Paid content writing – How to set up your blog (part 1)

How to set up your blog hello contenVania
writers and forum owners today I am going to show you how easy it is to set
up your very own blog on So once you’ve logged in sure that you click
on blogs and all you have to do is click on create a new blog and that will
take you to this page where you input your general settings There’s a title, description, your blog icon
and a few more options as you can see here I have inputted a descriptive
title a very detailed description of my blog and
a really nice blog icon I clicked on automatically parse links in
text because I want links to be clickable on my blog Next we have permissions and privacy this is where you can edit permissions and
privacy for your blog you can customise it to fit exactly what you want
for example allowing comments to be posted onto your blog, who specifically
can view your blog and more. its completely up to you the next pages are more optional you can actually
add contributors to your blog, you can organise the sidebar for example
and even invite other contenvania members to view your blog The final thing to do is click save and publish and there you have it your very own contenVania
blog all you need to do now is click blog entry
and you can start to create a post so if you’d like to learn more about how to
format your blogs so they are high�quality and readable make sure to click on part two of this video
series and from more information on how you can get
paid to post on forums and create content please visit the description
bar below thank you for watching

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