Opinion | If Trump really is the ‘best,’ he shouldn’t be losing this many staffers

100 thoughts on “Opinion | If Trump really is the ‘best,’ he shouldn’t be losing this many staffers

  1. Washington Post, the people, "WE THE PEOPLE," have spoken.  Your a FAKE news trash rag, and you are getting ratioed for your clownish attempt to spin this.  Good Riddance Bolton, proud of the POTUS for his vigilance in sieving the swamp out of his administration.  It is unprecedented, which is why left is losing its mind and eating itself.  The light is shining on the true nature of the left and more people are seeing it!

  2. A smart manager doesn't make a mistake hiring the wrong person. The mistake is holding onto the wrong person. Generally candidates deserve a chance – some just don't work out. Remember how holder conveniently slithered away after fast & furious?

  3. I think his daughter and his son in law are going to leave. Once they leave..trump will leave too. And this all be over with.

  4. Yay finally. John Bolton is a war monger. He’s part of the military industrial complex. WAR HUH, WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR, NOTHING. Drain that swamp, drain that swamp.

  5. Doesn't matter what Trump does their is always going to be a democratic stooge to complain about it!
    And you guys call us deplorable?
    Your a bunch of FAKE NEWS tools for the deep state demon rats.
    There, I guess that makes us even!
    Why would any RATIONAL person see the firing of a war hawk like Bolton as a bad thing!?
    Although, after the "climate change" event on cnn exposing ALL the democrats as completely F&%$ING nuts I would want to use anything to deflect from them to Trump as well!!!!! Good luck with that!!!!

  6. Elected to Drain the Swamp. One bucket at a time. Keep up the good work Mr. President! 3-1 Dislikes-to-Likes ratio is about right for a Fake News rag.

  7. You have YouTube doing everything it can to prop up your 'news' organization, and all you can do with it is deliver more fake news?

    Putting yourself out of business AND helping re-elect Trump. Keep up the good work!

  8. The RUMP has made himself up for many years. Is it any wonder he’d call himself as great as Lincoln or Washington even? He knows no limitations and he’s devious, more so than most or many suspect. It’s all about helping Russia knock down Europe and the USA for oil and coal resource owners. And then he’s so flyin high the NRA is promoting military weapons everywhere so that vets and the Pentagon can back a revolt by really right wingers in every town and city block. He’s so GREAT.

  9. The Democratic Party propaganda machines have taken over the world. The Washington Post is a big one. Brainwashed idiots still chasing the Democratic Party control dream like it will change their lazy failed lives 🙁

  10. Um, maybe it is because Trump has a backbone and holds people accountable. If he doesn't like how they are performing, or things they say, they are FIRED. ba-bye.

  11. Good one, Jeff Bazos! Next time don’t show a montage of Trump firing people and then say staff members are “quitting”

  12. ITS CALLED DRAIN THE SWAMP….I though you were smart enough to notice it…look at the trend, hire them, let them try to make their stupid swamp move and BOOM! YOU ARE FIRED!

  13. he is just taking out the trash, washington post you need to clean your own house before trashing someone else's house sucks being fake dont it!!!

  14. Successful business rotates employees in and out based on performance to achieve the best possible result. Only government and hack news agencies expect employment to remain static regardless of performance.

  15. Get it right Washington com-post…. Trump is sacking these low IQ losers, that's not losing them, that's getting rid of dead weight….another example of the left's inability to see reality… they get everything wrong, no wonder they will never win another election ever again…..

  16. Trump is only the best in his warped mind. Even the evil crazy Republicans know that…but they don't care as long as the conservative platform is promoted.

  17. Washington Post, what happened to you? What happened to news? Why are you making videos like you're an angry teenager? I'm interested in the data behind the firing/resignation of those on the Trump administration. Can WP gather the data — dissecting this in greater detail into different groups and categories and combinations? Like how many men; how many women; how many minorities; how many with previous political experience; how many with terminal degrees; how many with military background; what is the average length; what is the longest; what is the shortest; how many have served in previous administrations, etc. Now that would be interesting. Instead, this piece of trash seems like click bait that is far beneath the Post! Making a video full of clips with the insertion of immature lines like "Oh…." makes me think that whoever made this video is in their 20s. Time to hire some adults Jeff B.

  18. If the Fake news was THE REAL NEWS they wouldn't be losing most of their viewers. Here we have the snake calling the lamb poisonous..LMBO

  19. Yes, Obama's cabinet member lasted much long but, most of them didn't do anything excpet hand out money and jobs to other Democrats … I'm glad that Trump is getting rid of people he feels he doesn't need. Would WaPo prefer that they just continue on and collect a check like they did with Obama ?

  20. The only difference about JEWS WILL NOT REPLACE US Steve Miller, is that we saw all the others who have left the paedophile trump cesspool but the chief sewer rat Steve Miller, he does not come out and show his evil face much to be ridiculed like the rest, Steve Miller either hangs upside down on the ceiling or in some dank underbelly of the white house. MAGA arrest paedophile trump aka individual one and vote out paedophile trump 2020. I bet if Steve Miller faced the press he would be found out for the infestation that he is.

