26 thoughts on “OFF SCRIPT a Grey Goose Production | Jamie Foxx & Vince Vaughn

  1. Love your work guys … And I agree with Vince , Jamie you are the most gifted person alive .. That's real dude. I've subcribed and got the Alert squad going cant wait for the next one, watched all of them so far. Love Dude.

  2. kml Vince said some real shyt… sometime you can have a whole relationship in two days…i feel that but you cant tell that to a woman…she wouldn't understand that

  3. These two are both so smooth! I can see how they would both be charming to "ladies", especially Jamie and why Jamie would want his daughter to avoid a f***boy like him. I wanted the video to go longer. Guys who try to charm you are entertaining – not marriage material, but entertaining for sure.

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