Post Scriptum – MG34 Arnheim Street Fighting [GER Comms/ENG Subs]

What a luck shot! I’d heavily suggest just running through south… west! Can you still hear me?
Yes! Spread out guys, spread out! Rally is up! Attention to all, we’ve got a rally now! Heavy enemy contact my position, please mark! Grenade!
Grenade! Bye bye! Bastard! They’re all coming out! Sniper on the tower is dead! Good work! We could’ve used a Panther for that! Ah yes… Come on Vade, shoot for your life! What else?!
Good evening! People just screaming around! I got lost…
Bit of a though spot… Going down to that wall – You stay here!
Yes! We’ve got MG support on the roof above! Stay here, this’ll work now! Famous last words… Was about to say, smash cut, ambulance! Smash cut, Royal Airforce! Close to the wall! Yes, I see the guy! Watch out Vade, he’s coming up! Vade, Vade! Right in front! All dealt with, he’s gone! Coming in from north-east! Couldn’t tell you quicker!
I’m dead! Lebano, got a syringe upstairs? Thought there were allies somewhere… There’s an MG on the eastern road! That one was nice! But dangerous as well…
People are dying like flies! Keep the head down, this house has no use anymore, need to wait a bit!
Yea alright! Half the cap is through! Ah yes… Ow!
Got him! From where? Where’s that shit coming from? Left, behind the palisade! Good, keep up the pressure! Now there’s an MG running around! Several enemy infantry on my position! Got him! There’s more right around the corner!
South, south-east! From the attack point!
Hang on, I’ll get you! Yes, like that!
Lebano, I can do that! I’ll take the band-aid!
Keep going! Downstairs in the house Vade! Downstairs! We need that to go!
I don’t know if he comes in… Looked pretty determined as if he went to get you! He has an MP! Come up dude! At the house I’m at south-west, there are two or more british! We need to clear the south-west or we’ll never make progress! They keep messing us up from the back! Moving along the river! Idiots… they’re incapable at it… They shut down the entire row of houses there! Radio on me! Radio is not available right now!
They’re not very competent… Ok, radio coming now! Yes, that’s great! Come to me!
Oh! Shot into the smoke, one exploded! Very sympathetic!
Medic, can you heal me? Being shot at from behind! Did you get him?
No, I didn’t… He’s behind the house now, in the street you came from! Need to patch up, that’s the problem… That’s good, I can look across over the wood stack! Got him with a full burst! There are more coming! Hundreds! Got one! MSP is driving straight in there! Ok, using that as distraction… That trashcan seems tactically useful! Half way in the bush! Guys, it’s 11pm, I’m going to sleep! What’s the MSP doing?
Harakiri attack? Christmas party tomorrow… What’s his plan?! What was that?
One minute for the rally! I… sometimes I don’t know what… I’m off, good night! Yes, see you around!
No sense today, can’t hit shit! Rarely missed that much… Yes, go ahead! Good night!
Need to play more Call of Duty… Yes, anyway… Counter Strike! Ciao ciao!
See you! Oh yes, no! Think I have that…
Well… Rather not! Bye!
Bye! Come on, next tactical trashcan! New rally is down gentleman! Let’s go! Get into the point! He… it’s incredible! I hate everything! I’m getting you… Vade! Yes, watch out! One right side in the house! Stay low, then it should work! Yes, that’s it! We got the one up top! Right! Right! Got both! Enemy west!
Dude! Yes, do it! Need to load! Nice! Whoa! Yes, great!
They’re throwing back! They’re in the white house ahead! Cover me! That’s going to be wild! Got one! They’re upstairs! Permission to spawn on the MSP? West? No, please us the rally! Or wait for the medic!
Understood! Ah yes! You can fuck off! Fuck!
Hey, that was one of our MGs! Was that you Vade? No… Maybe it was Vade!
Yes! It was Vade! I’m a snitch! Why? Because there are british right behind you! On me, 83 there are still…
I’m sorry! I’ll try to get you, stay down! Can’t be that hard to cross!
That hit me as well! Want me to follow? Get in! Godde, I’ll get you! What’s going on in the north?
No! There are… oh lord! What kind of awesome spot is this? Godde run! Get out of that stupid corner! Go south, as fast as possible! Enemies on 83!
No, didn’t make it! Yes, they’re shooting from that house! Koepelkerk! Yes, well… not surprising… One on the rally! Rally?
Clear it! Not hot yet! He’ll take us out when we come out! You can get in nicely from the south! House across the rally, north! Second floor! He’s sniping us! We’re capping! Very nice! Ah yes, alright! I had a british in the attic! Took him out! That was yours Goddee! Confirmed, enemy in the northern row of houses! We’ve got a british below us! Need a new rally point!

24 thoughts on “Post Scriptum – MG34 Arnheim Street Fighting [GER Comms/ENG Subs]

  1. Gott sei dank, Ich hab' ein bisschen Deutsch gelernt. Ich habe dieses Spiel mit meinem Handy gekauft aber bin ich im Ausland, aber werde Ich schon daHeim um zu spielen sein. Es ist hart, zu warten!

  2. I just got back into this game ever since the second month it came out, thanks to a new PC (that can run everything maxed out!) I've watched your vids for months now but I didn't realize how truly beautiful and intense the game is actually playing, it was amazing!

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