Paid content writing – How to format your blog posts (part 3)

Hello contenvania writers.Today I am going to do a demonstration on how I exactly format a blog post. Here we have a test blog post. I have a title – be more descriptive with your title, don’t be afraid to make a long title, using some keywords that are, you know, co-relate with your content. Here I have my blog post and I am going to first change a font of the text and make it a little bit more smooth, professional, which ultimately makes it look better. I am going to highlight this top part, which will be my header. I am going to make this little bit bigger from the rest of the text and I am going to make it bold. I am also going to put it in the center using the alignment tool. So that’s looking great already. Now this is quiet a lot of information on the page. I am going to break this information up into paragraphs. This is so important, especially on the web, when people scan through your content, you want to make sure that you break things up into paragraphs, into bullet points, into lists This is so important we need things to be readable, easy to scan through, its just make or break for a web site. So I have done a little bit of separating and now its looking a lot better. Now I am going to just go through different parts of the blog and make it bold, italic, underlined and change some of the colors.I think I highlight this and make it in red, just to make it stand out It is not mandatory to make things bold or do any of these things.It does help in a lot of ways for the reader, for Google’s search engine. It’s just really good to put in an extra detail. So you can put this through the entire blog but I just like to do this on the first paragraph on my blog and that’s just my personal thing so OK I am now looking thorough the blog and I am going to attach a photo. I think a photo is going to break it up, so I am going to attachments and I am going to upload a stock photo that I found on the internet for free and this photo does apply and makes sence to place it with the blog. You don’t want to attach, you know, bad quality photos that don’t apply to the blog because that just does not make sense It does not look professional and you know, that’s pretty obvious, so here I am going to select exactly where I am going to put the photo and just down below, you can see different sizes and you press that and photo shows up, I chose medium, because its always a very nice if you chose large, it may show up very large and out of place and it’s not good either and if you align it to the center it will looks nice, especially when header is centered and just give it a little space, you know just lay it out a little bit take some time to really see the visual aspect of your blog, try to make it look attractive here I am just, you know, going through looking for other things to make bold or italic just to up emphasis to the words to make more, you know, bring importance to your topics that I am going to be speaking about in the blog so I really like the way it’s looking and I thought it will be nice to show you the smilies, you can use these smilies in the forums just adding some sun glasses, cool guy and it’s just quiet sweet and nice touch a lot of the tools are also apply in the forums just so you know, here I am doing tags so I spoke about tags in the last video so the tags are so important, so make sure you are adding the tags you can add up to five tags to your blog post sorry I am down, yeah, so five tags right there and that is pretty much it, I think I think that look nice, I think I am also going to do is I am going to select some of this text and I think I am going to make them bullet points now even tho they initially not meant to be bullet points for the reader to be able to read, it helps break up the blog makes it looks less of a huge article and it’s just great a great way to digest information in lists bullet points so I have done that and lastly I am going to put a horizontal line using horizontal line tool just over here so I am just going to put a line in between my main text and the last part of my text, which is actually my call to action and you can put call to action, put a link etc… I did not put a link specifically here, but you could say, oh you know, go visit this link and I selected a preview and you can see there are a little bit of problems with how things are squished together all of a sudden, but I am going to go back in and edit once again just everything is the way I want to be and when I come back, you will see how my blog finally looks and this is how my blog looks now. I am really happy with the way my blog turned out It looks neat, it looks, I think professional and I think that visitors coming to the site will be happy with the blog, be able to read it well, just good from readability, visual point of view you know keep the content looking good, make sure the content is strong before you worry about formatting but, formatting is a big part of blogging to you can have the best information in the world if its a wall of text, it will be really hard to read for a lot of people and it is not going to be as accessible for all the visitors, visitng the web site so those are some things to keep in mind so as I said before these tools in ContenVania’s blogging tools are also available in the forums and else where on contenvania site these are a universal on contenvania so if you are on the forum and you want to sort of change colors of some things or make something bold, you can also do that add smilies… a lot of things like that also when you commenting on blogs as well… that comes in handy so, I hope you learned a little bit more about how to go about your blog posts and I hope to hear from you soon with your own blog on Unnatended Content Delivery and if you’d like to learn about how you can get paid to post in forums and create blog content and get paid as a writer you can visit the description bar below and yes, thank you for watching!

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