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Hello, and welcome to the OWMC, the Online Writing and Math Community! My name is Dr. Margaret Moodian, and I am the OWMC Lead Professional Tutor.
I’d like to tell you about some of our tutoring services, which can all be accessed on this Tutoring page.
First off, we have the “submit a paper” link. You can submit your paper to our email box and get feedback within 72 hours.
Next on the list we have live, online tutoring. From this link, you can sign up to speak with tutors and meet up with them live in their Adobe online offices. Each tutoring session lasts about 30 minutes, and you’ll be able to speak with your tutor through our live video link, share documents, and share a screen—just as if you had a tutor visit your own home. Please remember that in the Online Writing Community, only undergraduates have access to our “submit a paper” link and “live, online tutoring” links.
However, our many other writing help resources are available to ALL Brandman students. For example, our professional tutors are ready and waiting to provide writing help during their live, online office hours. From our “Office Hours” link, you can see when both writing and math tutors are available throughout the week so that you can visit them in their online offices. And if you need help right away, we have the quick question link. This is where you submit a quick question to a professional writing tutor, who will get back to you within 24 hours or less.
In addition, ALL Brandman students are welcome to access our many “Writing Tools,” to attend our live, online “Writing Workshops,” and to view our many workshop recordings. We cover topics ranging from how to write a thesis sentence, to how to organize a research paper, to APA citation style basics. You’ll find links to these great writing resources on our Online Writing Community main page.
Don’t forget, the cost of these services is covered as part of your tuition. Whatever your writing needs are, the OWC is here for you!

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