One of Seth’s Writers Explains a Joke: You’re Orca!

-Scientists may have discovered
a new killer whale species. Said one scientist after making
the discovery, “You’re orca.” [ Weak laughter ] This brings us
to a segment called “One of My Writers
Explains Their joke.” ♪♪ [ Applause ] Ian, you want to — You want
to talk us through that one? -Yeah. Uh, so you know
how the scientific name for a killer whale is an orca? -Yep. I do, I do. -And also are you familiar with
the ancient Greek mathematician and inventor Archimedes? -Mm-hmm. -Well, it was he who upon
discovering his principle of water displacement
famously shouted, “Eureka!” [ Laughter ] Well, the scientist in this joke has also made
a momentous discovery. Uh, the existence of
a new species of killer whale. And… [ Laughter ] So both as a statement of fact
and, more importantly, as an expression
of professional glee he shouts at the whales,
“You’re orca!” [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] -So, you noticed how the
audience responded well then… after you explained
the whole [bleep] thing. But when I told the joke
as you wrote it, there was barely anything. -I don’t know if that’s how
I interpreted it. -Well…you’re orca.
Ian Morgan, everybody.

68 thoughts on “One of Seth’s Writers Explains a Joke: You’re Orca!

  1. "You're Orca" does not sound enough like "Eureka!" for it to be an effective pun.

    Thinking about it, that was the joke. This is getting a bit meta and I'll stop writing.

  2. I love those segments since I often times don't understand the joke because I'm not a native speaker.

    Also it's really funny! ☺️

  3. My interpretation of the joke was a friend or coworker mocking the discovery by saying orca in place of loco

  4. Ian should work as an internet contract salesman. He doesn't skip a beat while you stare blankly at 14 pages of fine print, and then just sign.

  5. ¿Cuál es la razón por la que la explicación del chiste tiene mas gracia que el chiste en si?

  6. I thought the joke was nerdy cute, but I think the headline should have been written “your orca”. That’s what Ian said.

  7. I still don't get the joke even after the explanation. How is calling a new type of killer whale the same scientific name as the old type funny?

  8. Ian's dorm was right down the hall from mine in college and we used drink and party together…this is pretty surreal.

  9. I think that because you knew you were going to run this segment, you just didn't deliver the joke convincingly the first time! That's how I interpreted it. Please don't be afraid to use more of these types of jokes!

  10. I’m loving these new “Writer Explains Joke” segments. I also enjoyed watching you, Seth, don a corporate “I’m the boss” persona that seems out of step with your actual self but completely in step with the persona.

  11. yo, i thought it was gonna be something smart like, "Archimedes coined the word orca", but this is so dumb it is hilarious!

  12. When Seth says

    “so you noticed how audience responded well then… after you explained the whole [bleep] thing but when I told the joke as you wrote it, there was barely anything”

    I wanted Ian to respond with

    “I can’t tell if that reflects poorly on me or on you”

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