  21. Wtf was that suppose to be? a failed lame attempt at a meme? Really ? Wow how the mighty has fallen! It must suck to for you to realize we know bolton is a warmonger! Good riddance! Trump 1. Wp 0.

  22. oh he is but its hard to find the right people to get the job done ! he keeps hoping to find the right people the only thing is he won't find them in and from d.c. ! better off looking to poland or the creche republic !

  23. lol trash media. What does being the best and firing have anything to do with each other. Idiots you don't think Jobs fired tons of people. To be the best you rid yourself of weakness and liabilities.

  24. All swamp critters where not there to begin with. War is the most profitable of businesses, but Trump is not that kind of businessman.

  25. He has that right. Fire hire. Let him do his job. He is for the American people. God bless you brothers and sisters. Hallelujah..Trump/Candace 2020

  26. No, when one is the best he has high standards, is uncompromising and unflinching in carrying out the duties of the job and expects that from all of those under his supervision…did you hear that FBI?

  27. Other presidents were put in office by powerful people who want things how they want it. To be put in office, you have to go with the conditions they say. Who will be in each role is picked. Trump did not have the juggernaut behind him like what Obama had and Hillary had. . Trump gets to choose his own people. If they are not working out, then they move out.

  28. He is not losing staff, he is firing them for not performing up to his standards. Amazing how the WaPo propaganda machine is in full effect.

  29. Wow. Was this done by a family member on bring your child to work day?
    Take a screen shot, put it on the fridge at home, tell them it's nice.
    Now that silly putty can't lift news print, the only thing keeping you in the print business is wrapping up fish and Christmas ornaments.
    BTW what has been the turnover rate there?
    Remember when your circulation was at its peak and you were giving away almost half of those papers?
    Not many takers accepting your freebies anymore.
    News. You all are not even looking.

  30. The revolving door is a sign that if you don't work out, you'll be replaced. Just like real life. Why settle?
    What a b.s. orange man bad article. Anyone with half a brain can see that you libs. (W. post) are grasping at anything and everything they can to discredit Our president. It's not working anymore. America is doing better then ever. This chaos is working out pretty good for all Americans. edit: almost forgot…..KAG for the continued growth of America.

  31. A blowhard businessman with a haphazard record of success and few if any redeemable qualities is seeking to again be given license to lead us…and continue his role as the catalyst that could very well destroy one of history's greatest cultures. Yes, many great cultures have fallen…but how many have shot themselves in the foot as stupidly as this?

  32. examining many of the posts opinion efforts is examining the emotions of resentful children that are wrong. usually knee jerk reactionary declarations of delusion about what leftists wish the president said and did then assuming it as where he went and goes wrong. this matter is always one to be evaluated however the consistent failing in who does the evaluation is in the expectation. the presidents responsibilities and instructions navigate his unapologetic pledge not waffling not reversing certainly having to adjust definitely having to advance. the progress and the evolution of effectiveness and efficiency is only a problem for the egos excuses invested interference and institutional incompetence. i wouldnt claim he is 'the best' because its not a competition. however he is certainly one of the finest presidents ameirca has elected, and its fairly certain his opinion would corroborate that conclusion. lol.

  33. People come and go. The turnover ratio has come down. I think like President Trump. I too believe you should not work at one place for a long time unless you have no other option like a teacher or a post master. With NSA adviser on his CV , Mr Bolton can always work in far higher paying jobs.

  34. Quid pro quo, both hands wash each other, also the hand of the Leftist 🤪🐽 arrogant ‘intellectual’ fake media, elitists, Hollywood and dRATS and the hand of (often criminal) illegals who passed USA 🤑💸 borders by force and illegal!

  35. President Trump, None of these jabber-jaws can hold a candle to you! Keep fighting for our democracy,thank you!!! 💥🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💥

  36. JoURnAlIsM
    A president will have staff turn over, and if he wants the best, he's gonna have to replace the people he doesn't think are the best, or aren't doing what he thinks the best job is.

    Put on your clown makeup and colorful hair now please

  37. Trump is the best at pissing off people who complain (which is everyone) So in my opinion, yep, best ever. 100 years from now when we're all dead, is it gonna matter then? Not really. Can't stand people bitching and complaining constantly. The only good thing is Trump tells them what idiots they are. If he's right or wrong doesn't matter. Still way better than listening to Hillary whine and complain. At least when Trump does something it's entertaining.

  38. Trump doesn't fire anyone… they all resign… Trump tries to backpedal and deserpately save face to make it look like he's in control; it's pathetic how weak he is

  39. I do not believe in America for anything. You are the "State of the Hick" and that is as far as your handshake has gone in 400 years. I am not impressed with American Law or Court. Your judges are guiltier than your prisoners. I hate Americans, find someone else that wants your life. You have nothing in God so who cares about your rat table on earth. Die for respect. I have nothing for you living. I hate your people as psychiatric garbage.

  40. How many of Trump's Best People are still with him? They can't get away from that ignorant, narcissistic, pathological liar quick enough!

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