Post Scriptum – Jagdpanzer IV Standoff [GER Comms/ENG Subs]

He’s moving…
APCR loaded! Yes! You need to hurry up to get around the road bend! So we can nail him! Try luring the tank towards the Jagdpanzer!
Almost in sight! Or distract him, so he turn his turret and the Jagdpanzer gets the first shot!
Turn left! Ok, it’s a Churchill after all of course! Should be in line! Use the 40! If we get fired at, we switch to…
We do not have 40s! They are both AP 39s! Ok! Well, then… Keep shooting! Try your luck! If we get hit, we reverse! Good, that went through! That was a hit! Yes, all good! Vade, tell your 4th man, Wirbelwind, to join an infantry squad, not run after you! No use in that! It’s his choice, no? What? Sorry, wrong chat!
No sight! Say again? Forget it, wasn’t meant for you!
He went left Vade! Yes, understood! Drive out on the field right! You just timed it perfectly when my squad was talking! Yes, sorry! Wasn’t meant for you! I pressed the wrong button! All good! Drive out right and we’ll try to get around him! Squad 6, stay on that tank we’ll try to get around him! Copy that! I sent my AT after it! Perkonty, Enocky said our 4th man can’t play along. In my opinion it’s not against the rules for him to follow us! It’s not a “Solo tank”, so I don’t care! As I said, I’m spotting for you guys!
Yes, exactly! I’m just telling you but I don’t see a problem! So, just keep going!
Infantry, got use for mortar support? Nothing to say about it. He’s not solo tanking. He’s missing as infantry but other than that… Yes but that’s our decision! I mean, I’ve got defensive weapons…
Ok, he’s left here! So we’ll cross over and try to get him! Keep going! Can you update the tank mark south? South of Vogelenzang? He’s right of us! Right! Reverse, we can’t see because of the smoke! He’s right, at 1h-2h! Try getting out of the smoke! He should be right in front of us soon! He’s right in front of us! Yes! Right ahead!
Bit left! Adjusting!
Yes! To the back! To the back! Perfect! Now spank his ass!
They should see the tank soon! Ok… er… do your ballet! Try killing the gunner if you can! Good! Good! You can do it driver! Yes!
Turning with him! Aim for the turret! Good! Infantry is helping!
That was his engine! Bit more left! Bit more left! Nice! Very good! Churchill is destroyed! Thanks for the help, infantry! Rarely seen but very welcome! Good work! I’ll drive towards the main base, repair!
Yes! I need to get my heartrate under control! There was no danger for the population at any time! Ahead! Got him? Yes! Daimler! Hit! Sending in smoke mortars! Tell me if I need to readjust! Nice! Nicely done!
Good work! Destroyed a Daimler south-east! He’s destroyed I assume?
Yes, absolutely! Wonderful! Working!
Was the first shot a hit? Yes, it was! Yes! Barely, on the edge but a hit! Enemy infantry here somewhere! Oh! Staghound! Turn left! Turn left! Turn left! Onto the field! I’ll do it on the road!
Ok, yea! Just turn quickly! He’s pretty close! Keep turning! Go on! Go on! He’s right ahead! Perkonty, get a shot in! That was a miss! Turn right! Turn in nicely! Want to lure him onto the field, with more space to turn? Yes, he’s behind the house anyways! Drive out and turn right! Now…yea… I’ll go to the white field and turn there!
Yes! Turn right now! He’s coming behind us! Keep turning! Keep turning! He’s jacked up! Keep turning! More! More! More! Go! Go! And now stop! Right ahead! Stop! There he is! Wonderful! There he was…
Good work AT! Many thanks! That was good teamwork!
Yes, I’d say so too! I wanted to tell you that the tank came straight for you! We didn’t hear!
You didn’t hear! No, we didn’t…
Nevermind! You’re too quick, I can’t follow! Yes, all good! It worked out well!
Still, good work! Turn right here soon! Right, at that tree! We should have eyes on the town! There he is, on the main road! Turn right! 1h! Take out the engine Perkonty! He’s traversing towards you! Great shot! Finish him! Shoot his turret! You can penetrate there! That’s it!
Yes, gunner is out! Perfect! Then… Just sit in front of it and take out everything that tries to get out! The next… one got out! The driver, he’s repairing! Wonderful! I’m driving back! Good work! You paid off as spotter already! Sure thing! That’s what I get paid for! That’s why I’m Rifleman! Alright, do an arc around Baarskamp and then go north! Oh no… Engine damaged! I’m getting out! Artillery on the way! 8 HE rounds, 75m radius! On point! Enemy Staghound, mechanized marker! Staghound is here!
Got that, Vade? Yes, got it! Ok, got him I’ll fix us up! Everything alright! No problem at all! No problem at all!
Engine destroyed! Everything still holding together! Ok, as soon as possible, face left! Staghound there! Engine back white!
Turn left! Stop! He’s somewhere… Hard to tell! I have no idea honestly! Ok, he’s at Driel village somewhere! So a bit diagonal to us! 12h-1h, somewhere! Reverse! We need to get some distance and then get out! We need to repair, badly! Stop! Right! Forward and right! He’s on our 2h! Forward and right! Two! Two of them! Daimler and Staghound! Reverse! Ok turn right! Right (x10)! Other right! Forward and right! Go! Go!
It doesn’t react that quick! All good! Staghound ahead! We need to get rid of that! Then the Daimler! Just keep turning! Ok, the Daimler is buggering off! He messed up! Only the Staghound on us! So keep turning now! Go on! What are they doing?! Keep turning! Keep turning! Keep turning! The Staghound is in front of us! More! More! More! And… stop! Ok! Turn right! And Advance! We need to follow him! We can…
Tell me… Nice! Keep following! He can’t get away! Tank stop! Turn right! Right! Right! Good! Right! Right! I’m all the way already! He’s gone! Can’t see him anymore!
Ok! After it! Follow him! Before the Daimler comes back! I have a truck and Bren to offer! Right next to the church!
Go past behind Baarskamp! Turn left! What the devil?! Turn left! Left, at 8h! The AT! Oh dear! Blast him! Nice! Kill his bloody vehicle and get out! Take out that piggy! As soon as they’re in sight! They can’t be serious! What are they doing?! Hunt us! Yes but… We’re the “Hunting Tank” Where is it? Blow it away! No get out quickly! Get to Baarskamp, to our infantry! Just get up there! Other direction!

10 thoughts on “Post Scriptum – Jagdpanzer IV Standoff [GER Comms/ENG Subs]

  1. What can I say. I am sort of at a loss of words.
    This video is one of the purest in terms of capturing your old style – before you became famous on the server.
    I don’t know what I love about this particular video, but I just do.
    Please keep it up!

  2. Bro these post scriptum vids are insane and I can’t stop watching them but when u going to get back on iL 2 and make some 99 balloons guy???!!!

  3. XDD hat moment where Vade's just like "Heeehhhh????" as he has a quantum dimensional moment of flux XD

  4. Vade you're getting too strong, now you've developed telekinetic powers just for magazine changes XDD plz nerf XDD

  5. I am envious of all you Euro gamers playing Post-Scriptum as we West Coast North America players have no luck playing this game.

  6. Deine PS Videos sind irgendwie immer voll unterhaltsam. Wenn ich selbst zocke, dann ist es meistens nicht einmal halb so cool! xD
    Übrigens: Wie schaltet man eigentlich die anderen Soldatenklassen in der Runde frei?
    Konnte z.B. noch nie Sniper spielen weil er immer vergeben war oder noch nicht freigeschaltet. Waren dann immer nur 1-3 Klassen da.

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