Post Scriptum – In the Open [GER Comms/ENG Subs]

Firefly coming in from north! See that over there? Yes! Very nice! Am i having mic problems? I hear you! I hear you too!
You can go to the 87, the 79… We’ve got a tank that got destroyed by the FlaK! Not destroyed! I’m on it! As I said… – Not destroyed?
Firefly is down! Firefly is destroyed! Firefly is destroyed!
Now! Ok, understood! Firefly is destroyed! Nice! Good work!
Paratroopers south of us! Thanks! Far south, dropped off! North! Interesting for the AT! Ok, understood! FlaK, turn to north! Where you killed the tank earlier! Bit more left! I’m on it! More left!
Are we getting ammo? Where you see the tank! There’s another one now! Fire! Nice! Hit! Keep going! Hit! Destroyed! Destroyed! Very good!
Vade, can you get… Tank is down!
Can you fight off the enemy tank with the FlaK? Good, ok! It’s destroyed! Staghound is destroyed! Wonderful! That’s interesting: I say ‘two guys at the FlaK.’ What do I see? Just south of us, enemy infantry! In the bushes! Looking at us… Maybe you shouldn’t stand right infront of the gun! Yes, that would be advantageously… Come over to me… Oh, you’re medic. ok… I’ll keep going… Enemy infantry in the trench right infront of the FlaK! Who did I tell to get the MSP?
Got him! It’s not here! Should we go over to the FlaK-Gunner? Yes, go over there! Just noticed, Eduard is crewing the Halftrack. Crewed with two people, we can drive it. They’re coming real close west! South-east of my position, full squad! I think I got four, but there’s more! Do we have a Rifleman somewhere? Ammo! Face south a bit.
Yes! Need the ammo? Yes, are you over at the medics? Yes, close to them! Nothing from the enemy tank – at least nobody answered! Alright!
Squadlead, behind us! Easy game! Hit! Down he goes! I need ammo! I need ammo! I’m trying to reach the Logi! No logi left! Hold on, I’ll put you down some! Look behind you! Thank you! Thank you! Right on the field with us! Hands off, don’t get seen! And keep your distance now! A few of you go out north-west and defend the point! It’s hot! Firefly is destroyed! [I hate] the Kar98 in this game! They’re in the trenches! They’re in the trenches! Careful! That thing should have an offset…
They’re in the trenches! We need support here! Sniper is dead, on the roof! More infantry coming from there! From that house! There’s a ditch north of that house!
They’ve got a rally at that house! Across the road to that house, I’ll try taking some. Wait – I’ll reload and cover you! It’s fine! It’s fine! Enemies right of the halftrack! The rally is 100m west of my current position! They’re running across the open field! Oh yes! The forest… see the lone forest patch north-east of us? Say again, where’s the FOB? Roughly 300m east of me, the sniper! My line of sight! At the logi truck!
There are some left! Ok, I need to go! Few casualties! We’ve got lots of infantry north, in the forest! Careful, we’ve got infantry close! On the map, the lone forest! Sounds stupid, lone forest Vade, the forest north-east of you! Lots of infantry there! Yup, yup, confirmed! I’ve got them on my ass! Some on my position! Can someone watch the south? We’ve got no one there! I’d say we need to coordinate with the others so that we don’t have the same fields of fire! Defending so many directions as a single squad is a bit risky… Or not! Why is it lagging now?!
Ok, come back! Point of interest 57! We’ll get the south! Yes, hang on! We’ve got… They got me… We’ve got massive amounts of enemies north! If we leave now they’ll hit our flank north-west! We need to hold this position!
North-west? Yes from… north. I’ll be there! North-west! On my way! We’ve got massive attacks from north-east! Go north-east! We need to hold for 1:30min! They are smoking the east, no idea what it’s about… Well… Where you located the Sniper earlier, at the barn! Where ‘Deutscher Soldat’ is shooting at. I’ll run there and check it out! Not that it is their attack base! 30 secs left! Tell us if you need help east, we can come over! As I said: Everybody east! We’ve got 30sec left to hold, they can’t make it! Nothing is radioing down here, so no FOB or the likes… Get into the cap quick, face east! Then we’ve got it! The Kar98 is such a shit weapon! Still single infantry contacts, but […] We’ve got it! Yes, we’ve won already! Good work! 1min 30 left! No they need 2 min to cap!
Ok, seen like that, you’re right! Large, need ammo or are you alright?
Na, I’ve got three left! Enough for the minute! Ok, I’ll put down sandbags to make it worth it! GG! Great! That was top notch!

22 thoughts on “Post Scriptum – In the Open [GER Comms/ENG Subs]

  1. Kann das sein? Dass trakar deine 88er bekämpft hat mit 2 sherman firefly? Aber die Tomikocher nicht durchgekommen sind.

  2. That odd curiosity i have to look at Post Scriptum Wehrmacht gameplay with german players. sounds immersive.

  3. … I love the German language … Interesting fact, The German language,was most fashionable,to learn in Great Britain,before WW1, amongst the middle classes. But after ww1,and the Kaiser etc,it become unfashionable,simply due to it being German, and the association etc. Which is sad,really ,when it shares alot of words,with indeed English 😒.

  4. Vade's team mate ,"The K98 is such a bad weapon in Post scriptum". Vade, "Hold my Stein." 😉 Thanks vade, you never disappoint. Cheers mate.

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