Post Scriptum – Arnhem MG Commando Assault [GER Comms/ENG Subs]

Yo Vade, are you streaming? No… Shame… Why? Got something you want to say? No, all good! Keep going! I watched your videos before, very cool! Cool, thanks! Vade careful!
Yes, I noticed! Got him! I avenged you! Nice! Thank you! Take me with you! You drove me over! I was almost in!
Sorry! I’ve got a stupid plan: If it works we’re heroes, if it doesn’t we’re dead! Sound fair, no? I’m in! High risk, low chances of success! That’s for me! What’s the plan? Go in from the left side? Right, all the way around the spawn in the back houses! We cut off the entire field! I’m MG, you sniper, they’ll never get us! Yes, I was about to say! We have to cross the spawn, could go wrong! I put the MSP right up there south! I don’t know who drove it into the red zone, I had a problem there! I was over there… Keep going! Keep going! Nothing happened!
Let’s ignore this! Dude! What kind of driving is that?!
I’m sorry! We’re not on normal train tracks! This is some kind of rollercoaster! A rail that hits you and you…
Ok now! Ok, now for the stressful part! Clench your butt! MSP is being rescued by our SL! Where’s the other one?! Ok! Don’t do anything stupid! Right… My turn again! Ey, pull on my finger! Oh, another one! Where did he come from? Whoopsy Don’t crawl around there! Got to look carefully dude! No! A sixth one! (I can’t count) No chance! Ey Tommy! Pull on my finger! Just stop! Asshole! Boy oh boy! Quite stressful up here! Him again! Apparently nothing is happening right now… Squad lead, just give the SL to somebody else! SL, if you don’t talk, there’s no use… Boys, looks like we’re on our own! We need to handle it by ourselves!

34 thoughts on “Post Scriptum – Arnhem MG Commando Assault [GER Comms/ENG Subs]

  1. Since Arnhem can turn into quite a tedious slogging match I figured I might as well pick up an MG and run around doing damage were I can… Not the most team-oriented thing but oh well…

  2. nice tower defense! I bought HLL to test out all the hype….game is kinda crap compared to PS…didnt even need the whole 2hrs to test it to get a feel….freaking tank got stuck on a bush….tracers ddn't bounce around like they do in PS….game does have better environmental graphics tho….#REFUNDED

  3. @6:09 LOL reminds me of that scene in RAMBO(2008) when he climbs behind the driver with the .50 cal blows him into chunky bits…:)

  4. Sehr schönes Video. Also von der Taktik her erinnert mich deine Spielweise an die Rambofilme. Fehlt nur noch Oberkörperfrei und ein Jagdmesser. Eine lustige Abwechslung.

  5. 3:29 i didnt know that german has anti gravity technology during ww2 XD
    btw, watching u ramboing around is pretty hilarious Vade XD

  6. Dieser Kontrast: Vade schön kontrollierte, präzise Feuerstöße, und bei 1:32 der Nebenmann mit dem Dauerfeuer xD

  7. Alter, wenn man bei durchschnittlich 3000 Views schon immer erkannt und vollgequatscht wird, wie schlimm muss das denn dann erst sein wenn man ein richtiger Youtuber ist

  8. Zieh mal am Finger 👌😂😂😂

    Ist für die Leute die das dann gemacht haben etwas Scheiße gelaufen 💨👋

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