Post Scriptum – 30. cal Browning Assault [GER Comms/ENG Subs]

Everybody out! Everybody out! Fell right into the ditch… Advance! Right side, MG42! Reloading! Right side MG42! I’m at the house! One is inside downstairs! What? Was that a teamkill? No, course not! Upper floor clean! On there with gusto! Did I just see a ghost or did they just jump over my trench? A mix of both? I also saw a ghost… Question is: did he see me? No… I’m bringing the MSP over! Missed, better luck next time! Cap done! Ok, everybody back to the tracked vehicle! Oi, german! Alarm!
Yea, that was cool! Can he stop? There we go… Get out! Shit! Now both are stuck inside! Yes, welcome! Thanks! Ah, that’s looking good! And everybody in! Stay alive Lebano!
MSP in position! I’ll try something in a minute! […] Leave me here! Ok! See you around! I think it really doesn’t make sense – You don’t have any cover here! Who are you talking to?
Yea, I don’t know… I can’t see shit…
Come on! If not for you, for who else?! Stay in there! Hold on to your butt!
My mistake… They can’t shoot anyways! It hurts so bad!
Come inside the house! And back in! In your house?
Yes, come on! Can I be the driver? Had to save Lebano real quick! Even have to go up stairs…
I know that went badly, but… That keeps you healthy! StuG’s coming back from the north! Everybody advance somehow through the trenches, into the point Velmolen! 8.8 gunner is dead! Got someone laying there!
Shots north-west! He’s still north of the point!
Tank! Yes, trying to get him! 8.8 is decrewed! Vade shot him out! StuG standing north of the point between the hay stacks! It’s not optimal, but better than nothing! We have to gamble on the other squads!

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