Online Job Search Tutorial Series: College Students and New Graduates

Welcome to Simply Hired’s Online Job Search
tutorial for College Students and New Graduates. In this tutorial we will walk you through
different features and filters created specifically for you. In this video we will go over the New Grad
filter, the job type tool, the My Resume feature, and the blog. To use the New Grad filter, Go to Simply Hired dot com. It will bring you to our home page where you
can type in a keyword and a location. For this example we will use Sales as our
keyword and San Francisco as our location. Then go ahead and click search jobs. As you can see about 2000 search results will
come up for Sales jobs near San Francisco, which can be quite an overwhelming number. Therefore, Simply Hired has come up with the
new grad filter to help you narrow down the search. You can find the New Grad filter at the top
of the screen under more filters and then under special filters. When you click on the New Grad Filter
you’ll see that the number of search results decreases significantly. When you click on the New Grad Filter
you’ll see that the number of search results decreases significantly. only 0-2 years of experience needed. Which is just what you need as a new graduate
and a first time job seeker. For everyone who hasn’t graduated yet, but
is still looking for work, there is a filter that searches by job type. It looks for Internships, part-time, seasonal
positions and more. For an internship example, we have kept the
same keyword, Sales, and the same location, San Francisco. This time we will go over more filters, and
then job type. and now click the internship filter. Now you can easily see all the internships
available in the area and apply to the one that fits you best! Simply Hired has developed more unique features
that you can access through a free Simply Hired account. When you create a Simply Hired account, you
have access to features that help personalize your search results. Such as Email Alerts, Saved Jobs, Simply Apply,
and My Resume. The My Resume Tool is particularly helpful
for students and new grads, as it allows you to access a more personalized search. When you log into your Simply Hired account
click the ‘upload a resume’ button. and Browse your computer for the correct file. Once your resume is uploaded, type “My Resume”
into the keyword box. Don’t forget to include your location. Results will populate based on keywords found
within your resume. This means that the results are personalized
based on your interests, past experience and skill set. This is especially helpful for finding a job
of interest that you may not have considered before. Our blog provides you with information on
how to make the most of your job search in a fun way and also learn more about the job
market. You can learn how to optimize your resume,
execute an effective job search, and use the job interview to impress potential employers. As well as learn how to learn how the Muppets
might lead you to your next job. Here at Simply Hired we know how stressful and time consuming the job search can be. This why we’ve designed these tools to specifically help students and new graduates. Simply Hired can be a great resource for students as you’re beginning your online job search. Go to Simply Hired dot com and get started right away! We wish you the best of luck in your online job search!

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