Post Scriptum – Churchtower Night Sniper [GER Comms/ENG Subs]

There’s still fire coming from north of Driel Kerk! Yes, understood! Careful! Behind you! Squad 1, we attack from the west! Copy! Tank crew? Yes, we’re working on it! Gunner is new! Better… MSP destroyed! Enemy MSP destroyed! Medic, careful! There were two! Medic, careful! There were two! One Medic left of the road, one on the right! Southeast out of the forest… enemy fire! Bye bye! He’s somewhere east of the forest! Radioman isn’t talking, no? Radioman isn’t answering… Should reconsider if such a role should be taken by someone like that… Tank destroyed! Nice! Cromwell still south of the point! At the crossroads where the roads split! Is moving north now! Guessing he’s looking for the MSP. We need to apply pressure! Well then do so, push up! Cromwell is moving up the road to the point! Crawl through the bushes up there! Fuck off… Was nice, good fun! Thanks boys!

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