwell is still somewhere, but he ran off! We need to repair! So take over for now! Good luck! Oh! From the left, yes!
He’s under fire! 9h somewhere!
Where did that come from? Advance and turn left!
Yes, see him! 9:30h! Ok, advance and turn left! Right on the junction infront of us, enemy Firefly!
Understood, we’re moving on him! The Firefly is on the junction! Advance! Keep moving! Move up!
Can’t see it! Stop!
Only the engine taken out! Staghound there! That’s a Staghoung, we’re fighting a Staghound for now, then the Firefly! Take out the Staghound first! Destroyed! Good, keep advancing slowly up the road! Staghound is destroyed! Something still up there!
Yes, there’s a Firefly behind there!
We need to get out of here! Understood! We’ll try and get the Firefly! Get yourself left between the tents! So we can… Watch out for that fence – that’s it, perfect! Good work! That’s how I wanted it! Watch out, water ahead!
Yes, no we stay here! Ok all good here! Looks good, Staghound is destroyed! We really need to repair now! Soo… good luck!
Yes, understood! Ok, get out of here, repair! Let’s go repair! Yes, that was pretty bold up here!
Yea… Are you retreating? Yes, retreating now! We had to kill a Staghound real quick – did that! Need to retreat for repairs! Still fire from the south! Middle fell again! Oh, that wasn’t close at all!
Oh boy! That Staghound could’ve coughed at us and we would have been done! Understood!
Ok, the west… Our Jagdpanzer is at Leest, just saying… Jagdpanzer!
Wow, why… Yea, no idea… Move up slowly! He’s on the right! Right, 2h!
See him! Turn in! He had no chance! Just keep hitting him! Don’t turn with the hull, turret is hurt! Driver taken out!
Turret ring damaged, don’t turn! Driver is dead anyway! Neat! Good work!
Destroyed! I’m getting out to repair the turret ring! We’ll just hold here! Turning 12h! Understood! Turret ring fixed! I’m under fire here! Scandalous! Sover the forest side! There must be something in there – Shooting at me! Squad 11, Squad 4 has eyes on the point!
Getting back in! Know what? We’ll just sit here and wait for the end! Coming left! Left, yes! Just left, on the road! Switching to driver! Left on the road! We’ll get him still! Very good! Very nice! Neat! Well, I’m proud of you! That was damn’ good work! They had no chance!
Yes, everyone! Neat!

15 thoughts on “Post Scriptum – OPMG Campaign – Tank Battle at Veghel Part 4 [GER Comms/ENG Subs]

  1. The final fights of the battle take place in and around the central town, and our Panther is in the thick of it 'till the last second!

  2. Vielen Dank für deine Mühe in deinen Videos:)
    Ich finde es sehr gut das du das Spiel sehr ernst nimmst, und als Kommandant sehr bestimmend bist.
    Das soll so sein.
    Klar es ist nur ein Spiel, aber ohne dies ist es halt irgend ein weiteres ww2 Spiel.
    Lg siegfried

  3. I honestly don't find those tactical shooters interesting, but you make this one look so entertaining! Love your vids Vade!

  4. Grandioser Sieg! Und du mit deinem Team immer mitten in der Action. Gratulation für deine Skills und für die geniale Video-Serie!

  5. Another good video, good teamwork. What I don't understand is why fire the MG at a tank you have the advantage of? It gives your position away.

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