PLAY LOVE: the web series. Episode 6 “MELANIE”

-I think I need a haircut. Not a problemo. Mack, give me your keys. I’ll go get the hair cutting equipment.
No problemo. Here, it’s behind the-
-I remember. I want to know what craziness is happening in my building. Where do I start? Kidding. I’m kidding. So you… Miss Cherry… Or is it Mister Cherry? I can’t wait to get rid of this hair. You guys…
-Cherry. Who cares? There’s nothing wrong with drag.
-Except when you hide it.
-Find everything. My Mack is so organized.
-Someone has to be. Okay, sir, or may I call you sir? You may call me handsome. Cherry, I don’t get it. What an awesome idea… a cut to fit in.
-It’s not to fit in. It’s probably just some kind of sexual perversion. Don’t move. Don’t talk.
-No moving, no talking. I might as well go back to my place and sit down by myself. Good idea, Leo.
-I’m a nice man. I don’t want any tenant problems. You know Leo, that’s how we all feel. Yes.
-You be quiet. Okay, baby Cherry… what’s going on?
-A haircut. Nothing’s going on. Hello. I’m so sorry, I hope I’m not interrupting anything. I hope so…
I wouldn’t want to- Who’s the dude?
-Cherry? Him.
-You never could whisper Melanie.
-Who’s having this costume party- You look fabulous, doll.
Who’s having this party in hates me so much They wouldn’t invite me? Let me think. This is a new Cherry.
-Well, that’s what everyone wants is a new Cherry.
Kidding doll, My, my. Dear, you are looking good. Love the outfit… so butch.
-Who is she? Does she ever shut up? My building.
-Your building? Did you build it? Who is she? I haven’t seen you around here much. I’m out of here. You idiots, remember who’s the boss around here. Nice… like it; nice and short. Thanks, Lar.
-My my my… Dear, you do. You look like a man. Going to go and return.
-Going with you. Huh, afraid I might rob you? So, bitch.
What are you doing? Oh, don’t tell me, you in some sick way think you’re gonna get Larry, by being a man. Let me tell ya, it ain’t the clothes the fags are into. It’s the dick. Melanie…
-And how are you sister man going to accomplish that?
-I don’t know… A dildo, maybe? You know how hard this is for me? You know how much I love him.
We talked about this.
-You are one crazy chick. You know what a fool you’re making of yourself, right now.
-Where’s my cat? Oh, forget about your fucking pussy.
-Hey! Hey, don’t be a jerk. Okay, just take this outfit off, and it’s just too late to do anything about your hair. Do you have a wig?
-There’s nothing wrong with short hair; and besides,
my hair is not the problem. You are never going to change him. I mean, do you know how many women
have tried to rearrange their desires and failed? He kissed me.
-Oh, ‘He kissed me.’ Listen, this is not going to work. It’s a joke to most people. I mean probably right now,
Mack and Larry are laughing themselves silly. We were meant to be.
-I was just horny.
-And I’m available. That’s funny.
-What’s funny is Cherry. Why would you think that I’d be interested? That was some hot mushy kiss- Yeah, that was it. Stop. He kissed me.
-Oh, please.
-He kissed me, and he held me so tight. I could feel it. You know. He found my Pussy.
-You wish. Listen, bitch You never ever talk about money. I mean, I never see you or hear about you’re going to work. Not that I’m slaving at the office,
but I’ve got to be there every fucking day. I won a lawsuit, so I get by, okay? Okay. Hey, you want a beer?
-I’d rather have a cock…tail. We need to get back to Cherry, who knows what that Midwestern cake Melanie is telling her.
-Well, I hope Melanie is not encouraging her. You think that Butch haircut helped her?
-I had to do something about it, Mack. She was freaking me out.
-Hey, come on, give me some… Let’s go to a dyke bar, and get our pussies-
-I’d rather poke both my eyes. Well, tell me about the old guy.
-Can’t hear you.
-Leo? Oh, him.
-Is he straight?
-Who cares? Where is this place?
-Whose place?
-Leo. He lives downstairs. He owns the building.
-Owns? I thought he was just the super. How do I look?

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