Paid content writing – How to use blog formating tools (part 2)

hello contenvania writers and forum owners
today i’m going to show you some of the formating tools available on
if you would like to see a demonstration of how I format my blogs please visit part 3
of this video series / So this is what you see when you click blog entry
with none of the tools selected this is a very simple text box.
These are the tags, tags are so important so please do not skip this part, click on
tags that apply to your blogs content and type in tags if they are not already available.
On the left hand side, these tools change the style of blog, you can add a photo album
and some text / You can highlight a link and add some text
and a rather fun option is to ask the contenvania members a question and take a poll, these
are more suited for the forums than long blogs but still great to use.
On right hand side we have attachments, this is how you can add photos to your blog with
ease, just upload from your computer or paste the direct URL of the photo.
the next is an advanced text editor that you can use to format your blog and make it more
readable than a wall of text / and lastly some fun smilies to add to your blog or forum
posts. so much like a word processor we can change
the font of the text, some fonts are more readable than others so keep that in mind
when choosing a font here we can change the sizing of the text,
be sure to find a happy medium such as 16 or 18
when writing is too small or too big it can be hard to read.
change the size of text to create headings and subheadings. / You can also change the
colour of your font, automaticly its a dark grey colour which is quite easy to read. You
can select text and highlight it with colours, this can bring attention to certain words.
Keep readability in mind again, as bright light colours will be harder to read. / here
you can change text to be bold, italics and underlined. This is great for bringing attention
to a point or add emphasis to a word. align your text or even pictures with the
alignment tools, most people tend to use center or left.
bullet points and lists are fun to read, they hi light individual points making your post
more readable. Highlight a section of text, click the link button and add a URL press
okay and now you have clickable text that can take you to a web page.
So now you know a little more about the tools available while blogging and forum posting
on contenvania, for a demonstration of how I would format my blog please watch part 3
of this video series

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