Piper Kerman, Author of Orange is the New Black

Piper Kerman, Author: And know that when you
are truly connected to others, when you allow yourselves to be connected to others, inequality
will become intolerable. That’s what it’s all about. (Clapping). Tina Hanes, Participant: I think it’s empowering
women to change their lifestyle and to make changes in the world today. Employee Name, title Just hearing all of the
stories of trauma, struggles and difficulties in life and how they overcame those together. With other women and people behind them that’s
how empowerment should be enacted and how it works best. Piper Kerman: Choosing to invest in the types
of institutions that are truly productive like Columbus State, health centers, libraries,
those are the institutions we want to put our resources into. Those places make us safer, a more vibrant
community, a better community to live in. Pouring money into jails and prisons is a
deeply negative investment that doesn’t get people to a better place.

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